Tanjong Pagar / Outram park / Chinatown

Tanjong Pagar / Outram park / Chinatown

Featuring Botanist, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar), Cantonese Delights (Hong Lim Market), Bakerzin (VivoCity), Chen's Mapo Tofu (Downtown Gallery), Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh, Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire, The Daily Cut (Guoco Tower), Han Kee Fish Soup (Amoy Street Food Centre), Piao Ji Fish Porridge (Amoy Street Food Centre)
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

If you are looking for affordable Unagi don in Singapore, @unatoto_sg is the place to check out!

Unatoto specialises in in charcoal-grilled unagi don! They promise reasonable, fast and tasty unagi rice bowls!

Featured here is the Unajyu Deluxe ($22++)! Super shiok meal with a huge and thick slice of unagi on top of fluffy Japanese white rice! We also tried their Unadon Double ($14.50++), which is the number 1 Signature item! Get double pieces of unagi for this!

You can also add on $4++ for Value Set A (Soup + Side dish) or $5++ for Value Set B (Mini Soba/Udon + Side dish)! We picked the Set A and got their Unagi Liver Soup, Red Miso Soup, Onsen Egg and Chilled Tofu!

For appetisers, we got the Unagi Chawanmushi ($6++) and assorted tempura ($11++)! The chawanmushi was super smooth and has lots of ingredients in it like unagi, mushroom, fishcake and prawn! The assorted tempura is highly recommended! There is tempura unagi, prawn and mushroom! It was our first time trying tempura unagi and we super loved it!

Head to @unatoto_sg now! And great news, they will be opening another new outlet at Novena Square this month!!

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Got the signature brown butter waffles with double scoop ice cream - apiary and pistachio ($8 for waffle + $9 for double scoop + $0.5 for premium flavour + $1 for signature sicilian pistachio = total $18.50)

The signature apiary ice cream flavour consists of wildflower, honey and cocoa nibs! Very interesting! Got my usual favourite pistachio flavour to try too!

Overall enjoyed both the waffle and ice cream here! Both flavours were good! πŸ‘πŸ»

Do not be deterred by the long queue on the first floor. They actually have alot of seating on the second upper floor! Just wait a while for the staff to let you in!

Great place for desserts after dinner!

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Satisfy your Korean BBQ meat cravings at 88 Pocha + BBQ restaurant at 17 Duxton Rd.

Indulge in a variety of Korean delights such as the BBQ meat set, stews, korean side dish and snacks!

Featured here are the following items:
-Chicken Set: Consists of Chicken oyster, boneless neck, chicken thigh, king oyster mushrooms and leek!
-Seafood Tofu Stew: Comes with lots of tofu, clams and shrimps!
-Bacon Kimchi Fried Rice: Comes with a runny yolk egg!

Complete your dining experience with some korean drinks like the citrus highball or Haitai Pear Juice!

Amazing delicious meal! The meats were tender and flavourful! With great service from the service crew who will help to grill the meats to perfection!

Mr Appam at Maxwell Food Centre!

Have heard so much about this stall prior to visiting! The stall is operated by a Vietnamese owner (who accidentally won a bid for an Indian stall and was unable to change the stall type afterwards).

We decided to get the basic Original Appam ($3 for two pieces) to try! Each serving comes with the orange palm sugar and grated coconut (which was not the sweet kind but slight sourish because it is fresh grated coconut). I loved the crispy edges of the Appam! But not very accustomed to the soft fluffy layer which tastes slightly sour as it is made from fermented rice flour. Guess I am still not an Appam convert lover.

But if anyone wants to try out Appam, this is the place to come to try!

Mr. Appam
1 Kadayanallur St, #01-99 Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore 069184

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If you are looking for Quality Japanese Food, check out @mitsu.suhibar at 21 Duxton Road!

Very zen and cosy ambience here. They have a 2-storey dining concept. At level 1, they have bar counter seats where you can watch the chef prepare and serve each course. On level 2, the they have table seating as well as tatami style private dining area!

They have omakase-style dining, ala carte menu as well as Set Menu. Freshness of ingredients is ensured here!

