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really love these 2 drinks, specially made a trip down to get the hojicha latte and da hong pao. do support the owner!

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Affordable and delicious plate of wantan mee! Black sauce with springy egg noodles, char siew and fried wantons. Comes with a bowl of tasty soup. What I like is the al dente texture of the noodles 💯.

Hollywood Canteen ZhenGuang Wantan Noodle (01-67)
Haig Road Market & Food Centre
14 Haig Road
Singapore 430014

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I heard about this chef from Wan Hao and wanted to try his food. Note, this is a very Cantonese/steamed menu and prices can be steep. This was really enjoyable. Salty, not even the very salty salted fish, but good.

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We were there during the long weekend after the lunch hours but still have to wait in queue for a table and an even longer wait for the food to arrive. Overall, a nice addition to the already cafe-saturated concepts around the vicinity but the prices are very much to be desired.

The Baked Eggs #2 costs a premium $24.50 and the portion could have been much more in my opinion, as it only comes with a single focaccia bread sitting on top of the shakshuka of San Marzanos tomatoes, a few slices of spicy chorizo and organic eggs. The Shoyu Butter & Garlic Rigatoni ($18) is cooked in a piquant garlic mixture which gives it most of the flavour in a dish but otherwise it was just one dimensional. On the other hand, the Honey Butter Coin Hash ($14.50) was the winner of the meal with the sweet-savoury sauce of honey butter that coated the hash and the yogurt dip to give it a nice refreshing flavour.
✨ Supernova
📍 266 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437053
🍴 [Self-Funded]


I heard about this chef from Wan Hao and wanted to try his food. Note, this is a very Cantonese/steamed menu and prices can be steep. With the budget in mind, this signature dish was still superb. Fish belly is already prime. Throw in the full works of soy sauce, spring onion, garlic, chilli, ginger etc. The fish was tender and gelatinous. And the serving meant there's almost no bones. Heavenly experience.

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This is one of the best kolo mee in Singapore but this time they cooked it so bad! We were disappointed. Must be the long queue. Our noodles were undercooked. Soup also no taste.

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Coffee was pretty good but the ambience was definitely what caught my eye from the get go! Would recommend if you’re in the Katong area for coffee!

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Chilled yogurt with cereal, berries & passionfruit; refreshing & light dessert to end the meal; complimentary from the boss..

Decent cup of coffee, not acidic or bitter; a tad too milky..

Roasted whole chicken leg is huge & well-marinated with spices; meat is tender & skin is paper-thin with almost zero fat; generous portion of roughly smashed soft potatoes that are cooked with butter, seasoned with salt & pepper; felt a tad too buttery; chestnut cream sauce at the side is creamy rich, strong cheesy taste but mild chestnut taste; with same veggies at the side; good dish worth a try..

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Al-dente pasta tossed in seafood bisque with imitation crab meat & topped with fried soft shell crab; sauce is flavorful & rich with seafood taste, similar to the real chilli crab sauce; not the usual tomato based sauce; soft shell crab is huge, slightly oily; imitation crab meat is soft & taste surprisingly good in this dish, though I'd still prefer real crab meat; dish worth a try..