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Cai po tofu - caipo is yummy but have had nicer one from other Zichar stores
Honey spare ribs - good
Royal egg spinach - great, sauce is nice
Seafood shark fins soup - very nice to drink

Drinks at this store are rather pricey. But food is really value with the one for one.

The meat platter is good! Tasty grilled chicken and pork. The black roll is with minced beef inside. Dipped in the three diff sauces to give u refreshing, salty or milky taste.

The spicy noodle soup is meh... Not spicy at all. Pls do not order. Lol.

The milk foam on top is with sugar, milk and egg. If you don't like it too sweet, you can try it with black coffee.

Love the spring rolls. Should eat it fast so they won't stick tgt. The dry noodle is refreshing and come in very big portion.

Located within the SUTD Building along Somapah Road, find this spot for affordable western dishes and signature Croffles -โ€” a cross between a croissant and waffle! Start off your mornings with the D'Star Brek O'Croffles ($14), which comes with a side of sunny egg, bacon and cherry tomatoes, or crowd favourite Fish & Chips ($12) and Messy Chicken Burger ($14). End off the meal with a roast cuppa of Flat White ($4), Earl Grey Blue Flower ($3) tea or homemade Iced Honey Lemon ($4).

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Chicken do pyazza (closest), tandoori roti, fish patiala. Love how full of flavour it was. $26.18 after Burpple discont.

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One of the best steak places in the east! Ordered medium rare and changed mash potato to fries. The portion was generous, meat was well marinated and goes well with sauce. Fries was very well done too. Very satisfied and will be back!

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I really like the taste of the tea and it is a little sweet so would recommend 25%!

Got the pork rib soup that had 3 pieces. Quite a bit for 1 person and i was full halfway through ๐Ÿ™ˆ. The store had a nice ambience and the service was really really fast

Visited Timbre+ Eastside recently and one of the stalls that I patronised was Ajiya Okonomiyaki. Got the Veggie Delight where you can choose any 3 ingredients (Shiitake, Spinach, Kimchi, Grilled Onions & Capsicum) from the Vegetable category. Canโ€™t remember which ones I picked, but I do remember that this was pretty delicious! You could taste the freshness of the veggies, and the okonomiyaki also had a nicely charred based, while the insides were still fluffy. Everything came together nicely with the sauces - a must have for this dish! They have other Okonomiyaki combos to choose from as well, and you can decide for yourself while youโ€™re here!

From The Soup Spoon Union
Slightly spicy, comforting smooth texture.
Got it together with the Cake Set.

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From The Soup Spoon Union
A divine slice of chocolate cake, got it together with the cake set.

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