Tanjong Pagar / Outram park / Chinatown

Tanjong Pagar / Outram park / Chinatown

Featuring Botanist, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King (Tanjong Pagar), Cantonese Delights (Hong Lim Market), Bakerzin (VivoCity), Chen's Mapo Tofu (Downtown Gallery), Poh Cheu Hand Made Soon Kueh and Ang Ku Kueh, The Daily Cut (Guoco Tower), Caffe Pralet By Creative Culinaire, Han Kee Fish Soup (Amoy Street Food Centre), Original Chew Kee Eating House
Spoons Of Delights
Spoons Of Delights

The high tea set for 2 is priced at $56++ and it includes 2 non-alcoholic drinks as well. In each high tea set, there will be 2 pieces of the following 10 items:
-Mushroom Croquette
-Rockmelon with Parma Ham
-Crab Cake with Garlic Aioli
-Smoked Salmon Pinwheel with Cream Cheese
-Mini Cranberry Scones
-Pandan Panna Cotta with Rose Sago
-Mini Cheesecake
-Matcha Swiss Roll
-Passionfruit Popsicle
-Berries and Cream Puff
For the drinks, we opted for the Iced Lychee Tea and Iced White Grape Tea.

All in all, i preferred the savouries to the sweets for this high tea set! I also like that the scone was a mini one (usually scone is my most hated item in all high tea sets lol). The sweets items were too sweet to my liking though.

As we had 3 ppl, in addition to the high tea set, we ordered two ala carte food items as well:
-Spruce Prawn Pasta ($22++): This was SUPER DUPER yummy! Orecchiette pasta (it translates to little ears because it resembles that shape) tossed in zucchini, spinach and garlic cream sauce! The sea prawns were super fresh and crunchy!

-Egg Florentine ($22++): Homemade puffy pizzas with Parma Ham, Spinach, Garlic, Quail Eggs, Tomatoes and Chilli Flakes. We got this pizza because another one that we wanted was not available. I am not a fan of parma ham, so I didnt quite enjoy this.

We visited the outlet at Phoenix Park! Love the greenery nature ambience here. If you want to get indoor aircon seats at the Phoenix Park Outlet, I recommend you to make a reservation! Also, do note that the high tea is only available on weekdays 230-530pm.

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Finally visited LUNA!!

This place has been on my bucket list for 2 years!

First thing first, I thought that it was quite weird that the prices for the cakes/tarts were not displayed on shelves (In the end, we realised the QR code for menu was at the tables). So we were blindly choosing the cakes based on whether we think it will be nice without looking at the prices (where usually when I order food I will factor in the price of the item to decide which to get)! But anw, we were very sure we were gona try the orh nee cake, so there was only one more cake for us to choose (which turned out to be more expensive than the cake, when I thought it would be the other way round haha)

These are the items we got:
Orh Nee Cake ($8): This is totally a MUST GET item if you are visiting this cafe! I was also not disappointed with this cake! Light fluffy vanilla sponge cake is layered with velvety yammy paste, and topped with Chantilly Cream and desiccated coconuts. I also like the addition of crunchy white chocolate pearls! So many different textures in one!

Mango Passion Fruit ($9.50): This was a super interesting tart with many different layer! There is mango sponge cake that is assembled together with mango cremeux, passionfruit curd, pistachio ganache, crunchy white chocolate feuilletine , and glazed with coconut mousse and passionfruit glaze. An explosion of flavours in the mouth! Enjoyed this alot too!

Enjoyed my visit here, and may be back again to try their other tarts/cakes!!

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@nictomeatery has reopened a new outlet at 6 Sago Street! The owners are the second generation of the very popular BAI NIAN NIANG DOU FU, which also happens to be my number 1 favourite yong tau foo in Singapore! I always order their beehoon soup whenever I am at Albert Hawker Centre or at Viva Business Park!

For their @nictomeatery, they specialise in cheese beehoon, and serve a variety of chinese and western dishes!

Featured here are the following food items:

Big Scallop Cheese ($15.90++): Was very intrigued as to how the cheese soup will taste like. It turned out to be not bad! The cheese taste was not too over-powering (which is a good thing)! Love the big scallops and fresh juicy prawns! It is a MUST to try out one of their cheese beehoon soup if you are here!

Ee Fu Noodle ($9.90++): Usually we only have ee fu noodles at wedding banquets. Was quite excited to try this! Braised ee fu springy noodles with alot of minced garlic, mushrooms, prawns and scallop. I love this dish! If you are ee fu lovers like us, do try this out!

Sesame Bun ($11.70++): This can be ordered in pieces, but minimum 3 pieces per order! This is another MUST get! Almost every table was ordering this too! Loved the deep fried buns that are topped with black and white sesame seeds. The shredded pork belly was stir fried and with caramelised onions. So good! They also provide you disposable gloves to assemble the bun and eat with your hands! Otherwise, there is also a washing point in the restaurant!

Eight Treasures ($6.90++): This was a very interesting side dish. Deep fried tofu with minced prawns! Goes well with the mayo dip!

For drinks, we got the Iced yuzu drink ($3++) and Hot Fruit Tea ($7.90++)! Very refreshing and thirst quenching drinks!


