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This new resto bar pops up in place of Melt’On in SS15 with swanky vibes and a bubbly beer neon sign to suit the buzzy neighborhood. Friends looking for a new spot to hang will find it here, along a small menu of Western eats to line tummies before drinks. Try the Fish & Chips (RM14), plated to please minimalists — think fish on fries on a geometric-patterned sugar paper. Flavourwise, the dish is intuitively simple, spun only with a twist of cheesy glaze. There is also an easy Grilled Cheese Sandwich (RM10), our go-to greasy snack to line the stomach before another round of Brrr (beer, from RM15 a bottle).
Avg price per person: RM20

Pork noodle (Big with egg) - RM11 👎 definitely not worth the long wait (1hr), not enough pork lard, pricey, wrong order (have emphasized to the lady no intestines) and wrong queue number (food served to customer who came late) **i was stunned, when the staff informed me need to wait an hour for the food served. First visit and also last visit for me. Wondering how people can wait so long for just an ordinary pork noodle 😕

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The wantons are a good add on option!

I prefer the fried ones but they also serve it in soup. The meat is tender, juicy and soft. Nicely cooked with all that flavour!

The one in the picture is a large! But there is only a 50 sens difference from the regular size!

The noodles are best paired with their signature chilli sauce. But WARNING! It is spicy! So if you can't handle the heat, you could always put on a small dollop to taste first.

The shop is almost always crowded with people lining up outside for a table. Well, good food is always worth waiting for!

A very classic must-eat Sabah food when you are there. Sang nyuk mian literally translated to raw meat noodle, but they do cook the meat pieces to perfection and the texture is very soft and tender, dipping them into their homemade chilli sauce, heaven in my mouth! At Ding Xiang, you can choose either noodle soup or dry noodle with pork ball and meat (RM9) or with inner parts (RM9). He prefer to have yellow noodle (pure Sabahan) while I prefer mine with mix of mee hoon and yellow noodle. When Sabahan eat sang nyuk mian, a glass of teh C (RM3) is essential for them, it is like a combination of peanut butter and jelly.

Chicken kabsa rice (RM14.90). This was my first time trying their food, its a very affordable restaurant with the food they served. The flavour of the rice is really nice, it has just the right amount of spice. However the chicken is quite dry, flavour is pretty good tho. The sauce that serves beside the chicken makes up the imperfect of chicken, overall i would rate this meal a 7 out of 10.

Da Sa Rang is my family go-to Korean restaurant, the variety of ban chan (side dishes) they served always win my heart. I especially love their fermented kimchi, the taste brought me back to times when I was in Korea. Price is consider reasonable for the quality and quantity of food, we always order their set meal 'BB4' (RM109) which included 2 BBQ meat (spicy chicken and soy sauce pork), dolsot bibimbap and a kimchi jjigae, add on a plate of tteokbokki or another bibimbap (RM25) is more than enough to feed 5 of us. Another good point of this restaurant is they help you to grill the meat at a seperate table, so the smoke wont make you smell like BBQ for the rest of your day. But if you want to enjoy the grilling experience, you can also request to grill straight on your table.

The variety of ban chan in Da Sa Rang is insane! From fresh kimchi, candied sweet potato, spinach, to mini pancakes, apple salad and more. Everything is very delicious I would say, and my favourite ban chan from there must be the fermented rolled kimchi. I love the slightly sour taste caused by the fermentation, very addictive! Try adding some of the kimchi on top of your BBQ meat and veggie wrap, you will be blessed with kimchi god!

Snow Squid Topokki | (RM69) Suitable for sharing, rice cake & giant crispy squid wit spicy sauce. It come together wit condiments like chopped kimchi, sweet corn, egg, fried rice. Cheese sauce is given as some people might feel a little bit too spicy. Cheese sauce can help to reduce the spiciness of it. #chickenupmy

A coffee a day, everything will be okay. Latte with single shot (RM12) poured by their experienced barista, I love to start my day with a cup of coffee.

This refreshing dessert is a perfect way to cool you down on a hot day. Snowflake-like shaved ice topped with a very generous amount of mangoes (there are even more hidden under!) & a scoop of mango ice cream. You'll be a mango maniac after having this bingsoo 🤣

Price: RM26
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For a cafe situated in the student-centric SS15, Good Friends does a fine job of rallying families together. The flexible seating arrangements and a play area filled with books and toys make good points, but our favourite factor has to be their menu of feel-good comfort food coupled with coffee and craft beers. For a bite to eat, their Premium Good Nasi (RM24) is a nourishing nasi lemak option. The hearty dish sees pandan-infused brown rice in place of coconut milk rice, and cashew nuts and caramelised onions instead of ikan bilis and peanuts. Children will be won over by the colourful presentation of the cheeky I'm Not A Pizza (RM14), a tasty grilled cheese omelette with crunchy peppers and broccoli — good for getting greens in too! To tide you over while the kids play, order the creamy Dutch Coffee by 3Bears (RM10) or treat yourself to a tipple with the cafe's craft beer (from RM25) selection.
Avg price per person: RM30
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Sok Chien Lim