A bespoke French Cakery that customize your dream wedding & celebratory cakes using finely-curated ingredients with NO premixes & artificial flavorings.

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Aptly named, Sunkissed is made with pink guava, light cheese and normandy sable.

This dessert is really light, downright delicious and not overly sweet and goes for $20.70 with a specially curated tea flavour that enhances the overall flavour of the dessert. I also really enjoyed the sour plum flavoured sugar decoration which fit well into the 'summer theme' and also added another level of taste to the dessert!
This is part of their summer dessert collection which will be there until sometime this October.


1982 White Lime from Mad About Sucre's newly-launched summer menu.

The Tilda Swinton-glacial, vanilla ice cream-esque creation - the wispy cake element was as relevant as a spleen to the performance - contained a lime gel at its core which was more smile than wince. 3.7/5

1982 White Lime

Mad About Sucre releases its new collection for summer today; the theme for this summer is surrounded around their memories of summer in 1982.

The 1982 White Lime features elements such as Lime, Lemon, White Rum, Mint, Citrus Sponge and White Chocolate. The dimensions of flavours are pretty evident here; the core reveals a rather sourish note that can be pretty strong on first taste, but the flavours get cut off and gets really refreshing especially from the mint as it moves away to the white chocolate shell, rounding off all the flavours pretty well. Served at a specific temperature, the dessert is meant to be served chilled with the insides slightly frozen. Yet another intricately executed dessert that plays well on both flavours and textures from Mad About Sucre — things that they just seem to naturally do so well in.


Another dessert that is off their latest collection that is inspired by their memories of summer in the year 1982. The E.Ti serves as a dessert that pays tribute to the blockbuster movie E.T. which was released in the year 1982, with the item shaped to be of the UFO in which E.T. travelled in.

Being a dessert that carries elements such as Cold-Dripped Espresso Coffee, Dark Chocolate, Chopped Organic Almonds, Spanish Mandarin Orange, Nut Sponge Chantilly Cream, this is an item I found rather pleasing for folks who love chocolate-orange combinations. The Spanish Mandarin Orange cream and mousse comes covered in the cold-dripped espresso coffee mousse; it comes pretty tangy but not overly sour here, while the chocolate elements strike a balance with its soothing and adequate level of sweetness with elements such as the chocolate disc and almonds that help to add a crunch to the various smooth mousse within the cake. As usual, a good play of classic flavour combinations with a twist whilst taking into consideration the overall texture of the dessert at the same time.

flavours of spring 🌷🌺🌹🌼

Saveur De Printemps ($12.80) consists of Russian earl grey-apricot cream, earl grey mousse, and savoire sponge with a clementine and grapefruit inner filling. The earl grey definitely stood out, being very prominent and fragrant (reminded me of milk tea), while the fruit components prevented the mouse from being too rich. There was a certain sort of elegance to the way the delicate, mellow flavours intertwined, making this particular cake a memorable one.

flavours of spring 🌷🌺🌹🌼

The ethereal-looking Castile ($12.80) consists of yogurt mousse and honey sponge, with a spring lychee jelly and compote (rhubarb, strawberry & blueberry) encased within, topped off with a white chocolate feather and a tiny gold leaf. This was light and refreshing, with a silky texture. Loved how the fruity inner filling complemented the yogurt, while providing a nice tangy touch.

Pistachio Cake

Made out of 100% pistachio 🐛 This cake is both light & fragrant at the same time! Definitely one for those pistachio or nut lovers! :) Best to indulge w a pot of Mad About Sucre's special blended teas for the ultimate dessert & tea pairing combination 💖

Saveurs de Printemps, @madaboutsucre.

What a combination - a sliver of sponge, the lilting notes of Earl Grey and a hint of chocolate. We're round the tail end of spring, but this is a nice reminder of that balmy time. (Not that we really have it here.)

The most insta-worthy dessert😍
Vibrum [$12.80]
// Pistachios, sour cherry mousse & confit, pistachio tuile

If you are a fan of pistachios too, then you'll definitely not want to miss this. So nutty, fragrant & delicious-ly good! This is my favourite among the two..

You can either taste the pistachio part alone or pair it together with the sour cherry mousse for a slightly sweet & tart flavour & pistachio tuile for extra crunchy. It is very well-balanced, everything was totally on point. Needless to say, well done. I can't wait to head back for the rest of the desserts☺️


Castile [$12.80]
// So classy, elegant-looking & delicate😍
Pinky promise💓 A very light-weight dessert, without the guilt & the calories!

Consist of light yogurt mousse, jelly of spring lychee, compote of strawberry, rhubabrd, lychee, blueberry, honey sponge and white chocolate feather.
So yummy & totally refreshing! You may opt to do a tea pairing with your desserts too! For this, it is paired with Rose Tea..

I love how meticulous they are in serving their customers & upon serving, they will give a short introduction about their desserts.
@madaboutsucre definitely brought dining experience to the next level! Service is impeccable ☺️💓👍🏻


Jardin du Masslalot
The recreation of the classic creme brûlée.

Light creamy custard dotted with vanilla beans, crackling caramel crust and seasonal fruits soaked in 5 different liquor.
No wonder this one of the permanent fixtures at @madaboutsucre
Monster fell in love at the first bite.
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #madaboutsucre

Viburum - Pistachios, Sour cherry mousse & confit, Pistachio tuile.

I ❤️ pistachios! So this was a shoo in for favorite cake of this season. With its strong robust flavors and slightly sweet and tart cherry mousse cut through the richness.
Monster has so much love for Nuts 😁!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #madaboutsucre

What makes a fab Sunday ?


That's by having the flavorful Castile ( $12.80 ) from @madaboutsucre new spring cake collection 🤤

Anemone - the arrival of the first spring winds
Light tropical mousse, confit of pineapple, milk chocolate disk, hazelnut chantilly & vanilla choux sponge.

What I love about this is the refreshing pineapple that brightens up the entire flavor palette! The ginger candy cuts through the creamy rich layers with a lick of heat and spice.
Monster likes his tropical fruits!
#hungryhungrymonster #burpple #madaboutsucre

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