[CLOSED] Nikunohi - The Day of Meat

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * First Yakiniku Restaurant in Singapore Produced by Chef Kensuke Sakai who is youngest "Iron Chef" Challenger. Great selections of authentic roast beef & premium meats; a mecca for carnivorous eaters.

3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-316 Suntec City Eat At Seven
Singapore 038983

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From the Burpple community

Came to try our luck for the roast beef don - so apparently they still have it but in limited portions. This bibimbap turned out disappointing. Portion of beef was miserable and on top of that, it was strangely tough (no we didn't overcook it in the stone bowl, had taken it out almost immediately before tossing). Oh well, but overall it was a comforting piping hot bowl, just not quite worth the $ for the quality of wagyu. Their other cuts for grilling fared much better.


This was my first time visting this place. The ambiance of this place was pretty nice and have a very hip kind of feel. I ordered their promotional item which was their roast beef don The wait was relatively acceptable. When my food came, the presentation of the food was remarkable. The outside layer of the beef is cooked and the deeper you dive in the rarer it goes(if its too rare for your liking, you can use their grill to cook it to your liking). The beef was really really nice and it complemented well with the egg and sause they provided. I also ordered a plate of regular harami, the cut was relatively good and it had enough marbling. i grilled mine to med rare. The beef melted in my mouth completely, the marinade that they added on top was a very nice complement to the beef as it enhanced the beef's taste and texture. I would recommend coming to this place to try out.

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Roast Beef Don ($18.80++)

Layers upon layers of gorgeously pinkish tender roasted beef, cut relatively thick compared to others, provide for an unbelievably satisfying bite every time. The wasabi sauce looks heavy, and I thought it would overpower the flavour of the beef, but it was rather light and adds a little zing to create a sort of contrast in flavours as you savage through the mountain of meat. The set even comes with miso soup and salad, which provides fantastic value for money.

It's not perfect though. The egg was overcooked, and the serving of rice was way too small. Had to end up ordering another bowl of rice, which added $3 to the total bill. So unless you're a small eater, this isn't going to fill you up.

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Beef overdose! Just look at the big pile of warm pinkish slices of the perfectly roasted Australian sirloin steak. With so much meat to devour, the wasabi mayo by the side spiced up the whole dish and added excitement to our tastebuds. 😋 It would've been nice if the egg was not fully cooked though. Well, I would like to try the Roast Beef Salad next time as it is served with ponzu jelly! 😄


At Nikunoki, it's all about meat. Their specialty is the A5 Kuroge Wagyu from Kagoshima. This is Roast Beef Don, a special promotion to celebrate the roast beef festival. Please read my review at www.hungryghost.sg

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The cuts include Kiwami Karubi (beef ribs), Kiwami Loos (beef loin), Kiwami Harami (beef skirt) and Special Gyutan (beef tongue), all weighing 80g each.

Seared to perfection, best paired with condiments to get that full flavour. Tried beef tongue for the first time, glad it's not as scary as it sounds!