All-time favourite croissant bundle from @aliceboulangerie!

Featured in this box is the following flavours:
Lychee Raspberry Croissant
Peanut Butter Croissant
Pistachio Chocolate Croissant

The croissants are out of this world!!! They are so aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and also super tasty! They are so well embellished with fillings on the inside! Buttery and flaky crispy croissants! Luxury croissants indeed! My favourite of the lot is the lychee raspberry croissant!!

This bundle box is selling at $18 on @pickupp.sg app or $7 for each croissant (note: there is no markup for the prices on pickupp app)!. Buying the bundle box is so much more worth it!. Use this promocode to get $5 off all your orders on @pickupp.sg ! The promo code can be used unlimited times for new and existing users! (effectively, delivery will be free for your order!)


This stall is located at Chinatown Complex Food Centre 02-096 ! We were making a point to try out a different new stall at this hawker from what we had previously, so food blogger listings brought us to this page! And we were not disappointed!

Got the char siew chee cheong fan ($4), which came with small bits of charsiew. The chee cheong rice batter is house-milled! Was very intrigued by how the chee cheong fans had soooo many wrinkly folds (while typical chee cheong fan at other dim sum stalls are smooth). But turns out, these wrinkly chee cheong fans were very silky, springy and smooth to eat! The soy sauce mixture, that is topped with shallot oil, was also very good! This Chee Cheong Fan also came along with a side of spicy chilli sauce, which was pretty interesting to eat together, but may get too spicy for some!

If you are thinking of dabao-ing this back home to eat, I read that the chef created a chee cheong fan recipe that allows one to takeaway home and still have these soft and springy chee cheong fun”.

We also tried their pork and century eggs congee ($4.50): This came with sliced pork, pork balls and century eggs. What is different is that instead of coming with the usual crispy youtiao, it was topped with fried cracker pillows (the kind you will find in lohei) for the crispy crunch! The porridge was very smooth and tasted very healthy! I especially liked their pork balls, which was marinated pretty well! I wished there was just a pork ball porridge option!

Between the two, I prefer the chee cheong fan over the porridge! It is soo good that I will want to be back to eat it again!


Polo Buns from @championflagship !

Visited this “new cafe” (inverted commas because i visited them 10 months ago, but only finally got down to posting my review now hehe) that sells authentic hong kong bolo buns! It is quite rare to see such a specialty polo bun stall!

There was a snaking long queue when we visited then on a weekend later afternoon! You will need to place your order at the counter before you proceed to find your seats upstairs yourself! There is also waiting time for the food to be served as the polo buns are baked in small batches to ensure quality. They are handmade and freshly baked every 15 mins!

This was what I tried:
⭐️Classic Bolo Bun (right) - not sure if it was just our luck, but the classic bolo bun had too much of a charred top! But nevertheless, i like the sweet crunchy layer with a fluffy pillowy bun. If you want an extra slice of butter in the bun, it is additional 50 cents.

⭐️Curry Potato Bolo Bun (left): Got this to try because it was HIGHLY RAVED. And I can see why. This was a local fusion bolo bun with local curry! Totally love this. If you love curry and spice, try this. There are minced chicken with potato cubes in the fillings. Highly recommend it! 👍🏻

🥤Champion’s Lemon tea (iced): Got an iced tea to pair the buns, since no trip to a charchanteng is complete without a drink. But since I dont take coffee or milk tea, this was the only choice i had.

If you are lazy to get out of your house to queue, good news, because they are on @pickupp.sg for group buy orders this month! Check out the @pickupp.sg app now to preorder! Use this code to get $5 off your order (min $14 purchase)!


Have heard lots of good review about this place! So finally came to visit, since there was 30% discount with Fuzzie app! Super good deal!

Was very impressed with the side dishes served! Especially the deep fried yellow fish! The fish meat was very sweet! But it takes abit of effort to avoid the small little bones. The other side dishes served were pickled cucumber, kimchi, fermented squid and seaweed. I didnt really eat 3 of the 4 side dishes though! I wished they had shredded potatoes and fishcakes instead!

Assorted Soontofu ($21.90++): Comes with an egg, minced beef, clam, crab, squid, and shrimp! Was caught by surprise to find it to be in minced beef instead of sliced beef. Was sharing this dish with partner, and I was a non-beef eater. It was quite annoying to separate out the minced beef which was EVERYWHERE in the soup. So if you are a non-beef eater, best to order the other soontofus instead! We got the standard spicy level soontofu soup and it was already quite spicy! The crab and shrimp were quite a hassle to eat though. So if you are on a date or meeting someone for the first time, my advice is to best to avoid the seafood soontofus haha!

The soontofu pairs super well with the hot stone rice given! Although I found it slightly annoyed that rice is wasted because the rice stuck to the hot stone bowl and I dont really like to eat crispy hard rice (just like how I dont eat the crispy parts of rice in a traditional claypot rice lol)

Grilled Chicken (Spicy or teriyaki option) ($27.90++): Wanted variety so we got a grilled chicken meat dish as well. The spicy was so not spicy at all? The spice level was barely there! While ample portions of meat were given (since it comes with a hefty price tag too), the dish didnt really WOW me.

