Snacks You can Have

Snacks You can Have

Why not treat yourself with some desserts, pastries or any snacks you can find in Singapore?
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

The weather is getting hot these days. If you happen to walk around Esplanade, you can grab some açai bowl from this stall along the waterfront.

Mix and match from crunch, fruits, nuts & seeds, proteins and drizzles.

For those who been to New York should have across this popular ice cream shop there. Started out of a yellow scoop truck on the streets of NYC in 2008

Van Leeuwen recently expanded their business to Singapore with their very first outlet at Orchard Central.

A very Instagrammable interior with some tables and chairs to sit down and enjoy your ice cream.

Went for their honeycomb flavour which is very rich in flavour.

They also sell pints that you can take back home also.

Of course if you are having meal at this coffee shop, then you must not miss out trying their popular orange ciabatta bread.

A very unique combination, while the bread is soft and taste well with the orange peels.

You should be familiar with this local ice cream brand that has been selling since 2003.

Hidden at the second level of Holland Road Shopping Centre, a cozy space to enjoy some chilling ice cream.

I went for the Very Berry flavour that combines of strawberry & raspberry.

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Last but not least, I also got myself the chilled lemongrass jelly to kind of complete my meal here. With something refreshing and ease my fully occupied tummy with so many foods.

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We have a very full a la carte dinner buffet but I couldn’t stop without getting to try on some of their dessert selections on the menu.

The chilled osmanthus jelly comes in pieces. So you can request how many pieces you want.

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So why is everyone queueing in front of this shop? That’s because everyone are here for just one thing, it would be their Warabimochi!

Thankfully the queue moves pretty fast, and just a short wait for them to call your number to pickup your order.

I believe everyone been to Japan should be familiar with Warabimochi and finally we can enjoy it right here in Singapore.

The smallest portion available with 5 pieces in one box. Which you need to add on the sweet syrup provided before eating them.l

Honestly, I try it back in Japan and sadly it wasn’t something I enjoy much. I have the same experience here as well. The texture was great but probably just not my taste. I’m more a muah chee person I guess.

I’m pretty sure many of us would drop by this dessert shop after having your meal around here. Since I got my dinner in Fortune Centre, so decided to grab some after meal dessert here.

Went for something warm and comforting with their red bean lotus.

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I been to their outlet in Hong Kong many years ago when I was there, and finally they set it up here in Singapore.

But this is my first time sitting down in their shop and enjoying this cake with their coffee.

They will ask you whether you want it to be heat up before serving it to your table. Great texture but need to be careful as it break easily.

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If you follows Netflix programme closely, you would have know about this new series spotlight on Asian chefs called the Chefs Uncut.

To marks this special launch of the series, they are giving viewers a box of chocolate that specially created by a few chefs that featured in the series. Such as LG Han, Janice Wong and Bjorn Shen.

Each of them came out with their unique sweets.

LG Han’s Tea Halia made from milk tea and candid ginger. Janice Wong’s Rojak made from ginger flower and pineapple jam. Bjorn Shen’s PB & J made from peanut butter, crispy crispy and raspberry jam.

To claim a complimentary box of it, just follow Chefs Uncut Instagram page, share one of the trailer to your Instagram story or post and show it to the staff at any of Janice Wong outlets to redeem.

While stocks last.

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If you love chocolate then you would definitely love this place, and Awfully Chocolate is no stranger to most Singaporean; when you searching for decent chocolate cake here.

This brownie is very rich with the flavour, mixture of salted butterscotch and chocolate.

Lastly, I definitely don’t want to miss trying some classic type of pastry like this Pain Au Chocolat.

Generous chocolate filling inside the pastry.

Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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