14 Scotts Road
#05-95 Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213

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11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm


11:30am - 09:00pm

11:30am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Dropped by for a late lunch because we had been missing the “zi char” here.
Decided to share a few dishes this time instead of the “one-dish-meal” option. After some deliberation, we chose the Salted Egg Pork Rib ($13), Kum Hiong Sotong ($16) and French Beans with Chye Por ($11) to have with plain rice.
Apart from the fact that the pork rib item could have been a bit hotter in terms of temperature, everything was very tasty.
We enjoyed the squid the most from amongst the three because they use the baby version of it, stirfrying them to springy yet tender perfection. Plus the Kum Hiong flavour profile with curry powder and curry leaves is rather uncommon, aromatic and just spicy enough.

There has never been not been a line of people waiting to get into @newstationsnackbar whenever we walked past. Hence, the sight of an unoccupied table at this popular eatery on level five of Far East Plaza beckoned like a neon-lit sign from the universe.
@huatkaliao and Ipp didn’t overthink - just went straight for their signatures of Salted Egg Pork Rice ($7) and Teochew Fried Hor Fun ($6.50).
The highly addictive former comprised of very tender, well-fried pieces of meat flooded in a creamy sauce that’s thick with salted egg, a touch of sweetness and chilli heat.
Stirfried with expertise, the latter’s springy ribbons of rice noodles heaved with intense “wok hei”. It was super shiok as there were crunchy bits of “chye por” (preserved radish), baby squid, prawns, egg, “chye sim” and sliced fish cake intermingling with the “hor fun”. Highly recommended if you are like me and enjoy this dry style of carbs.
We added on the Bittergourd with Black Bean Sauce too. It was also tastily cooked and not too oily.
Bonus: The Kopi-O here turned out to be surprisingly good as well.
You can bet your bottom dollar we will be returning to try more dishes soon.

Unlike other salted egg pork ribs that are sandy and dry, they serve buttery and creamy type of salted egg yolk sauce that comes with curry leaves and chilli. The boneless pork ribs were well coated with a good amount of buttery and creamy salted egg yolk sauce with a well fried texture outside while retaining the tender texture inside. The sauce is very savoury and flavourful yet does not leave us feeling jelak after our meal 》$12

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We came here for the popular salted egg pork rib and got this plate of sambal kang kong to add-on. It was well cooked and mildly spicy, perfect to go with the rice and complemented the salted egg pork ribs 》$8

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I always come back to new station snack bar for my salted egg pork ribs fix. I went to New Station Snack Bar around 6.30pm on a weekend, which is really not the wisest choice considering their rather small location and sizeable crowd. I had to wait for a while, but the guests there seem to take the initiative to leave as soon as possible once they are done with their meal, but it is also probably because it is not the best place to chill.

Their pork ribs are fried til crispy, and are then slathered with a creamy salted egg yolk sauce. I like how the salted egg yolk flavour is apparent, and that the sauce has a smooth consistency. The chilli padis in the sauce is also what gives the a slightly spicy flavour (but really nothing spicy actually), but I think what it really does is to neutralise the overwhelmingly creaminess. I enjoy dousing the sauce onto my white rice and eating it with their other ingredients as well!


Beancurd came sizzling on a hotplate when served. A decent portion size, the hotplate was served with slices of round tofu, egg, cauliflower, fishcake, prawns and sotong. I must say that there was a good amount of ingredients and seafood with the size, which I was honestly not expecting. The sauce had a good consistency — not too starchy or slimy. It had a hint of sweetness but still remained savoury.