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Reviews at Meet & Melt (*SCAPE)

Reviews of good food at Meet & Melt (*SCAPE)
Probably one of the most iconic places to grab a honey toast or lava toast a year ago.

This hazelnut honey toast sure hits the sweet spot for me! I loved it! The aunty is always so friendly despite it being 20 minutes to closing time on a Tuesday night.
It's quite sad to see this place so empty nowadays, walked by it several times on weekdays and weekends. Charging a few cents for wet tissue and cutlery isn't the norm but I guess Meet & Melt does what they can to run a business.
Overall I think the hype has died down but the desserts are still good! Do check them out at scape!!! Or the tampines outlet which is having a 30% discount in the month of April, check out their fb page 😱

All Time Dessert !

Not only is it making your feed nice, it also taste as good as it looks!! Although priced at 16.90, but a definite YES to you to give it a go. The unique waffles and design with nicely decorated plate and I'll sure return for it!!

Charcoal Toast~ [$14.90]

Charcoal Lava Toast with Salted Egg Sauce & Cookie Monster Ice Cream. Simple & tasty~

[Meet & Melt]
Craving something sweet today?

Head to meet & melt and try their Thai Milk Tea Lava Toast! Sugary sweet toasted bread with a Thai milk tea lava flow, and cookies and cream ice cream by the side. 😳
I do wish the lava was a bit thicker though! Could be our personal preference! πŸ€—
Damage would be about $15.90 πŸ’Έ and this place is located at Scape. β€’
Have a good day everyone! Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meal with us! We want to know what you are eating today!🍚🍜🍡
#lava #icecream #bread #sweet #sgfoodies #sgfoodtrend

Dessert first, dinner later.

😁 Thick lava toast & ice cream treat~ πŸ˜‹ Never expect myself to like their savoury toast so much too!

Not for me

SCAPE branch: Popular dessert shop @meetandmelt with a wide array of insta-worth desserts! Famous for their lava toasts, ice creams and dessert drinks. Didn't enjoy it and felt that it was way overrated. I think due to the hype, was expecting much better but was left disappointed. Prefer to spend my calories on smth else instead.

Rating: 4/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No

Pros: The toast is not oily and lava filling isn't too sweet. Ice-cream was rich and strong in flavour!

Cons: Long-waiting time. From the raves, i was expecting better toast - more crisp and buttery. This was thick and chewy. The lava filling was too diluted and watery. Ice-cream i had was delicious but extremely sweet. In fact one of the sweetest i've had in awhile. Staffs are youngsters - impatient type.

Price: S$14.90 (?) Thai milk tea toast and sauce with dark choc ice cream

Mentaiko Lava Toast

Best mentaiko dish! However, advice to share it between two person!

Raclette Cheese Toast [$18.90]
The smell of cheese was really strong.

For people who doesn't like strong smell of melting cheese might be turned off by it but the when it comes to eating it, it isn't as bad as you think. Imagine eating pizza, it's pretty much the same. Definitely a good experience for me. πŸ€—

Lava toasttt, $14.50

Have never tried their Matcha flavoured icecream and I've finally tried it and it was SO GOOD. Matcha taste was really strong. Feels like their icecream have became harder and doesnt melt that easily anymore β€ΌοΈπŸ’―

Waffles Over The Top

This beautiful dessert is made up of 4 pieces of waffles, each of different flavour - Thai milk tea, pandan, red velvet and charcoal. Together with one scoop of ice cream of your choice, one ice cream cone, one lollipop and two candy canes. It's just too pretty that you don't know how to destroy it!

Raclette Cheese Toast

The staff serves the toast to your table and then scrapes the cheese onto the warm toast. The next moment you notice is that the cheese starts to melt and gets gooey! The combination was sinful yet awesome!

Meet & Melt

Lava toast with different filling flavours to choose from, chose the ferrero rocher and it was nt bad plus bubblegum icecream which it was rlly nice. the combination is like warm and cold plus its rlly yummy!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
price was $14.90 if im nt wrong.
wide variety of ice creams to choose from!! 😁😁

Melty burst.

We had the charcoal lava toast with salted egg sauce. $14.90

Was it becoz of the combi? Hits and misses. Was really anticipating prior and felt pretty disappointed.
Toast was not crispy and was pretty hard unfortunately. Only the ice cream saved the day.

#meetnmelt #scape #sgeats #orchard #sweets #desserts #shibuyatoast

[jellyζ˜ŸζœŸδΈ‰] Mentaiko Charcoal Lava Toast $14.90 Single Ice cream scoop $3.20 (Premium +$1.00) ❣ Mentaiko fillings was smooth and creamy.

Initially I thought it would be too jelat but it's proven to be not. The pairing of mentaiko filling with the sweet toast was brilliant as the bread neutralizes the saltiness. Torched mentaiko on top was rather salty so I don't recommend you to just taste it alone. Our chosen ice cream was Sea Salt Gula Melaka and it was yummy! ❣ On my next visit, I shall try their CURRY version lava toast! ❣Let's MEET & MELT together!!
πŸ“ Meet and Melt
2 Orchard Link
Scape, Unit 02-33/34
Singapore 237978
Opens daily 1pm - 10pm

Lava Toast in Town!

Charcoal Toast w Ferrero Rocher Sauce and one scoop of Vanilla icecream, $14.90.

A more convenient place to eat a Lava toast! And it really is pretty good, living up to its reputation! βœ¨πŸ‘πŸ» Place isn't very crowded but take a lil while for toast to be out! Crispy and filling even for 2 person!

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