Discovery of the bottomless pit 😅
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Highlight of the buffet:
1. Free-flow Egg station - eggs done your way, scrambled, poached, fried, omelette. Sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, chicken, pork sausages, roasted carrots, bacon
2. Cheese & charcuterie board - Brie, comte, edam, salami
3. Seafood on ice - Alaskan king crab legs, mussels, clams
4. Viennoiserie - petit pan au chocolat, croissant, pancake, Belgium waffle, egg tart
5. Soft serve - vanilla, chocolate, mixed
6. Mixology table - with fruits, dried orange, cinnamon, cucumber (free flow alcohol option available)

Choice of mains include:
Eggs Benedict - poached eggs, smoked salmon, English muffin, hollandaise, shaved truffle

Breakfast quesadilla - truffle scrambled eggs, guacamole, jalapeño chili, cheddar cheese, bell pepper, sour cream, tomato

Peri peri chicken - coleslaw, jalapeño salsa

Grilled salmon - jumbo asparagus, truffle hollandaise, rocket, lemon

Breakfast burger - angus beef patty, pork bacon, portobello mushroom, fried egg, fries

Steak & egg - Australian sirloin, fried egg, fries

Selection wise, it is not the most extensive. But good price point for the quality of food offered. Some hits & misses with the mains, particularly enjoyed the steak & egg as well as the grilled salmon. The buffet includes coffee, juices, lemonade and iced tea. There is the option to get unlimited alcoholic drinks for 98++.

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Probably the only buffet known of their wide array of cheeses 🧀 - blu di langa, pecorino Nero do pienza, taleggio DOP, ubriaco alla birra, pecorino stagionato nel fieno, puzzone di moena, piave mezzano with tons of condiments and none other than the magnificent grana padano!

Wanted to skip crappy carbs to make space for the pizzas and pastas but the bread was irresistible, especially the angelo’s squid ink bread and the mushroom & truffle bread. (Both available for sale at dolcetto at $10 & $11 respectively per loaf)

Glad I had the space to try the pastas. They have the following - taglioloni with seabass ragout, penne in tomato & pesto, Wagyu beef lagsane & conchiglioni with pork ragout. Specially enjoyed the taglioloni with seabass ragout and the penne! Very comforting, hearty and flavorful. They also had carving stations serving roasted turkey, lamb as well as chicken. For the roast meats, I really enjoyed the uncommon mustards like the chili mustard as well as the herb mustard.

Moving on to the deserts, ice cream selection was pretty decent - nougat, chocolate, berries sorbet, green apple sorbet, peach sorbet and good old vanilla (with vanilla pods, damn legit!). The usual suspects were also spotted- tiramisu, panna cotta, bread & butter pudding, apple crumble. Some items I particularly enjoyed were the pecan tart, pistachio choux, lemon & raspberry cake.

Overall, good value and selection for a buffet. Especially even more so if you love cheese! 😊


One of my favorite weekend high tea buffet with a well balanced spread of sweet and savory items. Two seatings available at 12pm and 3pm. The current theme is Spring in Tokyo showcasing sandwiches accented with Japanese flavor, Japanese salads as well as desserts set against a replica of Tokyo’s Senso-ji temple.

Relish in some light salads to start: spicy Kihada Maguro salad with Mirin marinated Japanese cucumber pickle and black sesame, Angus beef katsu with Haru Kyabetsu salad, Takenoka salad with sweet potato, Tamagoyaki and spring onion, ume somen with roasted scallop.

Then go for the assorted sandwiches and the blinis with assorted caviar and smoked salmon.

Do not miss out the carving station with the delectable Roasted Wagyu Beef Rump with Assorted Vegetable, Salmon confit with shoyu sesame dressing.

Look out for the local delights before diving for the deserts. Some of the stand out items are Chef Chong’s signature lobster laksa with rice noodles and X.O sauce, chicken satay with peanut sauce and pineapple chutney, chili crab sauce with oriental buns, braised pork belly, kueh pie tee and carrot cake!

