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From the Burpple community

Deserves the svc because the staff really comes out to welcome you and explain the menu

The puff is alright, not soggy at least, but obviously not crispy since it's not freshly baked. However, it is freshly piped upon order, with MSW ice cream. Pretty good quality, but there could have been more ice cream tbh

They moved from potong pasir

Chanced upon this specialty durian cafe at Jalan Besar and, true to its name, there was an impressive variety of durian desserts ranging from durian cakes to durian macaron, craquelin, puff, and even tiramisu! Lots of choices here if you're both a durian and dessert lover. While the cake was rather small, it was big on flavour from the rich MSW layers and even the vanilla sponge. Finished this in no time. My only complaint was that it could have been chilled more.

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If you are a durian lover, you will love the durian desserts at Ms Durian. Classic MSW Durian Cake is their signature, but I personally find Whisky MSW Durian Cake better. Crème Brûlée with MSW Ice-Cream is a must-order too.

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Durian ice cream is really creamy and the durian flavor is very rich. For the durian cake, it has a hint of pandan flavour taste which makes the cake not so gelat. The best durian cake I’ve eaten! Oh ya if u visit their cafe they would give you a discount voucher if you purchase from them again.

Are you a fan of Durians? If yes, you’re in for a treat this Christmas!

@msdurianpastry is celebrating the joyous occasion with a Christmas Gift Set ($168) that includes the following:
Durian Tiramisu x3 ( Christmas Special)
MSW Craquelin x6
MSW Macaron x6
D24 Craquelin x6
Durian Pudding x6

This will be an ideal gift set for all durian lovers! The Christmas Gift Set will be available from 1 Dec onwards, with a pre-order of 3 days in advance.

Ms Durian has a new home! This durian-speciality cafe has shifted from Potong Pasir to Jalan Besar, and it’s bigger than before.

An array of durian desserts is available such as Durian Ice Cream, MSW Durian Craquelin and Durian Coconut Milk Pudding.

MSW Durian Cake ($12.50/slice), is a small slice of cake with layers of durian and vanilla sponge, enrobed in Chantilly cream. For huge durian fans, this piece of cake might not satisfy your craving, cos even though you can taste the durian flesh the taste doesn’t come out too strong.

P.S: they will be having a durian vendor in the outdoor area during the season. So you can enjoy fresh durian then too!