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Kuromitsu Softserve

Kuromitsu Softserve ($5.90)

Last day for this gem @matchayasg ! Definitely sweeter than most flavours since it's kuromitsu after all but one of my favourite flavours to-date! Loved that they also sprinkled kuromitsu powder throughout the swirls as it added a slight change in texture! Catch it before it's gone!

Kuromitsu Soft Serve 🍦 ($5.90)

Another delightful creation, it's like they have a list of all my favourite Japanese flavours and are slowly ticking them off. 😛

Deep, smooth and super flavourful, it's exactly what I imagined it to be – almost like a refined gula Melaka. Today's its last day so make sure you rush down to try it before it's gone, we hear they have a brand new flavour tomorrow taking over it! 🙌


Finally visited and tried the highly raved softserve at Matchaya and we had a regular cup of Matcha and Kuromitsu Softserve to share.Kuromitsu was the mystery flavour for the week and it was a very sweet dessert, great for the sweet tooths around! 6/10 The Matcha flavour was bitter in comparison. 5/10 We are not sure if the bitterness was amplified after the extra sweetness though. It was a great match when eaten together nevertheless! Kae was disappointed that we could not try the Houjicha flavoured Softserve as it is only available at their outlet at The Cathay. $5.90, +$1 for mixing flavours

Sakura Softserve

I swear, Matchaya never fails to surprise me with new flavours which just pump me up too much that I literally ran down after finding out they served this for this week's special. Personally, I felt that their Sakura flavour was a lot more sweeter as compared to their regular flavours, but it still had a very subtle Sakura taste to it. Get your hands on it before it disappears with the season! 🌸

Sakura soft serve

Having a light floral taste, the mystery flavour for this week is a nice dessert to have and it tastes good too!

Matcha Soft Serve ($5.90)

One of the richest, most flavourful matcha desserts I've had. Soft serve was rich and creamy, did not melt quickly, and it wasn't too sweet - so it doesn't feel to overwhelming.

| 🍦
It's Swirling my Heart,
Round and Round。 ...

Soft serve ice cream - $5.9
Mixed flavour +$1
Mystery flavour - Kinako (roasted soy bean)
Regular flavour - Matcha

Genmaicha Softserve


Cheers to the weekend with the most underrated flavor @matchayasg !

Shiratama genmaicha parfait

I love genmaicha (roasted brown rice green tea) and had to make a trip down when I found out it's this week's mystery flavour. It's so fragrant I even could smell the genmaicha before I ate it too 😍

This should be a familiar name for many Matcha lovers.

A collaboration with Neh Neh Pop, this Cha Cha Pop ($8) from @matchayasg makes me go Ga Ga Pop. I just like to think of it as an atas Japanese equivalent of Magnum.
The outer shell consisting of black molasses and houjicha feuilletine and matcha dip with toasted sesame adds the crunchy kick to the rich, creamy matcha ice cream. Can this matcha heaven open another outlet in the east, please?

Matcha/Kinako Parfaits

I always enjoy matchaya's soft serves because of their quality and how close it is to a taste of Japan. I really love their kinako soft serve because it's so unique and so delicious!

i thought i've had good soft serves...

I got the kinako kuromitsu ($9.90) with a mix of this week's mystery flavour and matcha (+$1 for mix), which is pretty pricey for a dessert. So I was chiding myself about how I should've spent the money better, but the moment I took a bite all the monetary and caloric regrets went away. The kinako flavour is fragrant, nutty, and sweet. The soft serve is so thick and creamy, and it doesn't melt into watery disappointment like a sanum does. I didn't appreciate the shiratama (round mochi balls) but the warabi mochi are pretty good because they're softer and tastier from a coating of nutty soybean powder. The matcha flavour's a little too bitter for my liking, but you can tell it's made from quality matcha and I see why the flavour has its fans. The matcha soft serve has a more intense and noticeable flavour than the kinako, and goes well with the sweet azuki paste and crunchy rice thingys in the bottom of the parfait as the add-ons mitigate some of the bitterness. Overall, the flavours are amazing and combination of textures are on point - guess I have to be grateful it's so out of the way for me and this expensive, or I'd be here every other week at least. p.s. @matchaya please make kinako a permanent flavour tq

So happy that kinako was still in stock this week 😍 and I'm officially a fan of @matchayasg because I purchased their stored value card hehe 🤘🏼the Kinako Kuromitsu parfait ($9.90) was simply a combination made in heaven!

Layered roasted soybean soft serve interspersed with crunchy rice crisps, smooth, puréed azuki and topped with Shirotama and Warabi Mochi coated with kinako powder. Matchaya does an incredible job with its roasted flavours, and with its delicious smokey aroma, Kinako is definitely one of my favourites in their collection! #matchayasg #softserve #burpple

Chestnut & Matcha Soft Serve

Light chestnut sweet flavor complements with the slight bitter taste from matcha.

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