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the truffle cream sauce is pretty nice, with the asparagus! the sundried tomatoes were yummy too. the pine nuts tasted like hamster food, wished it would’ve been toasted but my pal liked it. she said it’s “nommie nommie”

shots range from $1-5, and with a minimum of 10; but if u used burpple’s 1-1 for mains u gotta get a separate alcoholic drink off the menu if u wanted to get shots (we got vodka coke and gin coke). we liked the neslo, chendol, tequila, and milo especially ;) the staff and chef are friendly, they check up on us

first time trying the iced hojicha latte with oat milk from Oatside ($9.30 nett) and it tastes even better than before!! i’m really Oatside’s biggest fan…

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Found one cafe to escape from the hot sweltering weather and the coffee here are pretty good! We had the Dirty Matcha ($7) and Dirty Houjicha ($7). The Dirty Matcha was rather sweet and not too milky, but we felt like we couldn't taste much of the coffee within. The Dirty Houjicha had the wonderful roasted aroma which really complemented the coffee notes very well. However, it was a little grainy. Overall we were pretty happy with the coffee, but we wished that the cup was bigger 🥺

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Nice ambience, good crowd, good for coffee one on ones or small group catch ups. $6.47 includes service charge

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The usual is orange but they are having yuzu this season. Very very fragrant osmanthus with the citrusy taste sealed in. Too much ice imo and a bigger cup will make me happier since it's $8+.

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The waffles is super crispy and fluffy, can disintegrate quite easily though.

Both ice cream flavours were thick, creamy and doesn't melt easily. Not a fan of Dark Choc but this was not too bitter nor sour, with a very light tinge of French Rose. Creamy Vanilla with sweet kumquat, very lightly sourish. Overall, I think they were delicious.

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You must have a back-up plan or have the patience to wait in case the waiting time gets too long.

Fortunately, we found a hidden gem in the food centre, also selling claypot rice which is almost as good as Lian He Ben Ji, and definitely better than many out there. The best parts are that the waiting time isn’t that long and prices are almost similar to the portion. For the $12 portion, it is good for 2 pax which comes with a reasonable portion of rice, silky chicken chunks, Chinese sausages and the umami salted fish bits. Pour in some dark soy sauce and oil when served, give it a good mix and enjoy this comforting dish.
✨ Zhao Ji Clay Pot Rice
📍 335 Smith Street, Chinatown Complex, Unit 02-53, Singapore 050335
🍴 [Self-Funded]

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superrrrr yummy!!
mentaiko cheese cube ranks the top for me, the crust super crispy and the mentaiko with the cheese top was really good. best eaten with its heated up!!

next up is the matcha cruffin. the matcha oozes out when being cut into and it’s the thicker kind. taste wise, it leans towards the bitter rather than sweet, which i really appreciate.

lastly, it’s the passionfruit mango tart. pretty strong zesty taste. but the filling is more watery as compared to the matcha cruffin.

all these 3 pastries adds up to $21.

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These were our staples for our breakfast at Keong Saik Bakery:

1) We started off with the mentaiko baguette ($5) and it had a pretty legit mentaiko taste to it! Baguette was pretty hard as expected, so it's definitely not recommended for those of you who do not like very hard breads and pastries.

2) We had the miso Kouign Amann ($4.50) next and it was supposed to be a Kouign Amann infused with the taste of miso, and garnished with a large amount of seaweed. To be honest, we felt that there wasn't much of a miso taste to the pastry. However, it was a fairly good Kouign Amann nonetheless, and we really liked the caramelised exterior. That being so, it would be nicer if the pastry itself were more buttery!

3) Lastly, we had the banana danish ($3.50), which served as our first dessert (the burnt cheesecake was our second), as it was pretty sweet. It was an interesting take on the pastry as it was our first time having a danish with actual banana slices in it.

Generally, while Keong Saik Bakery's takes on pastries were very interesting and their flavours are novel, we felt that their pastries were actually pretty small (especially compared to Bread & Hearth on the opposite of the road)! Both of us were not very full even after sharing the 3 pastries above. ☹️

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We were probably one of the rare customers who had a burnt cheesecake early in the morning, and we decided to try out the two-face burnt cheesecake as it seemed unique! The upper half is a normal burnt cheesecake and it was pretty heavily-flavoured; we were thankful for the smaller serving size for once as the cheesecake could have gotten pretty gelat after a while!

The bottom layer of the cake is basically a matcha mousse, and we liked the grassy and slightly bitter taste, which was a nice contrast to the cheesy flavour in the top half. The slice was priced at around $8 but to be honest, we felt it was a little pricey for its small serving size. Thankfully, it was pretty yummy! 😋

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