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Being situated in an old neighbourhood, LJJ Cafe is constructed to recreate that old-school vibes that coffeeshops used to have, though albeit in a hipster fashion. The menu pays tribute to the past as well, selling Toasts, Noodle Soup, Mee Siam and even Ice-Cream in bread (heard there's an Atap Chee flavour around). The food is not particularly impressive, but it's the environment that would probably catch you as you people watch, with a cup of Kopi on the table.


On my previous lunch trips here (more than a year ago at least), I wasn't particularly impressed by the meals we had, but today's visit was a pleasant one.
I had the 3-course set lunch which offered three to four options each for the appetiser, main and side. After perusing the menu, I decided to begin with the tuna sashimi and move on to the penne pasta with braised beef cheek as my main course, plus truffle parmesan fries as a side.
Things got rolling with the waiter bringing a wooden board laid with thick crisp slices of toasted housemade bread that had bits of herbs in it, and some garlic aioli spread - an unexpectedly scrumptious start. My appetiser arrived soon after and it was just as delightful. The refreshing ginger shallot dressing complemented the tender piece of raw tuna beautifully, and although I am not a big fan of strong cheeses, the little blobs of Persian feta harmonised well with the other elements in the dish. Next came my main course. The braised beef cheek had basically fallen apart (yes, it is that tender), so the thick sauce that the al dente pasta was cooked in, was rich with beefy goodness. My side of truffle parmesan fries was gratifying in every way - salty and crisp, with sufficient truffle fragrance.
I didn't have space left for dessert but for those who like to end on a sweet note, there's a "chocolate delice", ice-cream and sorbet, or a coconut panna cotta to choose from for an extra $6++.

Fat Cow serves luxurious meats & is known for their various grades wagyu beef. You can choose your meat to be cooked in different styles: Sumibiyaki, Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. Great place for dining on yr special occasion. 🍷 Big thanks to @the_entertainer241, we had a 1-for-1 main course which saves us 80 bucks. πŸ‘ More info of this hidden gem on the blog, jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg (link in bio)


Not just any ordinary pancakes, these are thick wads of batter stuffed with cinnamon and nuts, then shallow-fried so the exterior is golden-brown and lightly crispy while the inside remains soft and chewy. A dollop of sweet red bean paste and a generous smear of black sesame cream on the plate enhance the toastiness of the filling; chase every bite of the pancakes with a mouthful of the vanilla ice cream to balance out their warmth.


Fluffy pillows of brioche blanketed in fried egg wash, infused with peanut butter, stuffed with jam, and served with blueberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. What way to make my heart leap.


How about ordering a cold and refreshing Cha Soba Salad? A good combi of tasty ham and omelette strips, with Japanese mayo as a special twist!

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Love this chicken chop!! Skin was pan fried till crispy and the meat was tender and juicy!!


Not peanut butter, but Nutella (which is very nearly as good) and caramelised banana fill this French toast, with vanilla ice cream on the side. Simple but so satisfying. Available only during weekend brunch.


Very tickled that "durian" is called "tu-rean" in Thai, but linguistics aside, this dessert of warm sticky rice pudding with deliciously pungent, creamy durian flesh and coconut milk is just tremendous. Soooo worth the calories!


Iberico Loin Katsu and Ebi Katsu are both available till 31st August only.
All gozen menu included imported Japanese rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, pickles and dessert. Do not miss out the jumbo prawn and twin special set that is on the menu.

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Life is a blessing to have good food around the world! πŸ’₯ @wahsogood

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