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Definitely Going Back

Definitely Going Back

Featuring Old Airport Road Food Centre, iO Italian Osteria, Sapporo Ramen Miharu, Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar, Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), Colony (The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore), Tom N Toms Coffee, Burger Buddies, Oven & Fried Chicken (Telok Ayer), Super Chicken
Carrie Carrie
Carrie Carrie
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Special Omelette

This spicy crab ramen (rich soup) had a really deep intense flavor. A bit too rich for me. I've learnt that hard noodles paired better with the soup cos normal noodles softened so fast. I really liked this omelette ramen. Mainly bcos I love eggs. I stole hubby's ajitama cos the omelette one didn't have. 🎃

My Chicken Leg!

One whole chicken leg in my tsukemen! That won my heart right away. The noodles were thick but springy. The dipping soup had a wonderful chicken soup aroma. So comforting. I wanted to try the mazesoba but they use breast meat. No thanks. The spicy chicken ramen (rich soup) was good too. Hubby loves their free eggs and bean sprouts.

Har Cheong Chicken Wings

These wings had a good strong har cheong taste but that also meant it was very salty. Die hard fans of har cheong sauce would love this.

Crispy Babies

It was surprising how an appetizer became the star of the dinner. These baby squids were the best dish I had that night. Crispy and crunchy. The sauce was a yummy sweet and tangy. But with a peppery aftertaste that I have not experienced at other places. I was seated outside with a huge fan blowing from the ceiling. So breezy. Ambience so lovely. With k-pop music serenading my ears from the shop next door, my night was absolutely perfect.

Mee Goreng

This was quite nice. Not too ketchupy, and enough chili. Didn't blow me away, but didn't repel me either.

Extraordinary BCM

Oh this was outstanding! Not only was the noodle springy, the chili was also good. And the egg was superb! Lots of minced pork too. I have found a BCM worth queuing for.

Flower Power

This hibiscus tea was sweet, tangy and oh so icy cold! My favorite pink drink from Starbucks! ❤️

Jambalaya And Soy

I have a bad habit of over ordering, and this is the perfect example. I like their jambalaya sauce. Sweet and tangy with a bit of spiciness. But the soy sauce was a let down. Too sweet. I thot it would taste like the one at Chicken Up, which I adore. But it tasted almost the same as the jambalaya, with a hint of pepper. I ordered the soy sauce to balance the sweet jambalaya, so I was very disappointed. Dinner ended up being too jelat.

Coffee In A Cone

This coffee cone was so cute! Quite small actually, but so cute. I ordered the piccolo latte, was told that it would last 5-10mins. Indeed, it started dripping latte at the bottom slowly as soon as it arrived. Coffee was not bad. The cone was not as crunchy as I would have liked. This is a novelty that I was glad to try at least once. The other one was manuka iced coffee. I like manuka. And I like coffee. But paired together tasted a bit strange. Still, I would order this again.

Citra Sea Mead

This very fabulous sweet mead made with sea water and citrus was exactly what I needed on a swelteringly hot afternoon. It is a limited edition brew. I had wanted the elderflower mead but it was sold out and shipment will only come in sept. This was recommended cos it was a rare find. I love it! It was sweet, with a hint of citrus and very subtle salt.

Good Soup

Was nursing a sore throat, so wanted sthg soupy. Opted for the beef noodle soup while hubby ignored my death glare and went for the tom yam beef. Beef soup was very flavorful. It was a big bowl but I finished every last drop. Tom yam was very spicy. Iced milk tea was too sweet. I waited till the end of the meal for the ice to melt and tried again. No good. I left it untouched.