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For Rojak Worth Queuing For

Having operated in the same spot for over 20 years, these guys are incredibly experienced, so it's no wonder their rendition of rojak is touted one of KL's best. Despite its sunny, streetside setting, the stall sees snaking queues every afternoon — you'd be wise to join the line for a quick, pocket-friendly lunch! Bring a colleague who doesn't mind roughing it out for good food. The rojak comes in several sizes, with options to add cuttlefish and egg for RM1 each. Go all out and get the one with the full works — after all, it's only RM6! The dish combining fried beancurd, prawn and dough fritters, julienned cucumber and turnip is slathered in an irresistible spicy nut sauce. It will be messily assembled, but delicious. For a perfect companion to your rojak lunch, order the Cendol (RM1.80) from the adjacent stall. It's simple but good, churned to refresh with a good balance between sweet palm sugar and rich coconut milk.
Avg price per person: RM10

For Big On Flavour Pork Noodles

For pork noodles in SS15, Ooi Noodle House comes to mind. Here, the owner insists on cooking each bowl on its own to preserve quality, and we can attest that the effort translates well into taste. It's also why the stalwart shop warns diners of a 40-minute wait (minimum) at lunch. Thankfully, the air-conditioned setting makes it a bearable one. Show up early before 11am to cut the waiting time short and bring a few of your foodie friends for company! Priced from RM8, each bowl is a trove of minced pork, lean pork slices, liver, intestines and crispy pork lard. These trimmings are tasty and portioned well, but the secret is in the soup. Deeply flavoured, its cloudy consistency reminds us of pork-based ramen broth. Add an egg to your bowl for RM1 — when stirred in, the wobbly yolk helps bring the soup to its full potential.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Amy Yeoh

For Fantastic Fried Rice

SS15 folks will be happy to vouch for Uncle Soon's fried rice in corner coffeeshop Restoran Foh Foh. A popular pick in the day, the place sees crowds swarming at lunch, so make this a dinner destination instead — it's also much cooler at night. Always — we repeat — always order the Char Siew Fried Rice (from RM7). Fried in a searing hot wok, the rice is packed with fragrant wok hei in every grain. You can count on a perfectly fried oozy egg to blanket the rice, while the luscious char siew bits give it a yummy meaty flavour. The dish is plenty delicious on its own, but also try it with the side of homemade sambal belacan. Recommended by Uncle Soon himself, the gleaming red sauce adds a saltish, spicy edge to the meal.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Justin Lim

For Skewers And Sake

At SS15's stalwart Sumi-Ka, yummy skewers are what keep regulars streaming in all night long. This means that they sometimes run out fast, so come early for the prime parts. The bustling bar is an ideal place to wind down with a friend, but you can also snag one of the larger tables to sup with a group of colleagues after work. On skewers, the Gyuniku (beef, RM12) is fantastic. Grilled with just a touch of salt, the juicy beef is left to deliver meaty flavours. We can also vouch for the Bonjiri (bishop's nose, RM4) — chicken's rump done well enough to delight even less adventurous diners. Chase down these greasy skewers with a couple shots of Sake (from RM54 per 300ml). While some might want continue on their skewer streak, those who have a sweet tooth should cap supper off with the Sumi-Ka Pudding (RM6), a creamy egg custard pudding with a bittersweet caramelised top.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Esther Chai

For Delectable Crab Mee Hoon

SS15's go-to for steamboat, Bee Ho spans two spacious shoplots that fill up in a flash on weekends. If schedule allows, make it here for a laidback weekday dinner with your family. The restaurant that cites its Pulau Ketam descent prides itself on a pleasantly sweet clear soup base, as well as their fiery chilli paste that cannot be missed. Order the all-rounder Steamboat Set (RM18.80 per pax), which comes with the usual trimmings like prawns, fish fillet, meatballs and the like. It's essential to please different palates, but shrink the set order to keep tummy and table space for something even better. The Crab Mee Hoon (priced by the amount of crabs at RM68/kg) is heavensent for crustacean lovers. Stir-fried in dark sauce with fresh crabs, the silky mee hoon takes on the titillating flavours of crab roe. The only downside to dining here is its slow service, likely due to short-staffing. Thankfully, the do-it-yourself steamboat will help keep you busy while waiting on other orders.
Avg price per person: RM25

For Amazing Buttermilk Chicken

This modest restaurant sees long, snaking queues for dinner everyday, so many have made it a supper alternative instead. Do the same and round up a few friends to share this comfort-giving meal over late night chats. The Buttermilk Chicken (from RM8) is good as gold, featuring large, tender chicken pieces in a rich, creamy butter sauce. For those who avoid chicken because of bones, rejoice in their boneless version, which will only cost you an additional RM1. Also good is the Buttermilk Sotong (from RM10.50) with toothsome, batter-fried squid that relies on the same sauce to satisfy. Have these luscious dishes with the Tom Yam Fried Rice (from RM6.50) — a great sourish, spicy main to help the meal along.
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Martin Wong

