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This is so good
Tried the burpple set and swapped the beer

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Chef Jake brings a produce-focused philosophy to the distinctive brewery-inspired cuisine served in the restaurant, with the continuing efforts on sourcing high quality produce from ethical sources based in Singapore or as close as possible to the country to ensure a richer flavour and lighter carbon footprint. The beef and lamb are from pasture-fed, free range livestock, seafood is sourced sustainably and the continuance of the local “ugly vegetable” programme.

Our evening started off with the Freshly Shucked Oysters ($7.50 each, $38 for six, $72 for twelve), which were Irish oysters in season, and each oyster is topped with Brut Beer jelly, Avruga caviar and housemade dill oil. It was followed by the Hand Cut Beef Tartare ($24) which was perhaps one of the better tartares that I have had in recent times as the addition of stout crisps made from tempura flour gave it a nice bite and contrasting texture while the free-range yolk encapsulates the rich mouthfeel. An addictive snack, the Chilli Salt & Pepper Local Squid ($24) is a must-order with the nuoc cham dipping sauce that brings a combination of savoury, sweet and refreshing flavour. The perfect companion for it? A pint of freshly brewed craft beer.

We moved on to the Chicken Inasal Skewers ($7 each) that are first beer-brined before it gets grilled on the Japanese robata charcoal grill to give it a nice smoky aroma. For the mains, there are the Local Slipper Lobster Roll ($32) that has been mixed in with a housemade nori aioli and sandwiched in a buttery brioche bun with kohlrabi slaw and topped with Avruga caviar. The Steak Frites Little Joe Sirloin ($59) features a free-range 100% grass-fed beef from Victoria Australia, grilled with a housemade Café de Paris butter and served with fries and side salad. For desserts, we had the Burnt Pavlova ($15), a vegan dessert made with coconut cream and topped with coconut Chantilly and seasonal fruits, and IPA Crème Caramel ($15) with smoked berry compote.
✨ LeVeL 33
📍 8 Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Unit 33-01, Singapore 018981
🌐 https://level33.oddle.me/en_SG/
🍴 [Media Invite]

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The beef tartare is made with handcut beef, cornichons (pickled cucumbers), capers, mustard, parsley, cognac, and shallots pickled in LeVeL33's Blond Lager

Location: LeVel 33, MBFC 1, 8 Marina Blvd, #33-01, Singapore 018981

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Chef Jake brings New Menu,highlight a produce-focused perspective to the distinctive brewery-inspired cuisine in LeVeL33
For instance, all the beef and lamb served in LeVeL33 are now from pasture-fed, free range livestock. The seafood is all also from sustainable and, as far as possible, local sources; and the local “ugly vegetable” programme continues to supply a large proportion of their plant produce.

Feature :
💕 Local Slipper Lobster Roll.
brioche bun served with chunk sweet tender local slipper lobster roll poached and chilled, before mixing with a housemade nori aioli, served with tangy Kohlrabi slaw and topping it off with Avruga caviar and chives
💕 Chilli Salt & Pepper Local Squid.
The seasoned locally sourced fresh squid coated in tempura flour, and is deep fried till golden brown, served with Nuoc Cham dipping Sauce
It’s perfect to Pair it with Level 33 Beer.
💕 Hand Cut Beef Tartare
made with handcut beef,pickled cucumbers, capers, mustard, parsley, cognac, and shallots pickled in LeVeL33's Blond Lager, served with Stout Crisps for extra crunch and a free range yolk.

📍Level 33 Craft Brewery Restaurant and Lounge.
MBFC tower 1, #33-01.


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Thought that it would be nice to bring the folks somewhere since it was the long weekend and decided to make a reservation at Forbidden Duck at Marina Bay Financial Centre for some dim sum, which is a concept by Chef Alvin Leung of Hong Kong who is also affiliated with other concepts such as 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel also in Singapore, and Bo Innovation at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. While I do know of the existence of Forbidden Duck within the building, I had never really knew where it was located — both Forbidden Duck and Qi - House of Sichuan are located within Tower 3 of Marina Bay Financial Centre, though they are located away from the main retail area at Level 2 of the building; both restaurants are accessible via lift access through a small entrance near where Bushido Tapas Bar is. Forbidden Duck is actually a little smaller than what we have thought — with a view overlooks the Promenade neighbourhood, the interior is decked in a plush setting; carpeted floors and dining tables lined with linen, all with blue cushioned seats and furniture and fittings featuring wooden accents. Aside from dim sum, the menu at Forbidden Duck also features other dishes split into several sections such as appetisers, barbecue (i.e. the roast meats), soups, dried seafood, scallop and clam, prawns and crab, fish, meat, vegetables, rice and noodle, and dessert.