Freeflow iced/hot corn tea ($1++): They dont serve water here so we observed that most diners got this corn tea too!

Do remember to take your bottle of free yakult at the counter when you are about to pay! Hehe freebies excite me :)

It was only after ordering did we realise perhaps we should have ordered the combo meals instead, which may be more affordable although portions are also slightly smaller, will be back again to try!

If you are new to Fuzzie, use my referral and promo code now to enjoy a discounted price of $50 for 1 year membership (original price worth $144! (Referral code: tan5634; Promo code: 42572883)

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Three Point Two Gelato and Coffee House!

Recently checked out this dessert cafe situated at Outram Park area!

Featured here are the following items:

🍨Signature Gelato Bun with pistachio: Special mention to this signature gelato bun! It is so unique! It is a baked buttery choux pastry with crunchy craquelin cookie crust! And it came with two little eyes, like a little cute monster munching on the gelato! Super in love with it! Opted for the pistachio gelato for the gelato bun and I think it went pretty well together! The pistachio gelato was nutty and I liked the roasted smokey flavour! Get this combination!

🍨Waffles with Chrysanthemum cocoa nibs and lychee yuzu sorbet: Waffles was crispy on the outside, and light fluffy on the inside! As for the two gelato flavours picked, I like how they were super refreshing! Very interesting flavours for both! The chrysanthemum gelato made me feel like I was drinking chrysanthemum tea! Super love the crunchy cocoa nibs in it! The combination of lychee and yuzu, my two favourite fruity flavours for gelato, was also super good!

🍨House Drinks - tropical sunrise: Fizzy sweet drink to quench all thirst!

They have lots of interesting gelato flavours! Will be back again to try more of the other gelato flavours! This place also specialises in durian desserts, so durian lovers will love this place! They have durian mousse, durian mochi and durian ice cream! Besides these gelato and drinks, they also serve some savoury sides too! This place is the perfect spot for after meal desserts, as they are open till 1230am on friday and saturdays Do check them out!

Grandma Banmian from Amoy Street Food Centre!

If you have always wanted to try Grandma Ban Mee 老妈子板面 (from Amoy Street Food Centre) but not quite ready to brace the long queue or cant travel to Tanjong Pagar area for weekday lunch, now is your time to try it! Because Amoy Steret Food Centre is now closed for renovation until 10 Jan 2022, @grandmabanmian came up with frozen ban mian to continue its operations these few months!

The banmian package is delivered frozen, and it consists of banmian/youmian packed separately with the ingredients (minced pork meat with mushrooms and black fungus, iikan bilis, dark soy sauce and red chilli!

All you have to do is to boil them in a pot of boiling water for 3-7mins for the noodles (i prefer 7 mins! It was still the qq chewy bouncy texture after boiling for 7mins) and 5 mins for the ingredients and then mix them up in a bowl !

To zheng-ed up your dry banmian/youmian bowl, add an onsen egg to go together with it! (My simple way of cooking onsen egg - boil some water and immediately submerge eggs in the bowl of boiled water with lids on for 30minutes; followed by immediately submerging it in a bowl of ice cold water placed in the refrigerator until ready for consumption).

Super love their qq noodles, very springy. Coat the noodles up with the dark sauce and chilli sauce to have a slurping good meal! (In case you are afraid the chilli looks too spicy, it wasnt! Spicy level just right, wont leave you running for water)

Do check out the link on @grandmabanmian profile page if you are interested to order this frozen ban mian! Each frozen noodle pack costs $4.90. There is free delivery islandwide for over $100 worth of orders, so do jio your neighbours /friends to group order together! :)

Live lobster roll with Cajun Fries: Who doesnt love lobster roll!! I absolutely love them! Meaty juicy sweet lobster flesh with the very addictive cajun fries that went with the cajun sauce from the live crab combo as a dipping sauce!

Besides gelato, @cotta.sg also serves drinks! I tried the orange osmanthus cloud ($8) which was served with a blowtorch to caramelise the orange! Super love the creamy cloud with the sweet orange osmanthus drink. Best way to end off the night!

They are open till 10.30pm, best for after dinner desserts if you are in tanjong pagar area! Do check them out!

New Gelato Shop in Singapore - Cotta at 104A Tanjong Pagar Road (located on the second floor)!

They specialise in gelato, and even have tarts that are made of gelato!! Their gelato flavours are also super interesting! I tried their violet & berries and muscat grape sake gelato flavours, both were so intense and good! The violet and berries was both fruity and floral at the same time, you get best of both worlds! Was also very intrigued to see the muscat grape sake flavours as you cant find this typically elsewhere! Paired the gelatos with the waffles ($7) which was crispy on the outside and airy fluffy light in the middle, goes well with the caramel sauce drizzled over the waffle too!

Other gelato flavours include Sicilian Pistachio, house matcha blend and cookies, gorgonzola with candied pecans! The gelators are priced at $5 for single scoop, $9 for double scoop (additional $1 for premium flavours).

IG @ spoonsofdelights Food is always on my mind 30% off burpple beyond

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