[CLOSED] Maguro-Donya Miura-Misaki-Kou Sushi & Dining (Suntec City)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou serves fresh Maguro (tuna) & seafood dishes daily, directly flown from Misaki Port, Japan. As Maguro (tuna) wholesaler, Maguro Donya manages the entire process – direct from the sea or from the fishermen’s hands to the dining table. All the freshest Maguro (tuna) and seafood will be best enjoyed at affordable prices.

3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-314 Suntec City Mall Eat At Seven
Singapore 038983

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Went to this shop just for otoro and at first they told us that otoro was out of stock. Imagine the disappointment on our faces πŸ˜… guess they saw that and somehow told us they could get us this o-toro don set. Glad we tried it and it was such melt-in-the-mouth goodness. Don't think I ever tried such fatty tuna before. Even the rice has the vinegar-y taste and all was so legit. Miso soup was not too saltish and the tea was awesome. Good place for birthday celebrations πŸ₯³

I think I just found my favourite tuna place in Singapore! Literally every piece of food there that I put into my mouth makes me πŸ₯Ί

This rice bowl consisted of the thick & succulent slices of the best cut of maguro; Otoro, Chutoro, Akami & Negitoro, served on a bed of really nice textured Japanese rice. This is definitely my favourite.

Apart from this special rice bowl, we also ordered the 5-cut maguro sushi set which we really love as well, 1 of each sushi to experience sushi with premium cut of tuna.

Lastly, we ordered the maguro gunkun that was on promo, 2 pcs for the price is really worth it, until we started adding uni & ikura. Given the amount of uni & ikura, I would say it is not even worth the additional. So, don’t make the mistake we made.
Special Maguro Don Set $44.90++
5-Cut Hon Maguro Sushi Set $29.90++
Maguro Gunkun $9.90++

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Mixed diced sashimi don served with salad, fruit slices, miso. Free flow hot/cold tea. Wouldn't doubt a sashimi specialty restaurant for its freshness. Worthy.

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Fresh selection for tuna lovers. Value for money considering the high quality of its cuisine. Recommended!

Maguro 5 cuts sashimi: Otoro (extra fatty belly), Chutoro (fatty belly), Hon Akami (lean meat, top loin), Kamatoro (back cheek) and Toumi (head)

So good & fresh, probably the closest to what you can get in Japan here in Singapore πŸ˜‹