Featured here are the following dinner set menu and ala carte items:
-Wagyu Steak Set: Wagyu Beef Steak, sashimi, chawanmushi, miso soup, pickles, salad and rice. This wagyu beef steak was amazing! Melt in your mouth tender!
-Unagi and tempura set: Comes with grilled unagi eel, tempura (2 prawns, sweet potato and brinjal), chawanmushi, pickles, miso soup, salad and rice.
-Spicy soft shell crab maki roll: This was beautifully presented! Topped with a generous amount of tobiko! Super crunchy soft shell crab with slightly spicy sauce! Everything went so well together we cleaned the plate clean!

Check them out at 21 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089487

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Featured here are the following items:
-Can trust chic? ($14.50): Grilled teriyaki chicken thigh, sauteed mushroom, truffle schmear and mozzarella cheese. Super love this as the truffle taste was very aromatic! Juicy tender chicken too! Everything together was an explosion of flavours in the mouse! And look at the mozzarella cheese pull!

-Bag me up signature ($16.50): Have you heard of an UNAGI bagel! This bagel has unagi, katsuobushi egg salad, lettuce and tomatoes. Super love the egg salad with unagi!

-Iced White Peach Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50)

-Osmanthus Fresh Milk Tea ($4.50)

Super love the fragrant fresh milk teas!

This place has a few seats for in-house dining. Around 6-seaters for air-conditioned seats and around 4-seaters for outdoor non-aircon seating.

Check them out at 2 Everton Park, #01-59B, Singapore 081002

Tried the matcha millefeuille pancakes 3 years ago and didnt fancy them. This time round, I decided to try the Mango Pancake (4 pcs for $16.40). Top up $1 for vanilla ice cream.

I much prefer this non-matcha pancake version! The pancake was light and fluffy, with fresh mango chunks and some almond flakes in between the layers! Belle-Ville's pancakes are known to be only 80% cooked, so it is much more eggy and fluffy! It is almost like a souffle pancake!

Slightly regretted getting the 4 piece portion, because it was too much to finish for 1 pax. So if you are dining alone, get the 2 piece portion instead (I was initially afraid that the 2 piece portion would not be enough, but it actually was sufficient haha)!

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@breakfasthola is opened by Taiwanese, and they serve all day authentic Taiwanese Breakfast and Brunch items here! Take a trip to Taiwan while in Singapore!

Indulge in a wide range of menu items, ranging from toast, thick slice toast, club sandwiches, egg crepe roll, noodles, rice and many drink choices! There is something for everyone here! Tasty breakfast items to start off your day happy!

Featured here are the below food items that I tried:
- Garlic Butter Thick Toast ($4.50): Highly recommended to get this! I love this crispy on the outside and fluffy soft pillowy on the inside toast! Very fragrant garlic butter spread too!

-Ham Original Egg Crepe Roll with Pulled Cheese ($5.90 + $1.50): A simple dish that can't go wrong and super comforting! You can choose the type of crepe that you want too! Choose from original / whole wheat (+$1) / scallion oil pancake (+$2)

-Grilled Pork Meat and Egg Toast ($5.80): The slightly sweet white bread was nicely toasted! Went well with the crunchy lettuce and cucumber, egg and savoury pork slice!

-Lady Boss Pork Brown Rice (Large size for $8.50): Get the large size bowl if you want this sunny side up oozy egg! Love the savoury braised pork sauce! This version is made of ground pork instead of pork belly, if you prefer less fatty pork meat!

-Iced Good Morning Milk Tea ($2.80): Very thick and fragrant!
-Iced Winter Melon Tea ($2.50): Refreshing and thirst quenching.

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If you have been wanting to try out Beans Factory, they have now opened their FIRST Singapore outlet at 100AM mall at Tanjong Pagar area!

@beansfactory.singapore is a well-known dessert brand from Malaysia! I had wanted to check out their Mount Austin Outlet during my previous Johor Bahru trip actually, but didnt have time to squeeze it in to my itinerary! So happy to know that they are now in Singapore!

