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砂劳越胡椒猪肚云耳浸胜瓜毛瓜 36新币,折合人民币190元

和牛牛颊肉日本白萝卜煲 69新币,折合人民币370元



Wasn't a big fan of this dish, felt a bit dry and the chorizo wasn't to my preference.

This risotto was also done well, it had a citrusy herby taste that was quite unique. The grilled prawns were good here too, juicy with a nice bite and flavour.

Peach, Floral Blossoms, Honey

This white sparkling wine made from Moscato was delish! It was light and with floral with tiny bubbles, perfumed with the scent of honey. Their curated wine collection is exclusively distributed by them, you can only enjoy wines like these over here. They currently have promos going on, so it's defo a good deal!

I learnt recently that a well-cooked risotto should spread out to be flat, and this was. This was one of our fav dishes here. The creamy risotto had truffle paste, porcini, pecorino romano, it was mushroomy yet not surfeiting or salty. Rice was cooked well, not too hard or soft, and I thought the crispy mushroom topping was a nice touch

Spaghetti was al dente, and the grilled black tiger prawns in garlic was pretty good - it had a nice char and wasn't overcooked. It came piping hot so it was extra tasty!

I am not typically a fan of cream in carbonara because they drench the pasta in cream, but I liked this dish - their aged brandy cream was delicious, providing moisture and depth of flavour. They used an appropriate quantity such that the cream coats each rigatoni, hence the pasta was not jelat at all. There's pancetta, mushroom, pecorino romano, and egg yolk that added more flavour!

Maybe because we didn't have it immediately, it wasn't as crisp as I had expected. They use truffle paste and not truffle oil (which is mostly chemicals! so truffle paste is better I feel), which gave a subtle truffle aroma. If you dislike the pungent truffle oil smell you'd like this.

Sourdough was pretty good! Crusty edges (but not hard), soft pliable inside, and a slight tanginess. It's not as sour as my fav sourdoughs but the texture was to my preference. It was served with their pesto, marinara, and a mushroomy sauce.

Interesting but the panko-crusted burrata didn't do much for me, but the basil sauce was yummy! Herby, bright and refreshing. We mopped it up with the sourdough.

It looks so good but one must appreciate coconut to like this dessert. I liked it!