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Masala Dosa
The best Masala Dosa I have ever tried so far!

It has ohh sooo perfect texture. 😍 Crisp yet in every bite there is harmony of thin dosa and soft curry-flavoured potatoes. Satisfyingly good and worth my money! 😉 I would definitely visit again for this, but next time, I won't be too adventurous about beverages! I never thought that their Badam Milk will be that spicy -- to that extent that I never even drink until half. 😟 Bye bye 💸. 😭
#burpple #simplejoys #indianfood

Best dosa! ❤️

Had a huge craving for Thosai somewhere earlier this year and I've tried those at Casuarina Curry as well as Spring Leaf Prata place but it wasn't satisfying. Decided to look up online and came by this place called MTR, cut up a small piece in this image and it is so fluffy on the inside. This is the best I've eaten and am looking forward to come back to try the other items on the menu! (Especially the pancake set)

Masala Dosa ($6)

Kinda pricey for Indian food, but very very worth it. Also MTR is much less intimidating now; it used to be entirely filled with Indians, which makes the authenticity more obvious, but we felt like the odd one out. This time there were like two tables of Westerners when we were there, so it feels more welcoming 🙃 (employees there are also pretty friendly)

Maddur Vada ($4?)

I wanted to get the fluffy vada... so I pointed at the first menu item (no photos on this menu) that said Vada. And this came. We were confused (should always always just look at the outside menu with photos) but ate it anyway and still it was GREAAT. It's a hard biscuit-like thing that tasted like a super yummy muruku? No idea it was just good. So I guess randomly pointing at the MTR menu might always give you a nice surprise.

Nevertheless, kept seeing the fluffy donut-like vada on almost every table, including one man who was desperately trying to tear a piece off despite it burning his fingers. So. Next time then :)

Bisebele bhath, Rava Masala Dosa And vada

Despite the clinical look of the place and immaculate looking dishes, the food is flavorful and tastes amazing. Highly recommend their rava masala dosa. Rava (semolina flour) is much tastier than using the original rice and black gram flour. Guaranteed for the extra crisp and nutty flavour.

Bisibele Bhath

Indulgence, indeed: this little bowl of spiced rice packs a flavourful punch that'll wake you right up in the mornings. The rice is cooked smooth, almost to a paste-like consistency, studded with vegetables for added texture. Don't forget: pour in the mini serving of ghee if you're feeling fancy! Have it with the accompanying raita (you'd be missing out of you don't) and dip in those fun little cumin papads while you're at it. A savoury little pick-me-up, order this if you feel like spicing up your morning routine!

The Pudi Version

I went to google what Pudi meant and... I really didn't like the answer. It was only when I read the reviews here that I realized it means powder. Phew.

The Pudi Masala Dosa ($6.50) is sprinkled with turmeric powder and that makes it very flavorful. The fatter (soft on the inside, crispy on the outside) yet flatter (open faced) cousin, this one is more filling, I guess more suitable for those with a bigger appetite (:

Mother Of All Dosa

Finally tried the mother of all Dosa at MTR, I finally understood why the Masala Dosa ($6) here is touted as the best in Singapore.

Perfectly browned and crispy, the Dosa has a nice bite to it, just like a thin biscuit. Filling it is a spoonful of curried potato that has fully soaked up the sauce it is cooked in.

The Dosa comes with a curry sauce and a coriander (?) chutney. My preference is for the latter and I could lick the whole saucer dry.

Also, two thumbs up for the service and cleanliness here. The waiter was nice enough to offer me a fork when he realized that I wasn't going to eat with my hands. Also, the cleaner here would wipe down every table properly with a sanitizing liquid. It is really clean and comfortable for such a bustling place!

Dosas, Bisi Bele Bhath & Vada

I came here with rocket high expectations and this place still managed to surpass it. I love Indian food and I was really impressed with everything I had. From the vadas to the crispy, buttery laced dosa, we were indeed brought on a gastronomic journey.

We were lucky to have our Indian friend with us who graciously explained to us about the country's culture and food. The table was filled with oohs and aahs from the enlightment of our tastebuds and the knowledge that Indian food takes time, and heart to prepare & we could taste it that afternoon.

Aside from the famed dosa, I would strongly recommend the vada which was so crunchy on the outside yet remained light and fluffy on the inside. The mango lassi as well, brought our meal to a gentle, sweet end (plus they use real mango pulp!).

Go with an open mind and order whatever looks good because, chances are, it would.

Finally got to try the legendary MTR.

Thank you @sidhartha91 for the culinary education. Very much worth the rave. MUST TRY!

Hi MTR for the first time of 2017!

Had been craving my "Indian Risotto" - Bisibele Bhath ($5) even since the first time I had it here. So so flavourful that comes with thin crackers that goes so wonderfully well with it (gave it an additional balance). Can't help but order the Egg Plant Rice ($5) as it is Friday 😋Loved it while someone muttered "my favourite" while digging into her Masala Dosa ($6) 😂

Bisi Bele Bhath ($5)

Back at MTR and feeling like having something new led us to this recommended dish of dal and rice cooked in tamarin and spice powders. 🙌

Looooooved this! Wahah, that in the middle is ghee which you mix in. 😂There's even crackers on the side which you can dip into the creamy and super fragrant rice mix! It really felt like a creamy, spicy risotto! Easily my second fav dish at MTR now (next to the masala dosa, of course 😝).

Masala Dosa ($6)

Posting this throwback after seeing (and loving) Jayne's awesome get-up at last night's Burpple Christmas Partaye. Yes, her human dosa even came complete with chutneys! Anyways, this Masala Dosa is the ultimate. And it is huuuuge; definitely substantial for one person. I'd underestimated that and ordered their eggplant rice as well. Had to pack the rice in the end ☺️

What set this dosa apart is its crispy texture, which wasn't paper-thin and had a nice bite to it. A buttery aroma (oh gleeful ghee) permeated the entire shell which housed soft spiced potato filling, turning the humble dosa into an indulgent, and very satisfying treat.

Learnt many thing while dining here - the Super efficient and clean environment and random facts like Pudi = powder (chili powder in this case).

The chili powder in the Pudi Masala Dosa ($6) made it super shiok! But my favourite is this the normal Masala Dosa for that amazing crisp shell! Still my favourite dish here! Still so so yummy, the fragrance of the ghee come up so well (if you don't know how it's like, it actually smelt and tasted like cheese!). Perfect Dosa with perfect Masala potatoes 😌

Brinjal Rice ($6) - This was a special dish (available only on Tuesdays & Friday) was simply amazing - so so flavourful! Especially coming from me when I don't even like brinjal!

So so coming here again for more!

Masala Dosa ($6)

Finally got to try the legendary MTR that I've been hearing about non-stop in office and I AM CONVINCED!

The masala dosa is a crispy package of satisfaction, comfort and indulgence all wrapped into one! So crisp on the outside, pancake-y on the inside and dunked into the curries made for a meal that had me smiling all the way through. 😛

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