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Minimum order.

Quite average, skin was very soft and not stretchy which is fine but filling was pedestrian

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We came at 930am when the dude just came so he gave us frozen coconut. It sucked.

The ondeh ondeh itself was not bad, shredded coconut w gula melaka inside. But not as impressive as their other kuehs

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Very good. Soft and mochi-esque in chew. The coconut flavour was reasonably prominent too

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Phew! Glad that I made it in time to place my last order before their closing time.

Ordered @zushishou’s truffle chirashi don [drizzled with truffle oil and topped with tobiko] which wins on its freshness, generous assortment of cubed sashimi and affordable pricing at $15.90! 🥳

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Started my day right with Asanoya’s Matcha Series - some old favourites and a couple of new additions!

Matcha Cruffin ($5.50) - A more than decent rendition, the flaky exterior (after a quick pop in the toaster) paired wonderfully with the earthy-sweet matcha custard filling.

Matcha Choux Puff ($6.00/ 4 pcs) - Tender one-bite dessert, the puffs were real light. The matcha azuki filling was pleasantly molten too. A tad sweet overall but a great, foolproof flavour combination.

Green Tea Mochi with White Chocolate filling ($4.80/ 2 pcs) - A real chewy number, the texture was fun though the matcha flavour was slightly more muted in comparison to the other pastries. Thus, the bits of white chocolate found in the airy interior which tasted a little caramel-like were a welcomed surprise.

Matcha Turtle Pan ($3.00) - Essentially an Asian-style milk bun with a crisp green tea flavoured biscuit crust shaped into a cute baby turtle - can’t go wrong with that.

Matcha Azuki Croissant ($3.80) - My favourite of the lot! Dusted with snow powder and studded with almonds, the buttery croissant held a really nice nuttiness and earthiness from the matcha-coated exterior and red bean filling. The filling was not too sweet and the pastry itself was pretty substantial.

Karuizawa Matcha ($3.20) - Soft and fluffy on the inside, and crusty on the sides, the slice had great textures. Infused with white chocolate chip, the matcha flavour was distinct, fragrant and I liked that it was subtly sweetened.

Using only premium Japanese ingredients with no preservatives whatsoever, the bakes mentioned are available at all Asanoya outlets; Paragon, Queen Street & Bukit Timah. Purchase them from the stores or order online: Grabfood / Deliveroo / Whatsapp (found on their page)!

This was a bread drop from Asanoya!

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The version here is absolutely delicious and dare I say, homely. It's not overly oily or heavy, just a slightly sour and spicy rice that goes so well w their excellent seaweed and fried egg. Makes for a lovely meal on its own

There's some crisp, the flavour is pretty light but the thin sauce is impressive as ever. Seafood pancake is probably slightly better at this place

Sliced pork belly w a spicy sauce. The pork belly has a nice bite as it is sliced thinly, rather oily though. Also it is a huge portion. The mushrooms were nice but this is actually able to be eaten alone. Would have been better if it were abit saltier to necessitate rice

Comforting and sufficiently viscious but abit lighter than normal. There's something that makes the flavour different from the norm, worth a try if you frequent this place

This is legit. The tteokbokki has a nice bite and a little bit of chew, really good texture. I don't like tteokbokki or niangao because they don't soak up sauce, and while this problem still persists here they have made a good effort in making the sauce intense and very spicy so they balance abit better. The sauce is also solid. cheese is melted mozz which is ofc not bad

The only complaint may be that it's not very worth it given the ingredients (no meat, basically just fishcake) but the execution and the authenticity more than justifies the price

The kelp is pretty legit, the flavour is good but abit harder than ideal. I guess it's difficult to preserve the ideal texture when shipping it here

This is a soft bread with a thick chewy crust, studded with blueberries. I enjoyed the bread, though I prefer the green tea one more.