802 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198770

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12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

($10) I ordered Hojicha w toasted sesame seeds + Cookie Butter Crunch (premium - $1) I literally returned back for their ice cream after 2 years ago? but then my sister suggested to go back for other ice cream flavour and especially her favourite flavour - soursop mint. This round of time, I decided to order two different flavour instead of usual ones. hmmm cookie butter crunch was quite good tbh and savoury taste but also hojicha w toasted black sesame is something that I wanted to try this previously but they didn't come back for a while. But it's kinda weird that hojicha didn't mixed well toasted black sesame tbh. I did managed to taste black sesame towards the end.

This. Was. So. Good!!! Was at a lost for what flavor to order but eventually settled on this because it sounded like it would be a very pleasant combi! The most prominent flavor would be the sage and the brown butter probably added more depth. The whole ice cream also had solidified brown butter bits in it which was interesting

Brown Butter Sage, Burnt White Chocolate

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Caramelised butter gelato mixed with sage

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CNY Special

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- Brown butter sage -
The husband and I thought this sounded interestingly sophisticated and we decided to give this a try! It would have been helpful if the flavour tags also includes a short description of the flavour profile given how innovative some of the flavours are. Unfortunately, there wasnt. We based our decision on what we thought was special, unique, and frequently appeared on reviews.

Texture wise, brown butter sage was creamy, thicc, with bits of mouthfeel from the lil' beads of sage (?) There were reddish brown and green dots in the ice cream, looking kinda christmas-y. While it added to the mouthfeel, there isn't any signifcant taste to it. Taste-wise, the beige-y ice cream appeared promising of brown/caramelized butter flavour but it wasnt prominent. The ice cream base tasted somewhat like sweet cream and nowhere close to 'butter' - I guess that's good in a way as it wouldn't be too cloying to finish on your own!

- Burnt white chocolate -
Burnt caramel (not a fan!) is commonly heard of but definitely not burnt white chocolate! I decided to give it a try - hoping it would take me by surprise. I'd expected it to be a heavy, strong flavoured ice cream given the white chocolate base and 'burnt' element but it turned out to be rather well balanced. In face, I think it's 'lighter' than the brown butter sage ice cream. The white chocolate ice cream tasted pretty much like a milk/cream-based ice cream. The 'white chocolate' profile did not come through strongly (I was... expecting something dense, like Cadbury's Dream white chocolate/Nestle milky bar!) but overall tasted rather decent. There were crunchy cookie-lookalike bits within the ice cream - we're not too sure what that was but biting into each one of them led to a burst of 'burnt' fragrance in the mouth! It was pretty... wow! We were pleasantly surprised that the 'burnt' element was executed in such form and pleasantly surprised that there wasnt any bitter notes to it's taste (unlike burnt caramel). The 'burnt' aroma, as ironical as it sounds, definitely impressed us.

We had our ice cream served in waffle cone - the husband was lured by the aroma of the herb-infused cone, reminiscent of the thyme cones from B.O.P. Quality wise, they're on par in comparison - very crunchy, very fragrant! We loved the innovative, adventurous flavours and agreed the flavours were enjoyed a lil' more with each mouthful - acquired taste I guess? Definitely not for those who prefer to stick to good ol' mainstream flavours.