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Kelsey Kong
Kelsey Kong
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Originating from Tamsui, Taiwan, Grand Castella Cake has just opened it’s first outlet in Singapore at NEX last week, attracting MASSIVE (cough 4 hour cough) queues with its 1-for-1 opening deal! 😱

Similar to other castella cake brands around, their cake flavours include Original, Cheese, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip as well as Pandan, a Singapore exclusive! 🙌🏼 My favourite would definitely be the Cheese, where the texture of the cake was moist enough, with the salty cheese complementing the cake nicely! 🧀 Not the same can be said about the original, though, as I felt it was too dry and thus a little tough to swallow without some water 😓 The Pandan wasn’t too bad, with relatively distinct pandan notes, but it was nothing to rave about either.
Not too bad, but definitely not worth the queue, especially since there are already so many similar brands already in Singapore. Although these castella cakes are still the hype, with the coming of a new year, who knows how long the trend can continue to soldier on? 🤔

😋 Peanut butter min jiang kueh from Granny’s Pancake! Crunchy peanut bits with the soft pancake just make for a satisfying sweet treat! 🥜 Who needs western pancakes when you’ve got these traditional delicacies? #oldisgold

There was a pretty lengthy queue by the time we got there, which was around 1 p.m. They were only left with Set A (‘Flash Meal’, with fried egg only) and Set C (‘Chicken Wing Meal’, with fried egg and fried chicken) out of all seven sets, which ranged from S$2.90 - S$5.90! Naturally, we got Set C (S$3.90) with an additional fishcake cos #tamjiak 😂

Although the portions were quite small, I quite enjoyed the chicken wing, which had a rather unique and seriously crunchy batter. 👌🏼 The chilli was also pretty good! Albeit not extremely fragrant, I felt that the texture of the rice was just right! 😬 My only gripe would have to be the fried egg, as I live for runny yolks, however this egg was completely done, with a rather hard outer crust. 🍳

Not too bad a plate of nasi lemak, will probably return again just to try their full set, catchily named ‘Royal Rumble’ (S$5.90) which includes ikan kuning, otah, and begedil aside from the fried egg and chicken! 😝 (P.S. They’ll be closed from 11 December to 22 December for a break! So do pop by after that!)

🤤 Finally got to try this store infamous for long queues, especially during lunch hour! I probably queued for around 20 minutes before I was able to get the goods 👀

Ordered pork belly, cabbage, steamed egg and of course fried pork cutlet, all piled mountain high before being doused with a ladle of delicious curry sauce! (S$4.50) 👅 Pretty sure there was some black sauce on the rice too.

The pork cutlet was deliciously crispy without being too tough to chew, and the pork belly had a nice flavour to it! 😗 Generally, the dishes blended together pretty nicely with the curry and made for a rather sinfully satisfying lunch.

Thus, in my opinion, the queue was rather worth it! Really recommend this place for curry rice and good pork cutlet! 👍🏼

Ordered their set lunch special which came with spaghetti with olives and tuna, soup of the day as well as a drink! 🍹

Pasta was pretty decent, but I did think it was a tad too salty, probably due to the fact that the tuna itself was already quite salty even without any seasoning. 🐟 Also, I felt that the olives were a little tasteless. 🤔 The mushroom soup wasn’t too bad though!

In addition, I felt that their service was really up there! 👍🏼 Two customers beside our table complained that the pasta was way too salty and requested for a new plate, and despite that, continued to express their unhappiness over the food they received. The staff explained the food to them nicely, and even offered them a free slice of cake as compensation! Their open-mindedness to feedback and constructive criticism is really worth commending ☺️

Won’t mind going down and giving their other pastas a try! Great job! 🍝

Ordered the Chicken Butterfly (S$15.90 w/ one regular side) aka a chicken breast with char-grilled vegetables as sides! #eatyourveggies

Chose the ‘Lemon & Herb’ as my spice level cause I’m a coward 😛 but after trying their hot sauce, I’m pretty convinced I can take on spicier! 💪🏼 The highlight of my experience was really the array of different sauces, that are self-service, and I also liked that the chicken wasn’t too tough, which tends to be the case for some places, especially with chicken breast! Loved the smokiness of the veggies as well, but I would’ve enjoyed more variation in the types of vegetables, as they were mostly bell peppers! 🥗

Nevertheless, will definitely be back to try their other types of chicken! (and hopefully bigger portions as well LOL) 👀

Six piece wingettes and drumettes combo meal (S$10.95) with the option of soy garlic, hot, or a mixture of both flavours! Comes with a side of either plain, seaweed or kimchi fries and drink 🍟 #noregrets

Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum and Bedok Chwee Kueh!

The dim sum dishes were pretty average and the radish cake could have been a little warmer, but I really enjoyed the char siew buns which contained with really delicious filling! The bun to filling ratio was also just right 👌🏼

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the chwee kueh as much. Although the kueh was larger than normal, the texture of them as well as the preserved radish just didn’t suit my tastebuds. 🙅🏻‍♀️ My parents quite enjoyed them though!

We got half a chicken, bean sprouts and cai xim to accompany our rice 😋 Felt the rice was pretty tasty and the texture of chicken was great! However, we all agreed that the sauce for the chicken and vegetables was a tad too salty, and although the chilli was pretty good, it wasn’t the best and may be difficult for some tourists as it can get pretty spicy! 🔥 Nevertheless, although not mind-blowing, it was an above average plate of chicken rice, and I wouldn’t mind going back if there wasn’t a queue! 🙂

(P.S. Don’t be deterred from trying it if you see a long queue! The queue moves pretty quickly since they have two stalls, whereby you order at the first stall and collect your food at the second one.)

Unexpectedly, Marutama Ramen sells the closest tasting ramen to the ones I’ve had in Japan! 🤗

Decided to try their signature ramen, which came with three slices of cha shu, pork belly, ajitama egg and plenty of spring onions and greens! Aside from being tender, the fats of the pork belly literally melted in my mouth, which was extremely heavenly experience. 😍 Another thing I would like to commend would be the Ajitama Egg, which was done perfectly! The pork cha shu was tender, which I tend to prefer, but this made picking them up with my chopsticks difficult as I felt the slices fell apart way too much for me. 😅 Still really delicious though!

Also got their gyoza 🥟, which I found was better than average, but not the best. To our delight, they actually served the gyoza with chilli along with the usual sauce, which we found was rather unique! One thing I noticed, however, was that their food does tend to be oilier, as seen by the layer of oil floating above the broth and the oil which collected on the gyoza plate 🙊 Still worth it though!