Featured here are the following dessert items:
-Taro Family Tau Fu Fah ($8.90): This bowl comes with mini taro balls, taro balls and taro paste too! This is a must get for all taro lovers! Their signature is the TAU FU FAH which is freshly made everyday. Their tau fu fah reminds me of soy pudding! Very smooth and silky, quite different from tauhuey texture! Add the sugar syrup based on your choice of sweetness! The taro balls were also chewy good!

-Honey Lemon Aiyu with Mango and Taro ball ($8.90): If you are craving something sweet and sour instead, check out their Honey Lemon Aiyu Series! The aiyu jelly was smooth and large portions of mangoes were given! This has chewy nata de coco too!

There is a wide variety of menu item choices here! You can also customise your own bowl under the Mix and Match menu category! You can pick the base, topping and sugar base!

Their serving portion here is HUGE, so come with more friends to share more dessert bowls together!

⁣🚨DEAL ALERT: They are having an ongoing CNY promo from now till 5 Feb 2023! Spend min $18 to get 10% off your total bill!

Check them out at 100 AM Mall #01-13A now!

Finally checking out @jiayueneatinghse ! Have bookmarked this place for a few years now but always lazy to head to joochiat road area to have this! They have now moved to tanjong pagar mrt level b1 area! Much more convenient and more accessible to more people now!

We visited this place on a friday evening at almost 7pm timing, and the place was quiet with less than 5 ppl dining in. But i reckon that the crowd and queue will be larger during weekday lunch time hour since prices are quire affordable!

Ordered the creamy salted egg chicken rice ($8) which comes with an egg. I like that the egg was runny! There was quite a substantial portion of chicken meat given! The creamy salted egg sauce was also πŸ‘πŸ»! I slurped up every bit of it! The chicken also seems to be fried prawn paste marinate chicken before it is coated with the creamy salted egg sauce!

Arrived on a weekday early morning at 930am and was slightly disappointed by the limited variety of pastry items to choose from.

-Miso Kouign Amann ($5): This was my favourite item! Who knew Japanese miso + kouign amann will taste so good! I absolutely love the salty and sweet taste!
-Otah Otah Danish ($4.80): Very appetising. But the egg was more than the otak. I will prefer if it has more otah!
-Almond Croissant ($5): This was the item that I least enjoyed, but got it for the sick of getting since I had to use a $20 chope voucher
-Iced Matcha Latte ($7.40): Get $1 off when you order any food item! This promo can be used with the chope voucher too! But I must say this matcha latte was kinda diluted.

The high tea set for 2 is priced at $56++ and it includes 2 non-alcoholic drinks as well. In each high tea set, there will be 2 pieces of the following 10 items:
-Mushroom Croquette
-Rockmelon with Parma Ham
-Crab Cake with Garlic Aioli
-Smoked Salmon Pinwheel with Cream Cheese
-Mini Cranberry Scones
-Pandan Panna Cotta with Rose Sago
-Mini Cheesecake
-Matcha Swiss Roll
-Passionfruit Popsicle
-Berries and Cream Puff
For the drinks, we opted for the Iced Lychee Tea and Iced White Grape Tea.

All in all, i preferred the savouries to the sweets for this high tea set! I also like that the scone was a mini one (usually scone is my most hated item in all high tea sets lol). The sweets items were too sweet to my liking though.

As we had 3 ppl, in addition to the high tea set, we ordered two ala carte food items as well:
-Spruce Prawn Pasta ($22++): This was SUPER DUPER yummy! Orecchiette pasta (it translates to little ears because it resembles that shape) tossed in zucchini, spinach and garlic cream sauce! The sea prawns were super fresh and crunchy!

-Egg Florentine ($22++): Homemade puffy pizzas with Parma Ham, Spinach, Garlic, Quail Eggs, Tomatoes and Chilli Flakes. We got this pizza because another one that we wanted was not available. I am not a fan of parma ham, so I didnt quite enjoy this.

We visited the outlet at Phoenix Park! Love the greenery nature ambience here. If you want to get indoor aircon seats at the Phoenix Park Outlet, I recommend you to make a reservation! Also, do note that the high tea is only available on weekdays 230-530pm.

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