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A Hearty Lunch With Friends!!!

Get the beef combination pho(9.9) just for the soup. Super flavourful and light it's unbelievable. Mix in lime juice and hot sauce when youre halfway thru for a completely different flavour. If i have to be honest the beef wasnt that tender but for the soup it's all worth it.

Chicken pho was also super tasty with notes of ginger and lemongrass. Chicken was tender.

The grilled pork vermicelli was our favourite of the 3 though. Well balanced sweet chili sauce, bouncy pork meatballs and sweet grilled pork. According to one of my friends, it was simply "fantabulous". If youre not in the mood for soup definitely get this.

Value for money as well with most(all?) mains below 10 before gst

Simple, Yummy Pho

Special combination beef pho ($9.90) with beef slices, brisket and meat balls. The clear broth was very light, with a slight sweetness. A simple tasty dish overall. Sadly didn't get to try the egg drop soup 'cos I was distracted and they cleared it away. The cockles fried with garlic, chilli and lard was interesting. But personally I like my see-hum bloodier, so I really prefer our local version. Also, it's kind of pricey at $7.50.

Every Try Had Been Pho Good ($8.90)

Undoubtedly one if the best pho I've had in Singapore. Good sized portion with its tasty soup (that doesn't make you too thirsty after). It is a cute little store and the interior peppered with Vietnam street-esque designs. Definitely worth a visit!

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio
I promised myself last week that this will be my first meal this week.

I have been searching for Bun Thit Nuong (my all time favourite Vietnamese meal) in Singapore and I only just recently learnt of Mrs Pho. Yes, the setting here is catered to Singaporeans. Yes, the fish sauce is pre-mixed. And yes there isn't a buffet of vegetables at your side. But still, it's pretty damn tasty. At $9.90, I'd be sure to be back again very very soon.

Pho Bo Tai Nam ($7.90)

Broth was rich, had a good depth of flavour. You can really taste all the spices and ingredients that went into the soup. Definitely a solid bowl of pho that will warm you up any day. They were also generous with the beef slices! Order some spring rolls for a complete Vietnamese meal.

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio

It was my first time to Mrs Pho and had one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes, dry vermicellli salad with grilled pork, pork balls and fried spring roll, a separate sweet sour salty sauce was served for you to pour over and mix it all together. I asked for extra basil leafs as i really like it. Very good, if only the grilled pork were not too sweet for my liking it would had been perfect!
The cockles with garlic sauce had really nice sauce, recommended!!

Decent, but not the best Viet place

One of my favorite cuisines is Vietnamese due to the medley of spices in their food! @mrspho is a very popular dining place for simple & fuss-free Viet food along Beach Road.

Rating: 8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Pretty authentic (i feel they may have tweaked it a little to better suit our local palates). Food is tasty, especially if you enjoy stronger flavours. Fav dishes: Pork cutlet/lemongrass chicken rice, beef stew, chicken wing

Cons: Heavy MSG usage. Crowded during peak hours, may need to queue. Not a fan of the classic beef pho as the soup is a little "thin" (weak flavour from spices) and the beef is dry & chewy. Pork cutlet can get quite dry and tough sometimes, but still tasty from the marinade. Meatballs are salty and i don't really like the texture as it feels raw even though it's not.

Price: S$23.85 - pork cutlet rice, meat balls, beef stew (not pictured), 2 takeaway boxes

MRS.PHO-special beef pho-

special beef pho$9.9+salted vietnam lemonade $2.5
It's really delicious!! Highly recommend!!
This is real Vietnams restaurant and style.
But they don't have any strong smell. So there are lots of foreigners there too.

Pho Sure One Of The Best In Singapore!

Was looking for authentic pho (I.e. Not Nam Nam!) In Singapore and stumbled upon rave reviews of the pho here.
And guess what, totally NOT OVERRATED. it was really KICKASS.
Prawn spring rolls (not pictured) were densely packed with veg, prawn, vermicelli and something else I couldn't discern as I wolfed it down with the sweet sauce and pickles provided. 2 thick, dense rolls for just 3.50. Why the hell not?
Deep fried spring rolls were good too - served with tangy chilli - but I preferred the fresh. Still, worth ordering.
And of course, the beef mixed pho (8.90), with sliced beef parts and beef balls and served (to my surprise, should I have been surprised?) With an additional small bowl of soup and a lovingly barely-cooked egg. The pho soup was sweet but not overwhelmingly, light and fresh, perfectly complemented by the onions and greens they leave at the top. Really outstanding. Perfect if you're feeling under the weather.
The soup bowl with egg was another story altogether - the soup was sweeter and I chose to drink the egg separately. Great stuff.

Ok basically this place is the bomb ok. Do give it a try. Wish I'd gotten a vietnamese coffee for just 3 bucks though.

So Pho So Good

Aside for the terrible pun, there's nothing terrible about this humble Combination Beef Noodle Soup for $8.90. Their chili is also not to be toyed with as it'll bite back with a fiery kick for you spicy lovers.

Cha Gio - Fried Pork Spring Roll ($3)
Very interesting entree dish as I usually had fillings of vegetables instead of meat in fried spring roll.

My first try & kinda find it too meaty & heavy as it was indeed sturdily & firmly stuffed with pork meat. 😁
Nem Nuong - Hanoi Pork Meat Balls ($3.50)
Indeed Mamma's Secret Recipe as described in the menu as I could not figure out the unique but pleasant taste when I bite into the juicy meat ball. The dip to go with this dish was thick & had a strong flavor which I could accept. Another first try for me.
Da Chanh - Homemade Iced Lemonade ($2)
Sinh To (Bo) - Avocado Smoothie ($4.50)
Refreshing drinks complimenting the satisfying meal

Pho Bo Tai ($7.90)
Sliced Beef Noodle Soup.

Delicious to the max. Super tender thinly sliced beef soaked in the rich & sweet broth. Fantastic warm meal on a cooling raining Friday afternoon.

Authentic Pho In SG

Top: Assam Seafood noodles at $8.90
Bottom: Chicken pho at $7.90

Love the soup base of the chicken pho and the texture of the flat noodles, the shredded chicken meat is normal.. prefer it to be more tender. Although not exactly the same as the good ones in Vietnam, this is almost as good. #BurppleCheapNGood

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio ($7.90)

Decided to revisit Mrs Pho after reading Tastemaker @veronicaphua's review on this dish, which happens to be my fav Viet dish of all time. Boy, did it live up to expectations! All the components were well-executed: Pork loin was flavourful and sufficiently tender, the herb-studded meat balls juicy, pork spring roll (cha gio) nice and crispy, and the noodles were springy as can be. Will be back to try the other Viet specialties I spied on the menu: Bun Mam, Banh Canh Cua...

Stepping into this space transported us right into the heart of Vietnam.

From the densely-arranged interior to the metal tables & stools, the rustic branding of this pho shop was executed on point. It's not simply a facade though, with its Vietnamese waitstaff and steady buzz of activity, we could be sure that we'd be getting some pretty authentic food here. And we were right! The stewed beef noodles ($7.90) packed a punch with its savory broth, and a few squeezes of lime added an appetizing boost. Level up by dabbing some of that potent chilli on the side on the tender beef for a fiery kick! #burpple #foodporn #foodspotting #vietnamese

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