For Middle Eastern Supper And Shisha

For those who enjoy their suppers smoky, here's a spot for late night eats with a side of shisha. Seats spill to the sidewalks to accommodate big groups, so bring the gang! Oregi's menu meshes Middle Eastern classics with a handful of Western plates. While their Aglio Olio (from RM9.90) is a safe and tasty option, we'd urge you to take the adventurous route to the Middle East — these dishes are rarely found with such affordable price tags. If the night calls for something hearty, order their Lamb Kabsa Rice (RM17.90) and mop up delicious Arabic-spiced, braised lamb chunks with long grain basmati rice. Otherwise, get the Araes (RM10.90) for sharing. Resembling crispy quesadillas, the charcoal-toasted Arabic bread stuffed with minced lamb kebab meat is cut into triangles for easy snacking. Pro tip: Oregi allows indoor vaping after 11.30pm so choose your seats wisely!
Avg price per person: RM20
Photo by Burppler Priska Rafel

For Seriously Good Chilli Pan Mee

For lunch with friends after class, you can count on this cosy kitchen for noodles with a spicy kick! Super Kitchen serves a superb version of Chilli Pan Mee (RM7.50) that comes loaded with minced pork, fried onion bits and ikan bilis. Unlike archetypal pan mee joints that offer various noodle choices, here you'll find their default thin, chewy noodles coddling a single poached egg in your bowl. The lack of variety fazes none of its fans. Add dried chilli flakes sparingly (it's seriously spicy) and mix through with the gooey egg yolk as a binding agent — the resulting flavours are stunning. The noodle dish also comes with a bowl of soup, laced with sweet potato leaves and eggy bits. To share, order also the Deep Fried Pork (from RM9), scrumptious slivers of fried pork marinated with nam yu (fermented bean paste). Cooling drinks like Umbra Juice (RM3.50) and Barley Fu Chuk (RM3) will come in handy to subdue any leftover spiciness.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Mandy Lynn

For Meatless Hawker Eats

This long-standing hawker centre is a sterling stop in SS15 for lunch, especially when dining in groups. Kwai Sun's two shoplots offer plenty of space to seat your party, and the hook here is its variety in meatless mains (great for #MeatlessMondays!). The economy rice stall serves students well, with a friendly aunty doling out big portions of tasty vegetarian eats like mock char siew and braised egg. A plate of rice with three dishes will set you back between RM6-9 — a steal to fill up hungry bellies after class. Hidden in here is also a stellar stall for no meat-Nyonya noodles. Try the Mee Rebus (from RM4) that features yellow noodles drenched in a flavoursome potato gravy, topped with beancurd, fritters and fried shallots. The soupy dish is a dream on rainy days, but if you prefer your noodles fried, the Mee Goreng (from RM4) is pleasantly moist and boasts similar punchy flavours.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Erica Jioe

For The Best Fish & Chips Around

Run by founder Adam Hanrahan, Cor Blimey has made SS15 an unassuming capital for British-style fish and chips in town. The decor pays homage to their ocean catch with a blue and white theme, channeling cheerful vibes that suit a casual dinner date. Come for the Fish & Chips (from RM18.90) fresh off the fryer. Your choice of fish goes from run-of-the-mill dory to premium Atlantic cod, all guaranteed to be fried fresh, not frozen. If it's available as catch of the day, get the haddock for its lean white flesh. Coated in batter before deep-frying, the fish emerges firm and mildly sweet. Batter makes a difference here — either go for the original for something classic or try the coconut curry that yields umami flavours. The sides of handcut chips with malted vinegar and minted mushy peas seal the deal for an authentic British experience.
Avg price per person: RM30

For Mamak-Style Breakfast And Supper

Set along a stretch of popular food stalls in SS15, Silva Tandoori Corner holds its own with breakfast and supper favourites alike. This airy mamak spans two lots, and the large, sharing tables make it a condusive environment for a meal with your family. If you're here in the morning, get the Appam Telur (RM2.70), an elusive dish that has become a rare find in local mamaks. Silva does the pancake plenty of justice — the appam is thin and crisp on the edges, while the soft, pillowy centre holds a delightful runny egg. When had with a side of sweet milk, this hits the spot. Also good is their Roti Jantan (RM2.20), a slightly crisp roti telur with double the eggs for a protein-loaded breakfast. This mamak's name reveals a worthy Chicken Tandoori (RM7.50), which packs a punch with its intense spice. Have this with the Garlic Naan (RM3.70) for a satiating duo that's best enjoyed at suppertime!
Avg price per person: RM15
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

For Fried Chicken And Curry Rice

If the idea of crispy fried chicken and curry rice makes you squeal in delight, a visit to Lim Fried Chicken is in order! This time-tested name used to operate out of a hawker stall, and has since expanded to over three standalone restaurants. The focus is on its feel-good food, so the space sees a simple and practical setup. Make it your go-to for a no-frills dinner with a friend when you need a sumptuous meal that's also affordable. Order the namesake Lim Fried Chicken Signature Combo (RM9.80), which comes with a whole chicken leg fried to juicy perfection. The rice is doused in their delicious curry gravy, and then topped with a dollop of spicy sambal to boot. For greens, choose between stir-fried cabbage and crunchy long beans with preserved soybeans — we prefer the plain cabbage for the balance it gives the already flavour-packed meal. This combination spells comfort!
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Edric Lee