Burpple Beyond Reviews

Burpple Beyond Reviews

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Debbie  Chua
Debbie Chua

Ordered the beef brisket and the pork ribs with burpple beyond. The brisket and ribs were flavorful and tender but the portions were rather small. (I can’t really remember the exact price of the meats but I remember it to be slightly more expensive than the price stated on the online menu)

As the brisket and ribs didn’t come with sides, we decided to top up the meal with dirty fries and corn bread. (Fries never go wrong)

In order to enjoy the 1-for-1 deal, you either have to order drinks or desserts. We picked the latter and got the lemon meringue tart and honeycomb vanilla ice cream. Having desserts is always nice way to end the meal.

Total damage was about $68 with burpple beyond.

Ordered Fried Egg Power ($13) and PB&J ($10).

Loved how the Fried Egg Power has tater tots in it, adding the extra crunch and oomph!

Every component of the PB&J sandwich was matched perfectly - the peanut butter was rich, the jam helped to add another dimension to the taste and the cornflake crusted choc & raisin bread was just so well thought out and executed!

Soooo worth it with burpple beyond!

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Loved the Gashouse eggs ($13) and Brioche french toast ($15).

The french toast was pillowy soft and not overly sweet as you can sauce was not exactly drizzled over the bread but at the bottom (you can control how much you want to dip the bread into).

The star of the Gashouse eggs dish was clearly (at least for me) the bacon jam. The jam elevates the dish by introducing some sweet into the otherwise savory pillowy soft bread topped with cheese and an egg in the middle. A must-order for everyone visiting the cafe.

Extremely worth it with or without burpple beyond :)

Modern, cosy cafe located at Scotts Square.

Went on a Monday afternoon and the cafe was fairly full. Recommend making a reservation so you can sit inside the cafe and not the tables outside.

Ordered Eggs Ben with guac ($22), Umami Pasta ($21) and Iced Jawa ($7). Eggs Ben with guac was badly done - the English muffin and eggs tasted stale. Th Umami Pasta on the other hand, was delicious. Highly recommend it if you like a little spice in your Pasta.

Iced Jawa was a nice cuppa coffee but lacked the taste of pandan and coconut. Total damage was ~$35. Relatively worth the money if you order the right stuff - would probably replace the Eggs Ben with pizza the next visit (it looked so good on the other table!)

Came on a Monday afternoon and the cafe was empty. Quiet and quaint place to get away from all the buzz in the city.

Got a daily special coconut and pandan cake ($9.90) and their signature ultimate fudge choc cake ($9). The coconut and pandan cake was okay, sponge cake on the dry side. The ultimate fudge choc cake was better - in fact very impressive for a guilt free dessert.

One thing to take note of: Staff told me that for Bakes & Beverages promo, you can get either 2 bakes OR 2 beverages (NOT 2 bakes and 2 beverages). Do clarify with staff before ordering.

Two other courses not captured in the picture - beef skewer and parmesan cheese bread sticks.

The meal was surprisingly very filling even though the servings of the first four courses initially felt quite small. In hindsight, the servings were just right as the main course and dessert (last two courses) were very substantial.

Food was average with some hits and misses. I enjoyed the main course and dessert but the rest had nothing to shout about, nothing spectacular.

Considering the variety and amount of food, the price is okay (but keep in mind that food is average). May recommend to try regular menu instead of the burpple set as the sets are quite reasonably priced (and may in fact be more value-for-money than the burpple set).

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The set consists of one 1 burger (baby huey or trufello), a side of house fries and a vanilla shake. Burgers were nice but could use a little more butter on the brioche buns. Personally, I didn’t really find the set very worth (but still okay) as I seldom have shakes and barely touched my drink at all. Extremely worth it if you are a fan of shakes!

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