[CLOSED] Matchaya (Icon Village)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *

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From the Burpple community

Tried the Chocolate Float with Matcha Soft Serve in October 2018!

I feel that Matchya has the best matcha softserve in Singapore because out of all the matcha softserves I've had so far, their softserve has the strongest matcha flavour and is not too sweet.

The chocolate taste in the drink is mild, so you may be disappointed if you like richer-tasting chocolate. I wouldn't get this again but I'd still come here for the matcha softserve!

I'm sad that Matchaya at Icon Village closed down recently, but they still have an outlet at the Cathay!


Dark chocolate tart base topped with lotsa purple goodness that was made fromsweet potato puree and chantilly cream. Subtle and fragance sweet potato taste that is not too sweet. Surprising factor was the sweet potato meat that was hidden within the tart base after when it was cut open. The topping ball was actually sweet potato too, with a small slice of white chocolate to finish off the pleasing presentation!


Very creamy and thick in flavour, a little bit gelat at the end but it was still good!


There is no other place in SG that serves Matcha soft serve as thick as Matchaya. But if you like your desserts sweet then you might find this abit too bitter for you.

The parfait comes with some red bean and some cereal as well as 2 types of mochi.

Overall a satisfying dessert and super worth especially with Beyond!!


considering that i recently went on a trip to japan, matchaya’s green tea ice cream honestly tasted better than many that i’ve tried in there. the matcha flavour is really intense and i like that it’s not too sweet! i used the burpple 1-for-1 deal, which came with drinks that i felt didn’t stand out much.

One of the most "authentic" matcha desserts I've ever tried. Unlike other "matcha" which is often too sweet, the soft serve here is the perfect combination of tea leaf's bitterness and sweetness. The jelly like mochi are more impressive than the chewy mochi since the chewy ones do not really have any signature flavour. The ricepuff is an interesting add-on at the bottom of the parfait though it can be a little too sweet when combined with red bean paste. Overall, it is worthy of the money we spend and I'm definitely coming back for more!