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Pistachio Single Scoop

Pistachio single scoop at $4.50. The flavour is right, nothing else to add. 👍 will definitely be back to try other flavours and hopefully it will not be that crowded.

Fluffy Waffles With Rich Ice Cream

Waffle with Black Forest Ice Cream ($10)

Walked in eager to fix my waffle cravings, and walked out a happy man. Every element in this dish was just extremely well executed - waffles were crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, while the ice cream was just gloriously smooth. I liked that the waffles remained crispy even when covered with melted ice cream, making it that much more enjoyable.

Can't think of how many calories is in this, but with food so good, I'd say it's worth it.

Waffles with Pistachio & Earl Grey Ice Cream ($8.50 + $2.50 for the extra scoop) 🍦.

🍴My go-to place when I think of good waffles & ice cream. They have def mastered the crispiness & flavor of their waffles. Paired with creamy & well-executed ice cream (the Earl Grey is still one of my fav), Creamier always draws me back despite the cramped sitting & queues ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️.
📍@creamier_sg, Blk128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 #01-835 S310128

Just thinking about this Chocolate Tau Yew Tempeh Crunch (??) and Orange Cranberry Vodka ice cream on waffles that I had ten mounted Emilys ago at Creamier.

The former is a limited edition flavour created in collaboration with Willin Low from Wild Rocket, and whilst the dark soya sauce leaves its slightly savoury and oil-slick mark on your lips post spoonful, it's a largely straightforward rich and Tempeh-nutty chocolate affair.

Earl Grey Lavender

Cut into the crisp exterior of fresh and fluffy Belgian waffle that's already enjoyable as is. A ring of chocolate sauce with artfully drizzled syrup enhances its lightly sweet and eggy flavours. The large scoop that rests upon it soaks in, while the edges of the bed of warmth remains crisp. Our choice of Earl Grey Lavender carries the scent of light tea with a richly creamy, milky indulgence, sending you off with the lingering aftertaste of lavender. One of town's better ice cream and waffles for the boy 👦🏽

Waffles With Roasted Pistachio Ice Cream

Waffles were crispy outside, soft and moist inside! One of the best waffles I have tried. The maple syrup and chocolate sauce also helped to make the waffles less dry.
The roasted pistachio ice cream was fragrant and creamy, with real pieces of pistachio inside😻 I would like to try the Earl grey lavender ice cream and Thai tea ice cream next time!
Price : $10

Croque Monsieur at @nichesavoureuse.

Gruyere powerful, cured salmon firm and briny, fitting the woody Savour of the mushrooms that accompany it. Haven't had a good CM for a while, so good to find a source...

The King of Waffles & Ice Cream

Hot, laidback Sundays like today are made to go with waffles and ice-creams. You can trust that Creamier's crispy, bready fragrant and creamy, flavour-packed scoops can sort that out for you.

I got their Roasted Pistachio and Earl Grey Lavender flavours - the latter was light, floral fresh, mildly sweet and earthy to no surprise, but the former was something special. The piquant medicine-like taste of pistachio was shrouded by a blanket of a smoky flavour, paving the way for a unique, yet addictive flavour which took me by surprise.

I now understand why there's so much hype over Creamier now. It's a humble dessert parlour that has the golden rule of business checked – give your customers what they want. In their case, it's good food. 👍🏼 (8.5/10)

Nyonya 3-Layered Kueh

This was actually the reason why we headed to Niche Savoureuse for desserts — to try their Nyonya 3-Layered Kueh which seems to be served only on weekends.

Think of this as their twist to the Kueh Salat; the top layer is still Pandan Custard, while the middle lies a mix of tapioca, sweet corn, cream and coconut milk and the bottom is a layer of orange sweet potato kueh. The result was a pretty interesting twist; the top layer providing that familiar Pandan flavour without being overly sweet while the middle layer tasted pretty much of coconut milk though with a more fibrous texture due to the input of other ingredients. The bottom sweet potato adds a distinct sweetness to the Kueh which made it feel pretty natural as opposed to adding excessive amounts of sugar to the Pandan Custard layer. The only gripe was that the texture could be improved on; the Pandan Custard layer often fell off from the bottom two layers when cut, and the bottom layer could be a little bit more moist for a more coherent texture. Still, it is a very interesting twist to the Kueh Salat that works great if you are looking for something that is unlike the usual cake if in the area.

Strawberry Cheesecake

Hadn't been visiting Niche Boulangerie in a while, and decided to head down after lunch since there was a direct bus there anyway. The Strawberry Cheesecake is actually pretty decent for its $6.50 price tag — creamy, smooth and luscious cream cheese layer topped with strawberry gel atop; lightly tart but exuding much of the berry flavour without being overly sweet. Within the cheesecake are also slices of strawberry, while all of it sits atop a graham cracker base to induce a cookie-like texture and flavour underneath.

Time-proven desserts, if their queues are any proof.

Totally warranted if you've tried any of their gelato flavours before. Smooth, creamy, with a nice dense body, the texture itself's already spot on. Pair that with well-executed flavours like Sea Salt Gula Melaka and their crowd favourite Earl Grey Lavender, it's no wonder the queues here are insane! We tried their seasonal flavour recently, and I gotta say I was mighty surprised at how well they pulled it off. The Bourbon Whiskey Black Sesame with Apples was quite a mouthful to digest, but an absolute delight on the palate. Love that they retained the slightly sandy mouthfeel our local 芝麻糊 has, with little cubes of apples that tastes oddly (but pleasantly) sautéed, and a slight uniquely bourbon sweetness just lingering at the back.

Chocolate Tau Yew Tempeh Crunch ($4.50/scoop or $16/pint)

The final flavour of Creamier's fifth anniversary series is this well-balanced number by Wild Rocket's chef Willin Low — think intense dark chocolate ice cream complemented by savoury dark soy caramel studded with bits of tempeh. Note that although it's called tempeh crunch, it leans more towards chewy than crunchy – at least for the pint we had.

Get if from either Toa Payoh and Gillman Barracks; it will also available at Wild Rocket when they reopen come March. For the latter, all proceeds will be donated to chef Low’s charity of choice.