One of the most iconic dish being served at Forbidden Duck that is raved by most patrons would be their Giant Egg Tart — these are baked to order, and the staff would actually ask if you would like to make an order for these if one makes a reservation to dine here. Was actually informed by the service staff over the phone whilst confirming my reservation here that while the Giant Egg Tart is listed as an item served in a portion of two pieces per order on the menu, one can make an order for an additional piece for orders above the minimum order of two pieces as well — a pretty flexible arrangement. These Giant Egg Tarts definitely comes with a height taller than the usual, though the circumference do come at a rather reasonable size as with most other egg tarts. Slicing through the egg tart, one would notice how thin the crust is; despite being so, the crust actually holds up the weight of the filling well despite being served hot, and I liked how it wasn’t particularly dense so it did not feel particularly carb heavy in any sort of way. There wasn’t a particularly stark textural difference between the pastry and the egg curd; the egg curd being easy to slice through — wasn’t too sweet either, and perhaps intentionally so since the Giant Egg Tart also comes with a surprise layer of yuzu jam right at the bottom. Those sweet and zingy notes are reminiscent to the honey yuzu marmalade that can be had as a beverage often found in Korean supermarkets, and provides an interesting flavour contrast that further takes away the sweetness of the egg tart.

To be fair, the dim sum items at Forbidden Duck were a little hit-and-miss for its price tag — we have had more impressive dim sum even in recent times from our visit to more commercial establishments such as Kai Duck, as well as hotel-run establishments like Song Garden. Whilst we did enjoy some of the more conventional items that they have such as the Steamed King Prawn Dumpling and the Steamed Rice Rolls with Shrimps and Green Dragon (think of it as a Chee Cheong Fun rolled with usual spring roll fillings that features a beancurd roll skin instead), items like the Steamed Crab Meat and Pumpkin Dumpling felt a bit confused. Perhaps Forbidden Duck’s forte is probably in their duck dishes and their communal dishes. Still, Forbidden Duck is a spot that is a notch above the usual the run-off-the-mill commercial dim sum joints around — good enough a spot to mark an occasion at given its location, and the creativity in some of dishes that they put out.

Locally sourced lobster atop Kohlrabi slaw and is then placed into the brioche bun, topping it off with Avruga caviar and chives

Location: LeVel 33, MBFC 1, 8 Marina Blvd, #33-01, Singapore 018981

Had been wanting to try Little Bowl for quite a long while ever since they had first started business at the Food Emporium food court at Clifford Centre. Whilst that outlet had since shuttered for quite a while now, Little Bowl’s outlet at Marina One is still in operations — a spot that does have a sizeable crowd these days with more folks returning back to office with the easing of the safe management measures in-place due to COVID-19. Opened by chefs formerly from Saveur, Little Bowl had started operations as Le Bouillon (which we had previously made a visit back in 2017), the change of name from Le Bouillon to Little Bowl is to reflect their shift from serving up French cuisine, to an establishment that specialises in Western and Japanese fusion fare. Being a standalone eatery at the basement of Marina One, Little Bowl serves up quite a variety of Donburi, whilst also having a small selection of pasta and udon on their menu to serve the lunchtime office crowds here.

What stood out most to us in the menu at Little Bowl was the Shio Pasta; the item consists of elements such as Crispy Chicken, Crabmeat and Mushroom Sauce according to its description on the menu. Priced at $9.90, the Shio Pasta is considered a rather pretty affordable eat within Marina One itself, considering how there are not many wallet-friendly options within the building especially where Western and Japanese fusion fare are being served. While the presentation of the dish is certainly not the best here, this was pretty much comfort food for the soul — our favourite part probably being the Cappellini pasta here. No idea how they have prepared it, but the Cappellini comes in a shade slightly darker than one would have expected; there is also a noticeable hint of crustacean flavour lingering that makes one wonder if this is indeed inspired by the lobster cappellini that features a naturally briny sweetness with every slurp of the noodle. As though wanting to appease the masses, the inclusion of the mushroom sauce; itself being like a cream-based sauce that carried a hint of earthiness, can be said as a move to incorporate a classic flavour that most would not mind having on the plate. Whilst the fried chicken pieces had a light and crisp batter that wasn’t particularly greasy, we found it quite a pity how these seemed to be prepared ahead of time and wasn’t exactly served piping hot — there again, maybe a move to speed up the process since they are pretty much a quick casual dining concept that has to cater to the takeaway/delivery crowd whilst also trying to serve as many dine-in patrons as they can.

