Sweet Things You can Have

Sweet Things You can Have

Why not treat yourself with some dessert and ice cream?
Khaw Han Chung
Khaw Han Chung

Don’t finish your meal here without getting their dessert, and if this is your first time; then this is definitely a must to order.

Super creamy with the coconut milk, you can find lots of ingredients inside with generous portion of sweet yam. A truly Teochew dessert to complete your dinner here.

Located on the second level of Hougang Green Shopping Centre, hiding a ice cream shop full of neon signage on the wall.

Their Binggrae Banana has a strong flavour which is creamy yet refreshing, especially when you have a super hot weather outside.

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Another ice cream place in Singapore with 2 outlets (another one at Changi Village) for your ice cream craving, especially during the humid day we have these few days.

The yubari rock melon is actually tasted pretty creamy and strong flavour. Although it seems the milky taste has overshadowed the melon.

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Was searching for some pastries to send as a gift and I found this online bakery.

This is their addition to their menu for a limited period only, a combination of scones and mochi.

A box consist 3 types or fillings such as orh nee, matcha red bean and muah chee.

Each of them are filled with generous amount of ingredients, and you could really biting on the mochi in the scones.

This is an online bakery shop so you need to make preorder. They don’t have a physical storefront but you can pick it up from their small shop at The Promenade @ Pelikat.

No stranger to people living in Hougang, they have been in the neighbourhood for many years.

It get crowded on weekends, especially with the weather getting warmer now.

So for something more refreshing and not too creamy, go for the lychee rose. The texture is light, feel like eating ice shave; but full of flavours.


There wasn’t much review about this place online, so I only chance upon this place as I was around looking for some dessert after meal.

Surprisingly Binky Star is a much spacious cafe concept that opened along the row with Starter Lab Bakery, serving gelato and drink.

So if you looking for some quiet space to grab dessert or drink, this could be a perfect place to go.

They offered wide range of gelato flavours to go with.

While most people would go for their signature pastry from the menu, I personally much prefer to go with my own favourite of pistachio.

Made with multi levels of pistachio mousse and chocolate biscuit, topped with pistachio icing and cocoa crisp.

Although the price could be much higher, but the taste is strong especially the pistachio.

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While their Kaki Bukit outlet seems pretty unusual for its location, but this is actually where their central kitchen and office located.

Just right in front at one of the exit from Kaki Bukit MRT Station, you will be greet by its bright interior of blue and white colour.

Totally a place for your Instagram shoot and OOTD, there’s also many seats available here. So you could enjoy your cookies and pair with some drinks as well.

The red velvet is consider the much lesser sweetness as compared to the rest. Topped with few pieces of Oreo and crumbs. But the cookie itself is soft and easy to eat.

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They started as home based business selling their popular sourdough donuts, thanks to its popularity they expanded the business by opening a physical outlet at 9 Penang Road.

Basque Burnt Cheesecake is one of their earliest flavour they have, comes with molten lava explosions of cream cheese and blue cheese inside it; super creamy and tasty.

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Came here for my ice cream fix for the week. The lemon curd tart is one of the refreshing flavour that taste a bit sour but also cover with the creamery sweet vanilla ice cream.

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It looks like the time has paused over here, they have a very nostagice decor of coffee shop serving some traditional breakfast.

Gotten their popular kaya toast pairing with tea. Super love their kaya toast which is crunchy with every bites.

They served their kaya toast from early morning till night, so you could enjoy it for your breakfast, tea time or even snack after meal.

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Of course if you prefer something refreshing after heavy meal here, do go for this instead.

Refreshing and chilled mango soup filled with diced mango bites and fresh pomelo.

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Distance never stop me from hunting for good foods around the world.

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