The fish and chips from is certainly a winner. If you’re a true fish and chips fan, this is a must try.

You might think twice about paying $36++ for fish and chips for lunch (it’s only available for lunch during non-CB period). But you can’t go wrong with a Michelin-starred fish and chips as quality ingredients are used. Unlike most variants of fish and chips, you wouldn’t feel sick (jelak) or have a food coma after eating the entire dish.

A thick piece of fresh red snapper fillet is coated in Suntory Beer batter. With any fish dish, the freshness of the fish is a make or break factor even when it’s fried. When I sank my mouth into it, I was amazed. The fish was firm and flaky and retained its full flavour. What I like particularly is the batter which was thin, light, crispy and not too oily.

Chips (fries) were wonderful too. The chips were not the thickest cut that one would associate fish and chips with. However, the seasoning was on point (I wonder what’s it seasoned with) and the chips are dense and crispy.

Moving on to the condiments, you can’t go wrong with the tartare sauce and mushy peas. Both of which are homemade from scratch. The tartare sauce is homemade and didn’t taste like those commercially made ones. I can easily ask for a second helping if I could.

Mushy peas may not be everyone’s favourite but this is nothing like those you usually get in a chip shop, from frozen or tinned. It was a modern, refreshing twist to the classic and tasted more like a green pea salad, where the peas were really sweet. I’m sure this will appeal to many.

During the CB period, the fish and chips are available for takeaway and islandwide delivery all day for $30+.

Singaporeans love waffles, be it sweet or savoury. Try Cheek Bistro’s chicken liver pate, pickled mustard seeds and date jam waffle ($9++) which is a crowd favourite snack. 🧇

Simplicity is at its finest here. The medley of ingredients isn’t very fanciful but the combination is perfect. Each serving has two wedges of waffles and it comes with a good serving of chicken liver pate.

For those that may balk at the idea of having liver, you may not even realise that you’re eating it when savouring this sweet-savoury appetiser. I love how smooth and flavourful this chicken liver pate is that I could have it on its own. The sweetness of the date jam masks away any gamey taste of the chicken liver pate.

I like how waffles are used as a base since they were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Having waffles instead of bread or crackers is indeed a refreshing take on this party classic.

Terry O

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