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got the lunch set for $17++ and the burpple beyond deal! quite worth it as we saved around $12. the bowl of noodles isn't that big of a portion, but still very yummy nonetheless! the dumplings are really good too, we got the smoked duck and sichuan and it was vv yumz 😋😋 sichuan was pretty much chilli oil dumplings! would come back again ⭐️⭐️


Chocolate Cake-in-a-Jar
This could have been more moist, as it was really q dry, but the flavour was not too bad.

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Salted Caramel - quite enjoyed this for the slight cream cheese tang.

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You can also order Japanese Oysters ($40 for 12 pcs), for you oyster fans!

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Spicy Chicken Cubes ($16)
Slightly spicy, and other than fried chicken pops, there were also fried mushrooms within, which I personally am a fan of.

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Black Pepper Beef Cube ($18)
This surprisingly did not become tough and chewy despite leaving it there for q some time, and the beef cubes were well-seasoned.

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X.O Fried Rice (Chicken Chop) ($10.40)
If you want some meat, here's an option for you. Crabmeat & Tobiko was still my favourite of the 2 tho!

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Located a few minutes walk from Clarke Quay MRT, @o2.bistro was previously known as Level Ground Bar, and now serves up a variety of mains and sides!

Egg Fried Rice (Crabmeat & Tobiko) ($11.40)
Loved that it's really flavourful, and there's a good amount of wok-hei!

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Ramen Bar Suzuki is a quaint ramen shop hidden in Circular Road and it does have pretty interesting flavours, including emerald ramen?? 😮 However, we decided to go with something more conventional and we ordered the pure white ramen, which is basically a tonkatsu-based ramen with two pieces of chashu and a huge piece of seaweed!

Ramen Bar Suzuki uses thin ramen noodles and we liked that they got us the texture that we requested, as we like our noodles harder rather than soggy. Cha shu was also great as the meat was tender and there was a generous fatty layer on it. However, we thought the broth wasn't flavourful enough and we felt that it could be a little stronger on the "porky" taste. On the brighter side though, the broth is a little more drinkable as it isn't overly thick or salty. Also, Suzuki adds cut ginger to this dish, which infuses the broth with the spice; you may want to indicate that you would like the ginger to be served separately if you don't want your ramen broth to taste like ginger soup.

You can order the lunch set, which includes a bowl of ramen and two pieces of chicken karaage at around $16, which is fairly average. However, the stall is pretty popular with the lunchtime CBD crowd so you may need to queue a while before you can get a seat.

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A short walk away from Raffles Place MRT station, Hock Lam is a shop specialising in beef noodles (both dry and soup versions). We personally like the dry version more, so we decided to order the dry beef noodles with beef slices and beef balls for lunch on a weekday! You can choose your noodles and we went with 粗米粉. The noodles were served with slices of beef and 5 beef balls, mixed in a dark gravy with some salted vegetables and ground peanuts added. Our favourite parts of the dish were the beef slices and beef balls, as the beef slices were pretty tender and the beef balls tasted pretty legit and had a pretty strong beefy taste. 😋

However, we thought the gravy could have been a bit more flavourful, as we felt it become overpowered by the taste of the salted vegetables added to the dish. If you don't want your gravy to taste too sour or tangy, remember to tell the stall that you don't want salted vegetables!

The picture shows the large serving of beef noodles, which to be honest, we felt was a little small. The price of the dish, however, is on the high side and you should be prepared to pay close to $10 for this dish. Nonetheless, we felt it was a fairly decent bowl of beef noodles.

As the shop is near Raffles Place, it is packed with the lunchtime office crowd on weekdays so you may have to be prepared to wait a while before you can get a seat.

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We have wanted to try Hans Im Gluck for so long and today, we finally had the chance to try it! We visited the Boat Quay outlet for lunch on a weekday and it was fairly empty, hence we were lucky enough to get an indoor seat with air conditioning! The restaurant had a really extensive menu and after much deliberation, we decided to order the Birkenwald, which is a beef burger with mushrooms and sour cream sauce!

You can choose among different types of buns for your burger and we chose the sourdough bun, which came with a very slight sourish tinge that you can taste only if you eat the bun alone. The buns were lightly toasted and as a result, they are somewhat crispy on the outside and were not soggy from the sauce, which is a big plus! The beef patty was thick and we think its doneness was probably around medium, and we thought it went pretty well with the mushrooms! However, the sour cream pairing was a little strange (especially with the beef) and you might want to add the barbeque sauce (can be found on every table) to your burger instead if that is better for you!

We ordered the set meal and as a result, we could opt for a side dish! We chose the thick-cut fries which honestly came in a far larger serving than we expected! 😁 We loved the generous serving size and the firm texture. Furthermore, the fries were freshly-fried and served piping hot!

The set meal also comes with a drink and we upgraded it to a Weissbier pint, which is a 500 mL serving of ice-cold, slightly fruity wheat beer. We liked our choice of beer as it was not hoppy at all and there wasn't much bitterness in it.

The set meal was really filling and we ate to our heart's content. Although we paid $31++ for the meal, which was a little on the high side to be honest, we were really satisfied! 😁😁


To end off the dinner, we were served each a chocolate tart embellished with some soya miso curd and black sesame seeds, paired with Hokkaido milk gelato and cereal flakes. While the dark chocolate filling was pretty smooth, the tart shell was a tad too dry and upon cutting, the tart shell was separated with the chocolate filling. The soya miso curd was interesting, although the taste of soya superseded that of miso, while the Hokkaido milk gelato paled in flavour. Overall taste of the dessert could have been better balanced.