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Gan Zhang Xun
Gan Zhang Xun

This paella was very flavorful but a little bit towards the salty spectrum of food and could do with a little less seasoning. The rice was really nicely cooked to an al dente texture but I was left yearning for more of the soccarat (the burnt bits at the bottom) which it didn’t have much of. The pork was tender but the mushrooms seemed to get lost in all the flavor of the paella.

Newly opened grain bowl place located on the 2nd floor of Frasers Tower. There’s an ongoing 30% off on all orders at the place or through their website until 11 Oct. The baked crusted dory was crunchy and flavorful but the honey soy chicken could’ve been better seasoned. For the sides, they seemed to be running low after lunch service and ran out of pumpkin and brinjal. The broccoli purée was very super creamy and smooth and the kimchi was good too though abit too salty. As for the toppings the kale chips added this earthy bitterness that blended well with the entire bowl and the garlic aioli was super strong and garlicky. Good stuff overall and serving size is better than other grain bowl places


You can choose between white/brown rice or salad and I opted for the white japanese rice that’s drizzled with some sort of gravy that was really flavorful. When I opened the box the intense aroma of the charcoal grilled pork cheeks hit me immediately and it tasted as good as it smelled. Smoky, well marbled slices of pork cheek paired with their tangy, spicy housemade chili kept me wanting more. The sous vide egg mixed into the rice made it that much more rich. The portion is generous as well with at least 10 slices of pork cheek. Would definitely come back to try the grilled chicken and roast beef versions.


I was quite excited to try this when I saw it on the menu as I love porridge especially seafood porridge. There were pieces of scallop scattered throughout the porridge and a decent scoop of crabmeat as well as tobiko throughout the entire porridge. The tobiko provided nice little bursts of seafood briny-ness but overall the dish wasn’t anything special and the wokhei I was promised was lacking.

The 1 for 1 here made the meal real affordable paid $24 for 4 people and we all added an onsen egg each. The rice bowls are decently sized and they are quite generous with the protein. Pity they didn’t have the sweet and spicy pork when I went which is what I wanted to try. The mala pork was tender even though it was a lean cut of meat and the spice really came
through, even the rice was laced with sichuan peppercorns and dried chili. You can even top your rice with the fried shallots provided to give the bowl a textural contrast. My only gripe is that the rice bowl was abit too wet?? especially after mixing in the egg as I prefer to taste the individual grains of rice.


Unfortunately this wasn’t presented in the pineapple like some other thai places but still tasted really good. The fried rice had a nice wokhei to it and it was quite a generous portion. It was laced with bits of egg, 4 decently sized prawns and chunks of pineapple. However, to me it lacked the distinct color and sweetness that comes from the pineapple but still not bad.

The rice came piping hot and the spiced really nicely and you can even see the spices cooked into the rice, be careful to not accidentally bite into them though ahaha. The portion of mutton is super generous but I wish it could be more tender as some pieces were abit tough.

Ordered the original tendon which comes with seafood, chicken and vegetables and you can choose between white rice or multigrain and original or spicy sauce. Would recommend the original sauce as there’s chili powder on the side in case you fancy some spice. The japanese short multigrain rice is cooked well and really tasty as some of the sauce is drizzled on the rice as well. Surprisingly the tempura that impressed me the most was the chicken, seasoned on the inside and still juicy, which is hard to find in chicken breast. The only tempura that I wasn’t a fan of was the baby corn but overall most of it was done well without it overly greasy.

Buttered rice and pork chop covered in a tomato sauce and baked with cheese. The rice was slightly plain tasting but when mixed together with the tomato sauce it was decent. The tomato sauce is quite fresh tasting and reminds me slightly of a bolognese (menu says it has beef in it). The pork chop is quite flavorful but could be abit juicier. Overall the portion is quite generous and worth the price of $13

Stuffed with ingredients for about $12-$17 depending on the size you choose and there are 10 toppings you can choose from other than the fish itself. They are super generous with the ingredients and there’s never a mouthful of rice that’s on its own. I would recommend getting the original shoyu sashimi though as it won’t mask the freshness of the fish as much as the other sauces. The avocado miso that I ordered was quite rich but lacked the savory miso flavor that I was expecting and also had a slight bitter note at the end. The other toppings are mostly quite refreshing and added nice texture to the rice bowl but I wasn’t fan of the wakame seaweed.

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Their version of the traditional Spanish paella comes in 2 serving sizes, the individual and the sharing portion which is good for 2-3 people. The seafood is super generous and fresh which makes the $26 worth it and the green peas add a snap of freshness. The rice was well seasoned and flavorful but I think I still prefer the traditional versions?? The missing soccarat was abit of a dealbreaker for me. There’s also a meat version which comes with chorizo/chicken instead.

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Located inside the Mandarin Gardens condo is a tzechar restaurant that sells everything from tom yum soup to cereal chicken.

The olive fried rice basically hit all the right spots. The wokhei flavor permeated the dish and the olive gave it punches of salt and bitterness and added a dimension to the dish. This only comes in one size ($8) and enough to feed 3 people.

What stole the show was the small red mount of minced meat and when mixed with the fried rice changes the whole dish. so so tasty except i wish the meat was cooked fresh on the spot as it didn’t come piping hot and we figured it was already prepared and just scooped onto the plate.

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