With quite a number of items priced below $10 at Little Bowl, Little Bowl is definitely one of the more reasonably-priced establishments of its type within Marina One — something that some office workers may actually consider having once a week just to treat themselves to a slightly nicer lunch just to break away from the more affordable local fare such as the likes of Malaysia Boleh. Whilst there are some things which we personally felt needed a slight tweak (i.e. plating and the crispy chicken), I wouldn’t mind dining here again if I am looking for some comfort food without having to break the bank.

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Every dish was well loved, even the desserts. Highly recommend.

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I am obsessed with their drinks menu! 🤩
I really appreciate it when cocktails have a unique theme. The variety of cocktails they serve, each with a local twist to it really had me in awe. I ordered the Loquat Elixir ($24 // Happy Hour 5-8pm: $18). Honestly, it wasn’t my kind of drink but i thought the aesthetics of it was so pleasing that I just had to try. I guess it was going for the Pi Pa Gao inspiration? (which it did nail) Though it’s not for me, I can’t wait to try the other cocktails during my next visit!

Ambience was stunning! 9/10 - Really liked the simple yet classic Peranakan theme.
Food was amazing too! Overall: 8.5/10
Got the Laksa Lobster Linguine ($27) and the Rendang Beef Cheeks ($24) - supposed most popular dishes there.
Portion wise was just nice! My friend and I shared both mains so we could enjoy more variety and we ended up finishing both plates.
The laksa linguine is basically an elevated dry laksa - well executed!
Rendang beef cheeks had the “melt in your mouth” effect - typical Peranakan achar and chilli on the side really complemented the flavours on the plate.
(If you have Burpple premium, 1-1 mains deal is extremely worth it!)

I was really looking forward to trying their Chendol Creme Brûlée dessert, unfortunately wasn’t able to as we were told they were out of stock. :( Perhaps, it was because we went on a Monday evening.
Nevertheless, looking forward to my next visit here! Would love to explore the other dishes!

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We actually visited this place with intention to use the Burpple Beyond 3 course meal deal. But upon reading reviews, decided to order a-la-carte instead, as the appetiser was very small in portion anyway and we don't drink beer.

We ordered the Black Angus Beef Sukiyaki donburis, and topped up to a set with large chicken and sashimi. I also had my don with a foie gras top-up. The beef is well-marinated and seared, sweet and crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Onsen egg and Mentaiko lived up to expectations but the foie gras did not as it lacked flavor and was rather watery in texture. The portions however are on the smaller end for its price point. I also had green tea and it was a tea packet served in hot water, and it was cheap tea.

Overall, considering the location I think this place is good for a quick work lunch but perhaps not somewhere I would travel to just for dinner.

This was extremely underwhelming - description said it comes with “a whiff of Angelica smoke for extra theatrical effects”, so we bought it thinking there’ll be some kinda smoke coming out from the cup. But when the staff opened the cover of the cup, there was nothing. 😂 it was extremely anticlimactic and we felt cheated of our money.

Fortunately the taste of the drink was quite special. It tasted of red dates primarily, and a little bit of figs. I liked the sweet aftertaste of the wolfberry from the scotch, that was very unique. As for the Angelica smoke, I have no idea where the smoke is.. at least the cup looks fancy.

Overall - wouldn’t recommend this drink unless you like the ingredients of it and are getting it just for its taste (or the cup?). Definitely not worth the price. Don’t order it expecting there to be some smoke for you to Instagram, because there was none, at least for us. I think we even have a video of the waitress opening the cover of the cup only to find nothing coming out. Guess my date with the devil didn’t go too well.

Other than the drink… the ambience was great, I think the restaurant is done up beautifully and is a real treat for the eyes. The staff were very friendly as well. We visited on a Monday evening and wow the place was actually quite packed! I probably wouldn’t come back given the prices (and gosh the underwhelming cocktail really left a bad impression) but I guess it was a nice place to visit once since the food was good.