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Singapore 089109

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11:30am - 03:00pm
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Reviews at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Reviews of good food at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant
It's worth the queue

Reached at 6 (opening time) queued for an hour, and finished out food in 30 mins but it was worth it 💦
They ran out of tamagoyaki (the replaced with with some spinach) so instead go ordering the medium I went for the Hitsumabushi at $26.80+. I dont really fancy unagi but this really changed my mind. 👐🏼

Hitsumabushi ($26.80) 🍱
⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️
🍴Finally got down to joining the ever-crazy queue for this unagi and it was #worththewait !

Live eel is cut and grilled right before one's eyes (not for the weak to watch), making every piece of unagi heavenly goodness. A mix of tender soft flesh with crispy char-grilled skin, the unagi here is a notch above anything we've tried. The dish we ordered allowed us to sample unagi in 3 ways (original, dried & soup) & each version was uniquely enjoyable. We esp liked the dried pairing of unagi with fresh wasabi, seaweed & spring onions as they added texture and enhanced the unagi flavour.
⚠️ Best time to go would be before 5.35pm to make the first seating when it opens at 6pm. I arrived at 5.20pm and was the first person in the queue. Do also prepare umbrella/ hats & water in case of sunny hot weather as there is minimal shade in the queue
📍Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, 1 Keong Saik Road #01-01, S089109

Weekends done right.

There's really no time where Man Man doesn't come with a snaking line of people waiting, the key is to have good company and going when it isn't so HOT OUTSIDE.

That being said, the unagi is so worth the wait. Freshly grilled with zero fishiness, it goes so well with the fresh wasabi. Get the hitsumabushi. There are 3 sizes available and while the medium (shown, $26.80) is usually sufficient for me, I'd usually end up wanting to have the large one because it's just so good. 😅

Homemade Mentaiko

My dear friend, Phoebe, raves about this I definitely must go at least once in my lifetime even though i don't usually eat unagi. The wait to get into the restaurant was soooo long that i was starving by the time we got in.

Verdict: 😍 Its awesomelicious!!!
Its GIAM (salty) but not over the top (or maybe i was wayy to hungry that i could just eat it). It was a beautiful match with the unagi. Definitely not mean to eat it buy itself! But u will cause they look so yummy! Be prepared to WAIT a significant amount of time if ur not one of the 1st 30 customers!! However, it is worth the wait!

| 🍱
One of the Best Unagi Don ever、
It's even in Spore Michelin Bib Gourmand List! ...

Hitsumabushi - $26.80
Unagi Don with Spices & Dashi broth
Comes with miso soup and pickles and fresh wasabi
The long Q outside maybe a turn off, BUT, the food served inside is worth the wait. It's recently listed in Singapore Michelin Bib Gourmand List 2017 and the Q only gets longer
Fresh Unagi are char-grilled to crispy on the outside while retaining the juiciness on the inside. Already dipped in gravy, you may also add more Unagi sauce over your Don to provide more flavours
This set comes with broth for you to enjoy with the Do with a different feel. The other highlight is fresh wasabi provided for the set, for you to grind at own desire. Freshly grinned wasabi are less spicy and with a light sweet taste, a must try
Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

Large Hitsumabushi

Being listed as the Bib Gourmand of Michelin Guide Singapore 2017, there is no doubt to the quality of charcoal-grilled Unagi here. What keeps foodies come back for more, is their mouth-watering Unagi that has that little bit of crisp and the enormous original flavour of the seafood. Typically, you can eat this Large Hitsumabushi set (S$35.80) either with broth poured over (as a sort of porridge), or with the condiments such as sauces and fresh self-grated wasabi. Or be like me, to just alternate between these two ways to savour the best taste of heavenly Unagi.

But just to be very clear, even though this is a trending, popular and award-deserving restaurant, please do not assume that the small bones in the Unagi are negligible. Even if the queue out there adds stress to you, it's better to play safe and appreciate the food slowly, carefully and safely.

To beat the queue, go very early or request for takeaway and picnic somewhere.

Unagi Don

Queued for almost 2 hours for this ! Worth the effort though! ❤️

Medium Unagi Don

Price: $25.80+ The unagi was really soft and crispt but i had to wait for more than an hour.

Large Hitsumabushi ($35.80++) is really no joke.

Roasted on the outside and tender on the inside. Got to be the best unagi bowl I've eaten so far.

Hitsumabushi ($26.80)

Definitely the best unagi rice bowl in Singapore! The eel is lightly crisp on the outside, with pillowy-soft meat. Add a delicious sweet sauce, freshly grated wasabi and dashi broth, and you have a superstar 🌟 can't wait for my next visit!

Medium Unagi Set

The unagi was grilled to it's perfect crispiness and the sauce was just right, not too salty. Queued for 30mins on a Sat noon, totes worth it!!!

Seasonal item now available.

Fiery squids is in the house! Together with the oh so crispy and smokey unagi. Oishī!

ひつまぶし Hitsumabushi

Unagi Don with spices and dashi

Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide Singapore 2017)

For Unagi Lovers

Finally tried the unagi here... all i can say is OISHII! The unagi is grilled to perfection, so tender and melts in your mouth!


This was soooo good??!😍 TASTE: 8/10 Also they serve fresh wasabi where you had to grate it yourself how cool is that! But I must say, the queue is really too long (waited 1hr20min from 650pm) for this, wouldn't mind queuing 30min to taste this bowl of goodness😍 MY ADVICE: QUEUE EARLY, AVOID PEAK HOURS. Worth a try!!

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