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Sweet Tooth 🍨

Sweet Tooth 🍨

Featuring Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Boufe Boutique Cafe, Bird Bird, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Cream & Custard, Sinseh: The Grocery, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard), April's Bakery (Tampines), Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah), Loco Loco
Jess W
Jess W
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Third time here but first time eating their cakes. Why? Because they were sold out of watermelon cakes previously. Highly recommended to call ahead to avoid disappointment.

Not liking that there were no prices displayed, both cakes cost around $18. Cafe has limited seating, depending on how many patrons sit & chat after they're done with coffee/cakes.

While the watermelon cake was very refreshing I didn't think it really deserved the hype. Preferred the honey pineapple custard better for its texture. They were out of galaxy cake and unicorn poop too. Will probably try those 2 in my next visit, if I do visit.

I had these during the recent festival held at the Thai embassy. Wanted to try Thai tea flavour but it was already sold out. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the crust is flaky, but when I bit into mine it felt kinda soggy and oily. Granted, the pies have been left outside the entire day as opposed to being freshly baked at the shop. Abit disappointed but it's best to try them at the outlets instead.

#BurppleHawmakase desserts. (1) Black glutinous rice with salted coconut milk and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. A pity the ice cream was half melted and we couldn't taste any salted coconut milk. Both my friend and I preferred the black glutinous rice dessert over the aiyu jelly dessert for some reason. It was unique and I believe it was my first time having black glutinous rice 🙊 (2) Sea coconut with aiyu jelly.

Limited edition National Day edition nasi lemak dessert! Well it's past 9 August now but you can still order this. Pandan mousse hidden inside coconut "nasi", gula melaka sauce & yogurt mango "half boiled egg". The food and presentation here never disappoints!

New offerings at Non Entree Dessert, my favorite joint for sweet fix. Refer to picture for prices.

Bought an ugnut (unglamorous donut) at the Singapore Tea Festival today. Unfortunately it tasted stale, like it was left out for a long time. If it was $2-3, yeah ok whatever, but $7 for this?!?!

Bought these during the Singapore Tea Festival. $6 for a box of 2, compared to $3.20 each from their outlet. The downside? They were unwilling to mix and match the flavours. If you want to try 3 flavours, that would mean spending $6x3=$18.

The consistency for the matcha cream was a little hard and not creamy enough. The earl grey puff was just right. Both puff flavours were very strong. Would I have this again? Been there done that, so nope.

I tried both the galaxy crepe cake and donut at their booth during Artbox SG. The donuts were okay, unfortunately the crepe cake looked better than it tasted. It was very bland and tasted like flour and cream, nothing else.

This is part of their premium bingsu collection. I've been here many times and is it just me or does paying almost $20 for shaved ice seem rather expensive? 😂 Unfortunately this is the only 24hour dessert place in the vicinity so shut up and take my money 💰

Another Chef's Recommendation dessert. Made from white chocolate yoghurt mousse, honey genoise, chocolate sable and calamansi jelly. My only gripe was that the cake could've been bigger 😂

This is listed under Chef's Recommendation in their menu. Made with coconut mousse, mango cremeux, vanilla sponge and white chocolate horn & ears. Very instagram worthy dessert which tastes as good as it looks!