When it’s a chill Saturday and you live to eat, Dad decides he wants to drive down to our former hood: Thomson. We had his chicken rice but I also got to visit this new bakery at Springleaf that made my weekend.
What started with just 2 pastries turned into a takeaway bag of 8 pastries, I blame our Chinese excessive roots but am unapologetic about it. My Pain au Chocolat Orange and Kouign Aman were nicely layered and delicious. I also had the sesame flavoured Kouign Aman which worked very well- I’d say the Croissants are standard fare so go for the flavoured Pain and pastries.
The only thing I’d not order again would be the Chausson Au Pommes, you don’t find this much in French bakeries around our little red dot but the version here was greasy and too flakily stiff. Not dismissing that it was made with good ingredients I’d stick with the nice layers in the other bakes.

East Village has become a hub sprawling with home-based bakers turned bakery-store owners. Such a pleasant surprise for an Eastie like me, since I’ve semi retired from baking myself with a lack of time.
The cinnamon bun was good, the size of the bun helped in ensuring the bread was soft and moist enough inside. Nothing to fault about the classic combination between cinnamon sugar and cream cheese.
I’ll be willing to try their boms on my next visit

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When I do not have the luxury of time to travel and get TBB croissants on a workday, it is a delight when the parents return with Au Croissants in the East.
Mum “auntie-ly” chimed: “they have an ongoing afternoon promotion 3 large croissants for $10.”
Got it mum and thank you, this Earl Grey custard croissant was nice, very flaky and crispy. It’s hard coat also had a good Earl Grey scent 👍🏻 #BurppleTakeaways

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Like to tell myself that i’m making the best out of the heightened restriction choosing “cleaner” meal options. This shiitake mushroom don was a good choice around my neighbourhood. Nothing out of the world but a healthy option it makes. #burppletakeaways

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The best selling signature French dessert of petite almond cake has recognized by the Guinness World Records for very good reasons.
Officially the best financier I’ve had, caveat that I haven’t had many in my life. These moist, buttery fragrant tea cake have a shelf life of a month, making perfect gifts.

You can order on Henri Charpentier oddle easily! #BurppleTakeaways

Treat yoself weekends ✨once you’ve tried these artisan choux eclairs you can hardly return to having those run of the mill commercial sorts

You can take these away from 2 of their outlets or have them delivered by ordering from https://leclair.com.sg/shop/ #BurppleTakeaways

I did not realise that cappuccino with oat milk could taste that good.
Thank you Burpplebeyond for a worth it coffee and matcha latte treat.

Trying my hand at baking cinnamon buns helps me better appreciate the effort that goes into these; i.e a significant time is spent on proofing the bread base.
So I was very happy to find rroolll on Burpplebeyond and could not miss it out when we came to Jewel over the weekends. The cinnamon rolls at rrooll comes in various flavours both savoury and sweet, of which all 4 I chose were from the latter category. With a cute card detailing guidelines to reheat the rolls and it’s 2 days room temperature shelf life; I was convinced the the bread had minimal preservatives and were freshly baked daily. You don’t get messy overflow fillings with these buns but these were great tea time treats nonetheless.

I think I am simple when it gives me so much satisfaction and joy to redeem an excellent burpplebeyond deal. Just being greeted by this display of baked goods made me so pleased; until I had a sip of the Ethiopian pour over coffee along with a bite of moist and dense gluten free orange tea cake. 2 words: pure bliss.
Not long after I find myself greedily finishing my pain au chocolate, which are one of the better croissants around town.

My second time here and I want to tell everyone that wired monkey is the place for great coffee and bakes.

The rate of eating nice meals at home has clearly preceded penning them down- with no valid excuse other than laziness. But for Mother’s Day laziness cannot be an excuse; with Burpplebeyond and the knowledge that this is the sister cafe of South Union Park (SUP)- I decided to order from Eleven Strands.
Via pickup we paid only $66 for 4 mains and 1 dessert #BurpplebeyondWINS. Everything was delicious but particularly good was the well executed squid ink pasta cleverly sautéed with garlic and other condiments, with of course the handmade tagliatelle (+$3), our default pasta choice at SUP.
My picky nature found the pork chop and wagyu patty too lean or even dry but it does not bother me much because they are well handled; also all the supporting sides and sauces will cover any flaw. I mean how can I not love the homemade brioche bun (another of my favourite at SUP again).
For dessert we got the Apple Tart which was actually Feuille de brick (think crepe but with a crisp pastry profile typically from being fried) wrapped with sautéed apples, different currants, croquant, almond flakes; and cold vanilla ice cream. What can go wrong? A paradoxically light yet rich dessert to end off a celebratory meal. #BurppleTakeaways

Quickly becoming the family’s reliable choice for affordable, quality sashimi/ Japanese dons.

Having these pristine salmon sashimi slices/ well seasoned,large than usual, chirashi cuts were no less tastier in the black takeaway bowls. So glad I decided to order these for the family on Sunday which saw the 4 of us enjoying our dinner - be it wolfing it down in hunger or taking slow mouthfuls to savour each bite ✨


Getting used to this cycle of treat yourself takeouts on PH/ the weekends with the nation’s back and forth drift into and out of Phase 2 Heightened Alert.

Choosing to be grateful for excellent bakeries like Bakery Brera that churn amazing bakes 6 days a week to feed souls like mine; and they do good in the process too (check out ST article: Help pours in for siblings with rare disorder (11 Jul 21).

While I savoured the layers the variety of croissants and cruffins; forked into the decadent scone and basque cheesecake (with a hint of alcohol) - they definitely felt like pleasures of life.

Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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