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Featuring Boufe Boutique Cafe, Sinseh: The Grocery, Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah), Loco Loco, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart (Jurong Point), BreadTalk (I12 Katong)
Jess W
Jess W
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Galaxy Crepe Cake & Donut

I tried both the galaxy crepe cake and donut at their booth during Artbox SG. The donuts were okay, unfortunately the crepe cake looked better than it tasted. It was very bland and tasted like flour and cream, nothing else.

Black Sesame Bingsu ($18.90)

This is part of their premium bingsu collection. I've been here many times and is it just me or does paying almost $20 for shaved ice seem rather expensive? 😂 Unfortunately this is the only 24hour dessert place in the vicinity so shut up and take my money 💰

Milky Way ($8.50)

Another Chef's Recommendation dessert. Made from white chocolate yoghurt mousse, honey genoise, chocolate sable and calamansi jelly. My only gripe was that the cake could've been bigger 😂

Mini Unicorn Cake ($9)

This is listed under Chef's Recommendation in their menu. Made with coconut mousse, mango cremeux, vanilla sponge and white chocolate horn & ears. Very instagram worthy dessert which tastes as good as it looks!

Traditional Ice Cream Sandwich ($1.50)

Not every Breadtalk outlet has this. It's the same Magnolia ice cream, charged at 50cents above market rate because it is served in an air conditioned environment.

Thai Milk Tea Soft serve ($4)

This was from their stall at this year's Geylang serai Ramadan bazaar. It was a cooling respite from the sweaty bodies brushing against each other.

Last year I tried their churros platter. Between the two, I prefer having the former.

Made In Singapore Tarts

My tarts were from the Parkway Parade outlet instead. I had them confused with BAKE cheese tarts initially. They're not the same. Despite the name, this joint is opened by home grown brand Secret Recipe and BAKE cheese tarts is the real deal.

I ordered original, durian and choco almond (at least that's what I thought I heard). They were all yummy but I felt original was the best.