Time to cafe hop to these places!🥰
Joslyn 🩵
Joslyn 🩵

Went to Simple Cafe 2 weeks ago and ordered their Iced White ($6) and an Iced Uji Matcha Latte ($6.50)! Overall ratings 7/10! Drinks were okay, I preferred the Iced White over the Iced Matcha🤣 Ambience was nice and cozy too! Would recommend visiting if you want a peaceful weekend cafe to chat😁

Went to Coexist Coffee Co. last week and ordered x2 of their Croissant Promo ($12.90/set before gst and svc charge)! Tried the BLT and Teriyaki Chicken Croissant with Iced White and Iced Matcha😋 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty decent and the place had a nice ambience😁 For working adults, not too conducive for work meetings unless there is noise-cancelling functions on your microphone😅

Went to Sarnies for lunch today and ordered their Truffle Mushroom Pasta ($22), Tuna Melt ($21), and two Iced Matcha Lattes ($7 each)!😄 Used Burpple 30% off Food Bill and saved $5.40😁

Overall ratings 7/10! Food was okay but nothing too special and matcha latte was too sweet for my liking☹️

Went to Moonchild for dinner tonight and ordered their Grilled Chicken & Hummus Sandwich, Peking Chicken Burger, an Iced Matcha Latte, and a Double Chocolate Mousse Cake (Total $71 for 2 pax after GST and Svc Charge)!😇

Overall ratings 10/10! Sandwich reminded me of my favourite Salad Bowl - Heybo, and was very filling! Matcha Latte was Milky and the Burger had a unique twist to it due to the Peking sauce😍 Chocolate cake was also moist and satisfied my sweet tooth😁 Would definitely visit again!

Went to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee last week and ordered their Tomyum Seafood Cremoso ($26), Crispy Chicken Burger ($20), Tata Tots ($14), an Iced Matcha Latte ($8.50), and an Iced Caramel Latte ($7.50)!😇 There is an ongoing promotion where you can purchase their Kaizen dollars (buy $50 to get $70 worth of credits)

Overall ratings 9/10! First time at this outlet, but went to their Holland V outlet several times before. Food quality is equally good, but some things in this store were out of stock, maybe cuz we arrived at 1.45pm, and hence they did do quite a few replacements (e.g. salted caramel latte oos changed to caramel latte, squid in pasta oos so they changed it to scallops😅) Would visit other outlets in the future to try it out too😁


Went to Craftsmen Coffee two weeks ago and ordered their Fried Chicken Waffles ($22), Tom Yum Seafood Cremoso ($26), and 2 Matcha Lattes ($8.50 each)!😇

Overall ratings 9/10! Came to craftsmen a few times and am still loving their pasta and matcha lattes! Waffles on the otherhand were decent but not the best😅 Sadly they started to include GST and SVC Charge and it became more pricey to dine in now🤧

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Went to Cafe Natsu three weeks ago and ordered their Wagyu Hamburg Bowl Set ($36), an Iced Matcha Latte ($8.50), and Mochi Donuts ($12)!😇

Overall ratings 9/10! Food and drinks were not too bad but was a bit pricey to me😅 Would head back again though👍🏻

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Went to Knots Cafe and ordered a Chicken Chop ($19.70) and a Knots Beef Burger ($22.10), changed potato to Cheesy and Truffle Fries for each mains (+$3 each) too😇

Overall ratings 7/10! Would say that the food was okay, but was a little too pricey in my opinion (especially when the chicken chop was a thin slice)! Ambience and service was good though but do not think I would head back again😅

Went to Jimmy Monkey Cafe last week and ordered a Grilled Cheesy Crusty ($16), Baked Maple Chipotle Chicken Wings ($18), Bacon Mac n' Cheese Quesadilla ($22), Prawn Aglio Olio ($25), and an Eggplant Moussaka ($23)!😇 Filling for 5 pax~

Overall ratings 7.5/10!😄 Cheesy Crusty and Wings were good, Eggplant Moussaka was delicious, but Alio Olio was quite spicy and not really feeling the Quesadilla😅 Would head back again for the Eggplant Moussaka tho💯

Went to Burp Kitchen for lunch last week and ordered a Breakfast Rosti and a Beefy Three Cheese Burger ($16 each, lunch set menu with mushroom soup and a drink)😇

Overall ratings 6/10😁 Food was okay but wished the burger came with fries instead of potato chips. Mushroom soup was also a bit too watery for my liking but view from the restaurant was nice! Do not think I will visit again though😅

Went to Bread Yard today and ordered their Mentaiko Pasta ($12), Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($16), French Fries ($6), and their Mushroom Truffle Alfredo ($16)!😇

Overall ratings 3/10! Honestly, the Mentaiko pasta was wayyyy too fishy for me even though i'm a mentaiko lover... (not gonna lie I am usually not picky but I sent it back to the kitchen saying its a bit too much for me, but they were kind enough to cancel it off my bill🤧) Mushroom Truffle Alfredo was also pretty bland (and the Onsen egg had a hair stuck to it😰) The French Fries and the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict were not bad tho but do not think I will go back again after this experience🥲

Went to Hello Arigato 2 weeks ago and ordered their Teriyaki Sando with Regular Fries ($20.90 after gst)😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was good but a little messy to eat, and it gets a bit gelat towards the end😅 Would head back again to try other menu items though😋

Using Burpple as my food diary🤣

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