Featuring Tom's Palette, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), KOOKS Creamery (Serangoon), DOPA DOPA (South Bridge Road), Denzy Gelato (Hougang), Moosh Softserve (Haji Lane), Acai Beach Club (Plaza Singapura), Venchi (Takashimaya), Gelatissimo (Shaw House), Venchi (Paragon)
Remus & Melissa
Remus & Melissa

One of the most delectable gelato on burpple. The 4 flavors we chose all had chocolate pieces in them which enhanced the taste of the gelato, ensuring that every spoonful will not leave you jelak but instead leave you craving for more!

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Vanilla was just right in terms of sweetness, and tasted quite milky too, which was nice. Mango was good as well, not being too sweet or sour. Venezuelan Chocolate was a little bitter, so it depends on your preference whether you like that kind of dark chocolate.

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We couldn’t sit inside so we had to walk around carrying it, and the ice cream melted really quickly. Nevertheless, the toppings of each flavour complemented well with the ice cream, though the ice cream itself tasted quite cheap. Then again, this could be because we only tasted it when it was melted, which could have affected the taste. Would say that it’s still considered worth the price when using burpple.

Very worth deal - $10 for 2 big cups, but just make sure you have enough appetite to finish everything. We got 4 fruit flavours (strawberry, green apple, mango, and watermelon) and 3 chocolatey ones (chocolate, cookies & cream, and hazelnut). We liked mango, green apple, and cookies & cream. Hazelnut was not bad too. Strawberry was quite sour, so don’t take unless you like that kind. Chocolate was also quite bitter, it tasted like the dark chocolate kind so don’t take unless you like that kind as well. Try to take a mix of fruity and chocolatey flavours so you don’t get jelak from eating too much of either.

Matcha was an absolute delight. Banana walnut was lovely and not too sweet. Milo tasted more towards dark chocolate but the cake bits made up for the lack of sweetness.

Had the matcha flavor with hazelnut and another combination of grandma’s favorite and salted caramel cheesecake and it was good!

Interesting flavors available. Staff were really friendly and the ice cream was really delicious. It’s mind blowing how the red velvet ice cream tasted so much like the cake. The grape yakult yoghurt was extremely refreshing as well.


Had the Houjicha and dark chocolate in one cup which complemented each other extremely well. The other cup was Elderflower Mojito and blondie beach which was a good complement to each other as well but more towards a tangy side which my friends loved. Generous serving size!!

Fair amount of açaí and fruits were given but there were too many toppings which we couldn’t appreciate such as the coconut shavings and a variety of seeds(?).

With Burpple, we were allowed to try up to 6 flavours. In the end, we went with Hazelnut (Ferrero), Matcha, Peach Yoghurt and Pistachio. They all complemented each other well, though Pistachio was a little heaty.

We ordered one chocolate lava and one matcha lava cookie. Both tasted great, though we felt the cereal didn’t really compliment the matcha lava cookie. Go for the cookie crumbs instead!

The tea that came with the set tasted a little diluted, maybe because we got the iced tea. You could get the hot tea, which might help the tealeaves/teabags dissolve faster!