Seasonal quiches. Sake Hamaguri and I Sea Salt Edamame

Before heading for the desserts, it’s time to order your coffee. (2nd beverage)

The highlight of my high tea session: Regent signature scones and green tea dark chocolate scones! There is also Apple crumble and Belgian waffles with ice cream (chocolate gelato and mango sorbet).

End your meal on a sweet note with some petite treats such as Smoked Matcha Tea Eclairs, Reconstructed Strawberry Shortcake, Tangy Yuzu Madeleines, Fragrant Hojicha Almond Shortbread and Soy Milk Panna Cotta with Adzuki Red Bean Compote.

Known for their wide variety of selection, there is something for everyone with the 16 live stations offering a range of cuisine from fresh seafood , local delights such as laksa, prawn noodle and roast meats, Thai food like mango salad, Tom yum, kra pow etc, Japanese cuisine including sashimis (hotate, salmon, swordfish, tuna) and sushis/makis (go for the aburi salmon sushis!), live roast station, salads, cold cuts, cheeses, Indian cuisine, outdoor BBQ food all the way to the amazing dessert spread which includes love crêpe station, milk & dark duo chocolate fondue, cakes, local kuehs, ice cream & sorbets, fruits.

Thursday night happen to be marine harvest night so this features a rotating menu of fresh seafood from the crustacean bar including Boston lobster, freshly suckled oysters, mussels, prawns, scallops, crabs legs.

There is no way you can eat everything so I’d say, eat wisely and try to pace yourself! Words of wisdom 😅

Don’t miss this short window of fiery challenge from 11-23 March. Expect a variety of Sichuan classics such as 辣子鸡 (spicy crispy chicken), Mapo tofu, Kung Pao shrimp, 水煮鱼 (Sichuan boiled fish) and the drool worthy 口水鸡(Sichuan chicken in chili oil sauce). The dishes are rotated on a daily basis during this period! Chef’s 口水鸡was very tasty and comforting, the silky poached chicken was drenched with pungent Szechuan pepper chilli oil, balanced out with vinegar. It truly lives up to its name, and left me salivating at the sight of it 😋


Last day of the “Forest Feast” themed menu during the Christmas festivities. Love the intimate setting of the place and the quality of their food even though they don’t have a super extensive spread.

The Carvery is known for their selection of flawlessly-prepared, quality roasts with myriad of sauces & salts. Tried the roast beef, lamb and roast chicken and traditional turkey with stuffing. The meats were juicy and tender.

Some noteworthy dishes include the blue potato mash, roast duck breast, salmon & abalone mushroom salad. Also delighted to have the creamy rich pumpkin and chestnut blue swimmer crab soup. For desserts, they have a small selection of cheeses. I love the bread & butter pudding! And they have a live station making red velvet crêpés with a mixture of condiments like sautéed bananas, maple butter, berries compote etc.

Overall, very value for money for the quality of food served. Perfect for large group/family gatherings!


Enjoyable dim sum experience. Reasonably priced for the wide variety of dim sum and ala carte delicacies. Almost exploded at the end 😫 One unique feature of this place is the insanely big table they have which is good for 20 pax.

Some of the highlights of the meal include the following (single serving per person): double boiled mini Buddha jump over the wall with black truffles, braised abalone with deep fried taro balls with scallop, poached king prawn with beancurd in supreme sauce & chilled almond pudding with snow shallows.

Some of the dishes I personally enjoyed are the wok fried fresh prawns with onion & white pepper, soft shell crab on ice, double boiled scallop and mushroom in supreme fish bone broth, deep fried prawn rolls with banana (this is interestingly yummy! Almost like a glorified goreng pisang), deep fried prawn rolls with wasabi mayonnaise wrapped in vermicelli!
Available from 11:30am to 2:30pm on weekends. Two seatings available for every last weekend of the month.
First seating - 11:00am to 1:00pm
Second seating - 1:30pm to 3:30pm


Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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