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Some say this is bali best crossiant! Indeed!Worthwhile set at 50k rp nett

Livingstone was the kind of F&B cafes I always dream of. Upon entering you’d be greeted by an alluring display of their balibestcroissant (also the wifi password here *protip*) and other bakes.
Sadly on our second visit our pancakes could be parked under the category “no mediocre pancakes maple syrup can’t solve (ie make tasty)”
I’d gladly stick to their bakes, croissants and maybe other items the next time I’m here 😬

The onslaught of Bali backlog brews but first and foremost comes Livingstone - the kind of F&B cafes I always dream of.
You’d be greeted by an alluring display of their balibestcroissant (also the wifi password here *protip*) and other bakes.
My choice above was a hybrid between criossant and brioche like bread with generous chocolate chips ribboning the layers - very good by my bread loving standards.
The croissants here are indeed their signature as well; they come in plain, indulgent sweet or savoury versions (i.e. almond, tuna and cheese etc) or the ultimate variant- the breakfast croissants with good eggs and bacon. The croissants are light and airy yet not skimping on the delectable butttery layers- quite a neat work✨

For the coffee drinkers, another thing you should not leave without is one of their blends that are nicely explained in the menu; there lies a blend for everyone in terms of body and acidity.

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🥤: Chocolate avocado 🥑 milkshake topped with whipped cream - extremely rich in avocado! I could taste more avocado than chocolate! It comes topped with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, making it an extremely wicked drink filled with bad fats (chocolate? Ice cream? Whipped cream? Chocolate syrup?) and good fats (avocado!) Worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime indulgence

🥤: Mint matcha 🍃 espresso - it’s always a leap of faith to try new concoctions out of the ordinary. I’ve got to say this is a MUST TRY! Tho this was only one of the two drinks I’ve tried from Livingstone, I’m certain it easily tops the list of favourite drinks from this place! Extremely strong minty taste with espresso - well balanced with hints of matcha!

🥐 : Chocolate hazelnut croissant - rich in chocolatey flavour (comes with chocolate hazelnut cream) within the croissant, the ends of the croissant were coated in chocolate too! Best of all, it comes topped with hazelnuts (whole hazelnuts!, making it a value-for-money treat! I’d have preferred a stronger hazelnut hint in the cream but I’d still rate this 4.5/5 ⭐️

Ps: The cafe is famed for their croissants, watermelon bread (yes you got that right). The croissants are 50% off in the late evening! (We were there at approx 8pm!)

A recommended dessert by the staff. The cake is fluffy, still has that tanh to counter the sweet creme brulee frosting 4/5

Bali is one of those islands where you are spoilt for brunch options. Livingstone is one, and i kinda regret not getting their pancakes. That being said though, i do like the food ate it here.

Poppy seed cake-moist, citrusy cake 4/5
Chocolate berliner-soft, oozing with chocolate 4.25/5