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I am back here again in less than a month. This is now my go-to place for BBQ seafood in JB. Tried the salted egg prawns previously and I loved it. Now I am having it together with squid to have the best of both in a dish. The grilled prawns were still as good and the sotong was cooked just right, chewy but not rubbery.

Prawn 》RM23
Squid 》RM29

After having so much seafood on the table, it's good to have some greens to go along. I like how my greens are even grilled over banana leaf which gives an additional smoky and earthy flavour 》RM10


This is one of the popular BBQ restaurants in JB where it gets really crowded on weekends (not sure about weekdays). I placed my orders at 9:30pm and waited for 1.5 hours for my food. They serve up a wide variety of fish, seafood and vegetables. Choices of fish range from groupers, pomfret, sea bass and stingrays. Other choices of seafood include crayfish, flower crab, clams, prawns, squid and otah. There is no menu over here. Ordering works by choosing our choice of seafood followed by how we want it to be cooked. Some recommended dishes shown on the wall are sambal sotong, white pepper crab, scallion broiled fish, sambal noodles, Portuguese fish, sambal stingray, salt-grilled crayfish and ginger scallion lala.

The salted egg prawns are nicely grilled and pair well with the creamy and savoury salted egg sauce. The ginger scallion lala was fragrant, slightly salty and paired better with rice. The salt-grilled crayfish was my favourite and I regretted not ordering more. It was plump and juicy while retaining the natural sweetness of the flesh. Very fresh and sweet. I also had the sambal stingray that came in a generous portion. The fish was fresh, moist and meaty and the sambal used was a little different but it tasted so good and spicy.

Salted Egg Prawns 》RM35
Ginger Scallion Lala 》RM17
Salt Grilled Crayfish 》RM30 (2pcs)
Sambal Stingray 》RM29


(RM 8.90) my mum did enjoyed the chocolate flavour topped with hazelnut tbh as she did reheat the tart. The taste for cheese tart was quite sweet and nutty with hazelnut.

(RM 8.90) Btw it's under limited edition flavour till when (I don't know that). But then I didn't really wanted to buy strawberry as it's quite sweet and artifical taste for me. No one in my family didn't really like the taste for strawberry especially baked goods such as cake, tart and etc. The taste for cheese tart was really similar to strawberry meji millk tbh. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 7.90) there's a original flavour for cheese tart and mainly for people preferred to be original one. The taste for cheese tart was mixed salty and savoury but then it's quite milky and creamy for filling. The filling was just melted it off on the mouth itself. We did tried without reheat experience and really taste like cheesecake.

(RM 8.90) I didn't expected that they added yam x mochi inside the tart. I didn't really remembered that there's a filling inside the tart tbh as I got suprised tbh :") I did enjoyed that got strong and savoury taste for yam x mochi when it's reheated inside the oven. I did tried to put inside the fridge for cold experience and got less taste for filling. But overall experience for me, the matcha tart was got a variety of flavour from bitter taste at matcha crust, savoury taste for yam x mochi filling and also sweet taste ending note.

5 Pieces Spicy Cheesy Potato Balls (RM 8.99)

I didn't aware that it's under new item - limited time but we felt that it was really quite disappointed and too spicy inside cheese sauce.

3 Crispy Tenders (RM 11.49)
it's under a la crate item - nuggets & tenders. We felt that it's really nice and delicious chicken tender when served in hot and warm temperature.

(3 Pieces) (RM 6.90) really taste so good tbh but overall experience for me is just saw a lot of SG people literally queued up for this around 8 to 9 a.m. as they ask us to write the order from the menu first before getting to sit down. I noticed that their seating arrangements was quite not that big as most of people come in big group from 4 to 6 people (they get sitting first once previous big group finished, left table and staff cleaned up mess already) instead of small group from 2 to 3 people (getting share table with other small group or outside sitting place). Once we sit down, they started to serve beverages first before serving dim sum. I felt that it really not worth it to queue it or come down for second time tbh and got other JB places for dim sum also. It really got convenience location from KSL Mall like 10 to 15 mins walking distance from the mall.

(3 Pieces) (RM 9.90) the verison of their xiao long bao was quite different from SG which they stand on their own whereas they placed them on aluminium foil cups. One thing difference from SG is that they added shaoxing rice wine and filled up inside xiao long bao's soup broth and like I felt that it was really interesting perspective from usual norms.

(2 Pieces) (RM 5.90) My sister saw people ordered this and their bun didn't coated with gold much lol but then good thing that my bun did coated with gold fully. But their salted egg bun was quite buttery and savoury taste but melted it off on my mouth.