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For Pocket-Friendly Food Truck Burgers

For supper with the gang, head down to The Burger Shop for cheap and good burgers. While the food truck has now expanded to a shoplot to seat their regulars in SS15, these guys still flip their burgers at the truck parked outside 鈥 just like old times. The menu is comprehensive for a food truck, spanning from the usual beef and chicken to prawn burgers and pita breads. Go for the classic Beef Burger Special (RM6) that melds egg, cheese and sweet, caramelised onions. The beef patty is of the frozen meat variety, but they somehow make it work with their flavoursome seasoning and unbelievably crisp edges. Have this delicious mess with your hands 鈥 just be mindful of the signature black pepper sauce that comes oozing out.
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Roshan Kanesan

For Heart-Stopping Pork Burgers

Located in the busy SS15 neighbourhood, this joint quietly doles out incredible pork burgers in their first-floor space. Bring a friend, make them promise not to judge and then, head up here to binge on guilty pork pleasures. The specialty burger's a Bacon Paradise (RM19). Expect a tasty pork patty, bacon bits and two strips of crispy, candied bacon jutting out of the buns 鈥 definitely a party in your mouth! For something less lavish but still delicious, get the Mascarpone Curry & Cheese (RM15). The unique mascarpone curry sauce is a winner, and meets mild cheddar cheese on pork for a yummy indulgence. On sides, the Cheesy Smash Potatoes (RM7) fits all the definitions for comfort food, with hints of cheese in soft, warming mash. In case it all sounds too rich and sinful, opt for an Apple Waldorf Salad + Free Flow Drinks (RM6) set to refresh palates.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Emily C

Place To Splurge On Payday

Payday is a sweet day. Means you've got to celebrate it with something sweet. Naj & Belle is a place where you can splurge on delicious Cakes that guarantee to tantalise your taste receptors. A very small cafe just located at the main entrance of SS15 Courtyard. They also serve up many kinds of Western dishes like Salads, Pasta or Big Breakfast.
鈥 Rose Lychee & Strawberry Almond Crumble Cake. 馃崜馃嵃

For Yakitori and Sake Suppers

A snug space that fills up nightly, this longtime yakitori bar is a surefire win when it comes to having a smokin' good supper with sake. Head here with a friend after an early dinner for a casual chat over great grills. Amidst sizzling sounds, the bar can be quite noisy so opt for a regular table if you're not planning to watch the chef work on the grill. The menu doesn't stray far from the classic yakitori selections, but we noted an exciting Gyutan (beef tongue, RM8) in the mix. If you have yet to venture into the wilder side of yakitori, this is a good place to start. Also done well here are less common parts like Bonjiri (bishop's nose, RM4) 鈥 fatty, flavoursome and perfect with a drink 鈥 and crunchy Nankotsu (soft bones, RM5). There is also comforting Satsumabata (baked sweet potato in butter, RM10), which Burppler Esther Chai commends for its superb seasoning. Supper cannot go on without a bowl of Edamame (RM8), the snack to go alongside some Sake (from RM54) to share.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Ching Yean

For Refreshing Cendol and Indian Snacks

Spot the crowd by the roadside along Jalan SS15/3B every afternoon to find Subang Jaya's favourite local dessert, cendol. For a budget afternoon respite, have this rich yet refreshing RM1.80 bowl. An Indian uncle works the whirring machine to churn chunks of finely shaved ice, as another tops it with palm sugar, coconut milk, red bean and the jelly-like green delights known as cendol. The streetside stall lacks proper seating but part of the charm here is enjoying your cendol among the many other standing patrons. In case you're hankering for more to munch on, there is scrumptious Rojak (RM4.50) worth joining the queue for and also, traditional Indian snacks 鈥 these light bites garner less fame than the former, but we guarantee they're just as good minus the queue! Get the spiced Onion Pakora (batter-fried onions, from RM2), an insanely addictive snack that you will keep reaching into the brown paper bag, as well as the tasty Dhal Vadai (dhal fritters, RM0.50 per piece).
Avg price per person: RM10
Photo by Burppler Yuna P'ng

For Super Affordable Fine Food

Set above a mamak in SS15, The Crazy Chef is positively insane to offer fine fare in an area famed for economical eats. But with its ingenious recipes at incredibly modest prices, it's a space you will want to bring everyone you know for a (cheap) treat! You can't go wrong with the excellent appetisers (yes, order more than one). Topping the list is a delicately done Crab Omelette (RM13), stuffed with crabmeat and served with a pouring of flavoursome miso broth. The warm dish teams up beautifully next to the Cold Somen (RM8), which features a combination of cold noodles dipped in soba broth. We especially love the extra dimension provided by the chef's choice of garnishings 鈥 spring onions, grated radish and wasabi. Set lunch boasts a sound lineup, from Red Wine Braised Beef to Minced Pork Spaghetti, all rounded off with an appetiser and a drink for a super affordable RM15.90.
Avg price per person: RM20

