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That cross section of a sandwich that tasted every bit as good as it looked. A special mention on the tangy rich aioli like sauce that was impossible to resist and went well with the classic combination of avocado, scrambled eggs and melted cheese.
You’d dream about this vegeterian sandwich.

superb sando.
good for 2 pax if also sharing sides.

Was excited to try the Everton Park outlet as there is some special item such as cauliflower fritters. However, I feel that although the cauliflower fritter is flavourful, it is not crispy and hot enough.

The toast is also dry, hard and not hot. Compared to the Upper Thomson outlet. This kind of lose.

bonbon: 9/10 creamy chocolate ice cream with cookie/choco chip bits! only hoped that chocolate flavours were a bit stronger

dark choco: 10/10 nice and bitter dark chocolate with a smooth creamy texture

kopi bergamot orange: 9/10 really unique flavour! good if you like orange chocolate

salted gula: 7/10 not bad

overall nice aesthetic cafe for ice cream, normal price might be a bit pricy so def use your burrple deals here! located in a hdb so there’s convenient parking lots at the nearby multi story carpark

The vibrant colours of the Donburi were pleasing to the eyes. On a bed of fluffy white rice, it is topped with corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and crispy pieces of Japanese-style fried chicken. The fried chicken was light, juicy and without the greasy feeling, and the mentaiko sauce elevated the taste.

Look at these fresh shrimps 😍 decently priced for 3 very sweet pieces


πŸ“ Meshiya (Everton Park)
6 Everton Park, Singapore 080006

#burpplesg #meshiya

Indulged in this assorted sashimi don, featuring amaebi, topped with ikura

And yes, again, I am so glad we have chanced upon Meshiya. All the sashimi slices were surprisingly fresh, though slightly thin. And the amaebi (!!!) is really really good that we had to do seconds!


πŸ“ Meshiya (Everton Park)
6 Everton Park, Singapore 080006

#burpplesg #meshiya

So glad to have found this hidden gem in Everton Park!

This don has fresh salmon sashimi, better than what I expected for some hole in the wall place. The ikura on top were also very plump and fresh

Dish is quite affordable for its quality πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


πŸ“ Meshiya (Everton Park)
6 Everton Park, Singapore 080006

#burpplesg #meshiya

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The sourdough was a little tough for my liking (maybe coz turned cold fast), altho the butter was prob the star. Extremely light in terms of texture, and had a savoury cheddar flavour -- reminds of some strong cheese chips 🀭. Definitely was tempted to get the butter on its own, which he does sell separately ($15)!

Note that they only have seats just outside the shop with fans (no air-con) if you're planning to eat there! Have also yet to try the other items on the menu but wouldn't mind having a bag of black ssm granola to myself! 🀭

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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No way I was gonna give their Black Sesame Granola a miss after seeing and hearing good reviews about them!

Black Sesame Granola w/ Delta Greek Yoghurt ($8)
Would recommend first eating the black sesame granola on its own without the yoghurt, so you get to savour the full flavours of the black sesame! After pairing with the Greek Yoghurt, which was pretty smooth and light, it kinda overpowers the black ssm a little. Still an enjoyable one imo!

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This cake not only looks good on the outside (so pink & pretty & topped with pink tea flowers πŸ₯Ή) it also tastes sooooo good. The tanginess of the raspberry jam plus the sweetness of the raspberry cream cheese was a great combination of flavours. The cake was also moist and not dry at all. Highly recommended.

Visited this quaint cafe hidden within HDB blocks of Everton Park and I will be back again soon!

I had their Iced Mocha ($7.50) which was pretty decent. The coffee notes were aromatic and the chocolate used was rich and it wasn't too cloying!

I noticed that their bakes were all so pretty! Definitely will be back to try their cakes and desserts😍 Loved the vibes here too, as it was cozy and perfect for a short relaxing coffee break!

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