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Came for the burpple deal on a Sunday and didn’t realise the burpple t&c change to weekday only.

But we went ahead and even signed up for the $88 membership, so we got this crab hor fun for free.
I guess we are a burpple convert to regular customer.

The crab hor fun was great, the broth is so flavourful and the crab tasted fresh.
Our other dishes were great too.

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From Saizeriya
Chilled vegetable salad, layered with sweet corn & generous amount of succulent shrimps.

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From Saizeriya
Chicken wings, mid joints.
Juicy inside.
5 for $4.90

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From Saizeriya
Classic margherita pizza.

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From Streets of Bangkok
The Thai grilled pork skewers are bursting with bold and tangy flavors.
A mouthwatering dish that will leave you wanting more.

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From Mr. Biryani
Deliciously garlic naan perfectly complements the creamy and flavorful palek paneer.
A delightful combination.
Only $12.50

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Today’s lunch check-in place is this Nyonya restaurant ~ The White Tiffin, it provides traditional Nyonya cuisine.

This is not the first time visit this restaurant, but it is disappointed in this time😞, we ordered four main dishes, shrimp paste chicken nasi lemak had not much meat and felt oily; in addition, the fried fish has a heavy fishy smell, which is difficult to swallowed.

If you ask me if I will go back again, I will answer: maybe 😅
Hope they will improve when I visit next time.

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Ordered the:
Wok master special beancurd
Claypot eggplant
Golden salted egg pork ribs

Love the food here. The tofu was so soft and silky. The sauces in the dishes are so flavourful and rich.
Love the salted egg pork ribs and would order this dish.

Actually love this order combination compared to the previous times I was here.


Rice that was rich with lemak and tender fall off the fork duck confit. Chili was ok. With refreshing Korean citron lemon tea

Ordered the:
Peppery honey spare ribs - portion is quite decent
Golden mushroom beancurd - like this
Hot plate tofu - mid
Savoury crab meat seafood broth - quite plain but still hearty enough
Signature curry fish head (not in burpple exclusion) - curry is favourful

Do take note: Prices have increased, the menu linked on burpple is not updated.

Despite that, still like the food and with burpple we only spent $107.
Wet tissue is $1.50 chargeable.
Would consider this as one of the better burpple deals.

Wasn't a big fan, I didn't like that the chicken was all chopped up. The curry had a nice heat to it, it's fragrant but the flavour profile wasn't to my palate. Egg was hard. I did like that the slightly sweet bun complements the curry chicken.

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Their version can be served with or without ice cream.
The spongy soft milk solid doughnuts are immersed in a hot thick rose water and cardamom flavoured syrup.
Picks up the floral earthy sweet spice flavour, yum. Adding ice cream serves to highlight the contrast of tastes and temperatures.
Gulab Jamun
Sakunthala's Restaurant
@ 66 Race Course Road
More details:

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