Crab Omelette

Crab Omelette (RM13) for the win. Taking over Project Space', The Crazy Chef is helmed by a Singapore-trained chef (also the owner) who simply wants a place to put out his often-crazy ideas of food. Didn't think the crab omelette was that crazy, but certainly delicious. Warm miso broth poured over a crabmeat-stuffed omelette. The combination was flavourful and a sprinkling of crisp herbs delivered the finishing blow that the dish needed. Elsewhere, the Chef's Pasta that features cold chicken mince displayed great techniques but room-temperature pasta (meant to be served like that) just didn't fare that well for me. Loved the experience nonetheless and even more, the prices!

For Super Tasty Fried Chicken

Between classes, swing by Nomms in SS15 for fried chicken (you deserve it after all that studying!). The chic eatery has ample seats, as if they knew the goodness of fried chicken must be shared, so bring company. The menu-topper is the Nomms Fried Chixx. (from RM10 for 2 pieces), featuring crisp, golden skin and moist, juicy flesh beneath. The chicken mains come in three flavours 鈥 original, seasonal (this month's is garlic) and the best one yet, spicy. Sides (from RM2) range from good-for-you options like mesclun salad to the more indulgent hashbrowns and chicken-flavoured rice. If you're here with a party of four or more, go big with The Nomtorious Big (from RM79) that gives you more value for money. It comes with nine pieces of chicken, two sides, four drinks and four Ice Dreams, their housemade ice cream dessert.
Avg price per person: RM15

For Hearty Chapati And Friendly Service

At Big Singh Chapati, it's easy to feel like you're dining at a friend's home, thanks to a chef who jives as he makes chapati out front and the friendly servers who strike spontaneous conversations. Come for dinner to experience the full menu, and bring a few friends who'd enjoy eating with their hands 鈥 an experience we recommend here! The set menu is king, and offers platters of a main dish, dhal, chutney, dessert of the day and your choice of either two chapatis, naan or biryani to mop it all up with. A foolproof combo would be the Mutton Set (RM14.90). The Kashmiri specialty, mutton rogan josh, offers plenty of lamb-aromatic gravy to go with your carbs. The restaurant also has a list of desi specials such as the Puree & Chole (RM14.90), which serves aloo chole (masala-style cauliflower, chickpeas and potatoes) with three pieces of puree (deep-fried, unleavened bread) 鈥 wrap a dollop of aloo chole in a piece of puree for a delicious mouthful!
Avg price per person: RM20

Ham Tan Sou/ Salted Duck Egg Yolk Pastry

Can you spot the salted egg yolk? I am sure you can ! They are definitely not stingy with their salted egg yolk. The yolks have a rich, gritty salty-sweet custard character which balances very well with the sweet lotus paste. A great dim sum dessert for every occasion.
馃挷RM1.90 per piece

Of Galmaegisal & Kimchi Omelettes 馃悾

Shinmapo is a popular international chain restaurant and it's now in Malaysia! After weeks of waiting in hopes that the crowd will die down, it still hasn't but I gave in to a 10pm dinner and landed myself in an outdoor seating. Do note that the heat from the Bbq pit gets really hot so it gets stuffy quickly.

What makes Shinmapo stand out from its contenders? From the luxurious Galmaegisal (pork skirtmeat which i rate 10/10), Budae Jiggae (sweet and spicy soup consisting of various hams, kimchi and chilli just like Korea鈥檚 Military stew) to their volcano fried rice (RM25), dishes like these were what lured me in to try it out and I wasn鈥檛 disappointed. The Shinmapo Signature Set perfect for 2 pax costs RM88, a reasonable amount for the food that you鈥檙e getting. The Kimchi Egg Ring Crust caught me off guard as it鈥檚 still a rare sight in Kuala Lumpur but it tastes delicious and creamy nonetheless!

Restoran Gold Chili 016-909 9873
I used to patronise this place alot a long time ago.

Got hooked with the Tom Yam fried rice. Today tried the Creamy Butter Milk Chicken and the Tom Yam Soup. Both are delicious. Was there at 10.30pm, still a lot of people around. #myfoodie #paktohtime #burpple