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11:30am - 03:00pm
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What you should order at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik)

You should order this at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik)

Reviews at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik)

Reviews of good food at Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant (Keong Saik)

Those who don't like the fishy, slimy and muddy smell/ taste of eel aka unagi, fret not coz at Man Man, u don't smell or taste the above 3 things. Its simply Delicious! Its not too salty nor oily. The shop offers 3 types of sauce on the table: spicy, unagi and sweet. I like the spicy and unagi best. I ordered the regular Hitsumabushi set which comes with a soup, spring onions, dashi stock and fresh wasabi. You can eat it in 3 ways. 1st: with the sauce, 2nd: withe the spring onions and wasabi and 3rd, like "porridge:; just swop some rice & unagi to your bowl and add the dashi stock and wow la! U have rice with soup.
I like the broiled unagi as a side order (the price is close to the amt of its broiled or grilled till the edges are brwon n crisp whereas the unagi in the Hitsumabushiis soft n melts in your mouth

Finally managed to join in the hype! Queued about 1hr 15mins for this, but the food came really quickly so all's good! Ordered the Hitsumabushi (grilled unagi, or freshwater eel, over rice). Apparently we're supposed to eat this 4 ways: 1st portion as normal, 2nd portion mixed with the condiments and seasonings provided, 3rd portion with the dashi (they even give you wasabi to grate yourself!), 4th portion any way you like.
I know some people don't fancy unagi because it can taste quite fishy if not cooked well. Don't worry, this isn't the case here! The eel is de-boned pretty well and grilled to a tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Which already brings it to a level of sophistication higher than your typical unagi dons! Really can't imagine eating even fresher versions in Nagoya itself.
Anyway, I was very impressed with the rice too, REALLY very soft and fragrant. All in all, I would say, do give this place a try. It's good.

Food arrived very quickly after ordering, which was great.

Sitting at the counter gave us a front view seat of how they prepare and grill the unagi. Got caught videoing the chef's efficient killing of the eels. 🙈


FINALLY TRIED THE FAMOUS HITsumabushi set from man man unagi.

It's as good as what the other reviewers say. No complaints 👍👍👍 Unagi grilled to perfection, glad the standard didn't drop due to popularity.

#tip #solodiners - I reached at 11am on Sat. Queued for 30minutes and went in at 1130. No counter seats left so I shared a table with another solo diner. It's an eat-and-go place so no awkwardness #fretnot

Some people are put off by the meat which can taste a little slimy in the usual rendition.

Man Man, by Teppei of the famed Teppei at Orchid Hotel, created queues at it's Keong Siak outlet when it opened and made the queue worst when they got a Michelin Bib Gourmand later.
The item that made everyone return is the hitsumabushi, which essentially is unagi atop rice, edible in 3 different ways. 1. On it's own, 2. With condiments like negi and wasabi, 3. With dashi/tea

However, unagi is supposed to be meaty and fat so it complements the rice and egg well in una-ju, which wasn't the case here. Even the one I had at Hirokawa at Arashiyama doesn't come out as thin as these.

Maybe this level of crispiness works for the folks I mentioned in the first place.

#manmanunagi #unaju #うなぎ #うなぎ丼 #ひつまぶし #burpple #burpplesg

Freshly grilled unagi and rice is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Aside from the usual methods of eating, they also give you a cute kettel of dashi stock to make your own ochazuke.

The waits are still long at keong saik so maybe you can try their new outlet at bugis which promises a shorter waiting time (at the moment)

In frame is Unatama, which is Man Man’s small portion for unagi. The unagi itself is slightly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, which will kind of blow ur mind away because of its fragrant unagi sauce too 🙌🏼 I surely dont mind going back there again!
💲: $20.50++

Charred bits of the eel made the dish extra special! Loved it with lots of unagi sauce (in a pot at the side of table)

Oh man, I finally made it to the crazily popular joint for Japanese eel.
Got to be honest - I ain’t no fan of this freshwater fish. Have always found the flesh a little too “muddy” in taste. However, Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant does serve up a pretty good one. I’m sure it has everything to do with the eels being pulled out of the water, slaughtered and grilled over charcoal within a space of a few minutes. There’s also the fact that fresh G.I.Y. (grate-it-yourself) wasabi root is included as an accompanying condiment.
I ordered the large portion (but of course 😂) of the Nagoya-style Hitsumabushi set. Customers are recommended a 4-step journey to best enjoy it, of which the third step is my favourite as it involves pouring a clear dashi stock into the bowl of eel and rice. I thought it was delicious with plenty of wasabi and spring onions mixed in.

Man Man Unagi Restaurant’s Hitsumabushi [$29.50+] - the eel are freshly cut and grilled with house-made tare glaze, the soft meat and slightly charred skin literally melt in the mouth.

Unagi with rice - Each thickly-sliced piece of unagi is delicate and savoury, with a good amount of fat that makes the unagi melt in your mouth. The unagi is succulent and well seasoned.

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BUT, friends found it way hot with uncomfortable bar stool. It was VERY cramped, so I gave up sitting down and ended up standing (till they gave me another seat). The DUO branch has an in-house exclusive of “DUO Unagi” ($39.40+) in which a bowl contains both Tokutoku Kabayaki (seasoned with Unagi sauce) and Tokutoku Shirayaki (broiled and seasoned with salt). Seems on the expensive side, and the broiled eel wasn’t as impressive as the grilled pieces.

Oh well.

Perfectly grilled unagi with a layer of lightly caramelised crispy skin. Pair it with freshly grated wasabi, seaweed, spring onions to enhance the unagi flavours. Pour the light dashi broth stock into the rice to give it more flavour.

$30 for a well portion with generous amount of unagi - crispy outside soft inside:) if have spare cash - pay day lunch idea!

Finally had the patience today to stand in the light rain to queue to try the freshly grilled #unagi #unagidon as well as the salted shirayaki and eel #tamagoyaki
It’s so good, it’s #worththequeue 😋😆

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