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Oh this was a disappointment. $9.5 before GST with a bit of noodle, cant fulfil my stomach at all.
Taste wise, wasnt that bad but overall I would rather opt for Pho Viet at Joo Chiat for Bun thit nuong, Bun bo Hue at Co Hai just 2 shops away from this ($9, huge serving), Bo Kho at Long Phung only $6.5 with lots of beef, Com Tam at either Pho Viet or Joo Chiat (cheaper and huge serving)

You may wanna drop by if you’re around. The dry pho with meatballs and pork chop is nice but nothing special. I had spring roll and chicken wings as well but they are just okay.

Sliced beef noodles (can't go wrong with this!), hot & spicy beef brisket noodles (love the spiciness), fried spring roll & shrimp roll. All for $30 & I was super full even before I can finish my noods.

A mouthful to say it's name, but if you master it and take the plunge to order it you will be well rewarded. The balance of the sauce that brings together the soft chewy vermicelli noodles with the BBQ pork and spring rolls is perfect.

My go-to at Mrs. Pho is item no. M5 but this would be the dish I'd have should I feel like having something different.
A classic from southern Vietnam, the "Hu Tieu Nam Vang" features skinny strands of slightly chewy tapioca noodles in clear pork broth. The toppings are prawns, lean pork and a hard-boiled quail's egg. As with most Vietnamese dishes, this too comes with an abundance of fresh herbs. I like this with the killer chilli paste that you can find on every table at Mrs. Pho's.

Beef pho - super good, the soup base is light and tasty! Meatball - flavourful. Chicken chop rice - equally delicious. Except the papaya salad, which was a little too hard for my liking. I will return again!

Despite recommendations of their dry noodles and beef noodles (and of course, pho in general), I went for this because I love glass noodle. It looked boring buuut was surprisingly good; soup reminded me of those comforting chicken macaroni soups, while they were generous with the chicken strips. Only wished for some bean sprouts :)

Not going to start on the many painfully corny yet pho-nny pho puns (haha maybe just a couple), Mrs Pho offers some pho-bulous pho - perhaps one of the best I have tried.

Greeted by the friendly Vietnamese servers, the interior was nothing like I expected with the concrete walls and simple metal furnishings as if you have step out into a quiet back alley. And just like the uncomplicated decor, my bowl of Special Beef Combination Noodle Soup ($9.90) was wholesome and comforting.

Though I can’t say much about the authenticity as I have not been to the country, pho me, the broth was delicate and on the lighter side yet held a good depth of flavour from the sweetness of the spices. My order also comes loaded with thin and tender beef slices, meatballs, brisket, as well as a small bowl of soup with a half cooked egg on the side. Mixing everything in, it was just a solid bowl of noodles that had great texture (nice and springy), generous ingredients, an addictive savoury soup base and priced affordable. Pho-nomenal.

*Note they take cash only, learnt that the hard way.

There's a sweet, savoury fragrance to their broth. Get some of their chilli in there for a hot peppery experience that lifts the back of your palette on each sip of broth.

A comforting bowl of pho (and there are so many different variations as well, next to check out are the dry noodle and hot and spicy) and you should totally pair this with the crispy Cha Gio (2 fried pork spring rolls $3.50).

In layman's terms, this is a super umami-fied bowl of chewy noodles with heaps of protein - the perfect comfort food on a very cold day, giving you warm, homely, fuzzy vibes. Do not wait to get your bowl of noodles, this is a special item on their 3rd Anniversary Menu. #burpple #mrspho

These Nem Nuong ($3.90+ for 2 sticks) are not to be messed with. Their secret recipe pork balls definitely have won my heart, and make me constantly want to come back time and again for more.

The place is generally nice & affordable, with Beef/Chicken pho going at $9.90+ per bowl and tasting 262816282x better than those mainstream stalls (which shall not be named) and the broth is super rich & flavorful!! Other must trys include their fried spring rolls ($3.50+ for 3) and salted lemonade (this is legit damn bombz). Heard the cockles are good too but never had!! Really worth the try yet super gentle on your wallet!

Get the beef combination pho(9.9) just for the soup. Super flavourful and light it's unbelievable. Mix in lime juice and hot sauce when youre halfway thru for a completely different flavour. If i have to be honest the beef wasnt that tender but for the soup it's all worth it.

Chicken pho was also super tasty with notes of ginger and lemongrass. Chicken was tender.

The grilled pork vermicelli was our favourite of the 3 though. Well balanced sweet chili sauce, bouncy pork meatballs and sweet grilled pork. According to one of my friends, it was simply "fantabulous". If youre not in the mood for soup definitely get this.

Value for money as well with most(all?) mains below 10 before gst

Special combination beef pho ($9.90) with beef slices, brisket and meat balls. The clear broth was very light, with a slight sweetness. A simple tasty dish overall. Sadly didn't get to try the egg drop soup 'cos I was distracted and they cleared it away. The cockles fried with garlic, chilli and lard was interesting. But personally I like my see-hum bloodier, so I really prefer our local version. Also, it's kind of pricey at $7.50.

Undoubtedly one if the best pho I've had in Singapore. Good sized portion with its tasty soup (that doesn't make you too thirsty after). It is a cute little store and the interior peppered with Vietnam street-esque designs. Definitely worth a visit!

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