A beautiful mess of a sandwich, Korio’s Breakfast Sammy ($12) was utterly delicious. Oozing with luscious sauce gribiche, the fluffy brioche slices also snuggled crisp cuts of spam and American cheese. The tangy and savoury egg sauce played a key role here with the hint of sourness to counter the richness. The touch of saltness from the luncheon meat added to its whole appeal as everything just came together so brilliantly. There was a nice play of texture as well.

Had my family’s meals settled for the day with an order from sando! Off their lunch menu, the Menchi Katsu Sando ($11.00) was quite the hefty number. Sandwiched between toasted Shokupan buns, the deep-fried panko-breaded minced pork patty was thick, well-seasoned, and not too greasy. The choice of arugula, sliced tomatoes, and Japanese tar-tar were also great to balance out the heavier flavours of the succulent patty.

Stacked with smashed avocado, overeasy egg, and greens, their Yuzu Yakitori Sando ($11.00) was a little more saucy with the alioli. Marinated with yuzu-pepper, the pieces of chicken thighs were lightly perfumed with the citrusy notes and held the familiar grilled-smoky flavour of yakitori. However, I found the protein to be a tad dry alone. Hence, the Furikake Garlic Aioli really helped and it added a nice punch.

Oh and I paired the sandwiches with their Royal Milk Tea ($5)! A pretty solid cup of freshly brewed Japanese milk tea, the smooth concoction was fragrant and not overly milky or sweet.

Oh man, savoury scones are everything and especially the recent ones that I got from Burnt Ends Bakery were exceptional! Loving the balanced taste of the scallion which permeates in every bite, I found their Gruyère Cheese & Scallion Scones ($18/ half dozen) to be the perfect breakfast scones. Made with Gruyère cheese, scallion, sour cream, buttermilk, eggs, and butter, the aromatic scones were thankfully not too rich or greasy. A savoury twist on the classic scone, the cheesy number featured a slightly flaky exterior while the interior wasn’t dense or dry. They were also great at room temperature and better when warmed.

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Last week I had this intense craving for butter chicken, so I got me some from Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant. Packing quite a bit of heat, their rendition of the classic Butter Chicken Masala was lusciously creamy and perfectly spiced. The tandoori chicken chunks were tender and nicely seasoned. But the highlight was truly the uberly buttery gravy. Flavourful, the sauce was thick and full of tangy sweet-savouriness. And of course, the ideal companion to mop up all the richness is a warm garlic-studded naan. Yet a tad heavy for one to finish in single seating, the masala is best shared.

Mid-week pick-me-up with 🍔 Meatsmith’s weekly $10 burger deals!

I had gone for Meatsmith Xpress’ self-pickup promotion by first ordering via their site - applicable to their Campbell Lane outlet. At $10 a pop, the Meatsmith Cheeseburger is a fail-proof classic. Stacked with two Beef Brisket Patties, the hearty number was served with American Sliced Cheddar Cheese, their savoury Burger Sauce, and House Pickles. The crunchy pickles were a great addition, delivering a sweet contrast to the fluffy-soft Housemade Potato Bun. But the highlight was certainly the double patties which were well-seasoned and juicy - locking in all the beefy flavours.

For something richer in flavour and perfect for smoked meat lovers, their Brisket Sandwich ($10) is just the thing. Tender, moist and well-marinated, the meat’s beautifully charred layer of melt-in-your-mouth fat was so good. Stuffed with Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce, Red Onions, and Pickled Cucumbers between toasted Potato Bun, the Smoked Brisket does however feature a more fatty cut in my opinion. Hence, I liked that the fresh-tasting pickles were able to provide that sweet yet gentle acidity to counter the heaviness of the burger. Oh and not forgetting their addictive side of Crinkle Cut Fries (+$8.00) which came coated in a finger-licking Cajun Seasoning.

Meatsmith’s weekly $10 burger deals:
Go for Meatsmith Xpress’ self-pickup promotion by first ordering via their site - applicable to their Campbell Lane outlet.

Pipping hot and uber-thick, 46 Mittsu’s B.E.C. ($12) was a real banger. Think generous chunks of their homemade thick bacon wedged between perfectly crisp bread and soft, fluffy scrambled eggs. In the mix were also a superbly delicious habanero gribiche (tangy tartare-like sauce) and melted smokey American cheddar - both providing that lovely savoury touch. A very satisfying and substantial breakfast sandwich indeed! And textural wise, the hearty bites from the bacon also went hand-in-hand with the creamy eggs and umami sauce.


If you are feeling particularly carnivorous, the Beef Sando ($14) was a beautiful mess of juicy smoked beef brisket, ratatouille, smokey American cheddar, and jumbo pickles. A well-balanced item, it had quite a lot more going on with a bolder profile in my opinion. Initially, the number of pickles looked intimidating but they provided that acidity and crunch to counter the richness of the savoury meat. And although I am not a fan of the vegetable, the flavours of the bell peppers from the ratatouille also helped to brighten the sandwich.


For those who want to try their Feeling Good Bowls, the Gyunoya ($17) was surprisingly flavourful. The onion ponzu beef was decent, a little on the lean side, but the other elements really delivered that oomph. The tang from the ume and radish shiso white kimchi being pleasantly refreshing. Finished with a sous vide egg, the bowl had a good variance of texture as well.


I honestly forgot how good @WaaCowSG’s beef and salmon donburis were.

Sous-vide for 24 hours and torched to perfection, the Original Wagyu Beef Don ($19.90) was plenty juicy and tender. Well-marinated and a tad fatty, the meat was nicely flavoured with their house-made soy-based beef sauce - savoury and not too rich. The bowl also comes with pickles and my favourite oozy 62 °C egg.

For something more indulgent, the Truffle Wagyu Beef Don ($22.90) goes one step further from their signature flame torched beef with the accompaniment of their house-made truffle sauce. Served with ground black truffle and champignons, the bowl’s earthy flavours also matched superbly well with their soy-based beef sauce. Great for truffle fans as the taste was infused wonderfully into the strips of meat.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $65!


Topped with a good amount of Mentaiko sauce and a thin glaze of Nikiri sauce, the medium-rare Mentaiko Salmon Don ($18.90) simply melts in the mouth. Sashimi-grade, the fresh-tasting slab was also boosted by a flaky exterior and moist center. The tobiko providing briny bursts of sweetness while the furikake garnished over the bed of sushi rice gave the bowl a very pleasant hit of umami and crunch.

*Free islandwide delivery for orders above $65!


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