63 Jurong West Central 3
#03-80 Jurong Point 2
Singapore 648331

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11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Time for an afternoon tea 🫖 treat! [Part II]

Fluffy, soft bolo bun with a crumbly, buttery-sugary crust served with two slabs of cold butter & a drink with a salty note, [LOVE ♥️ it!] served with a mixture of salty preserved lemon, fresh lemon 🍋 in carbonated soda. 😋

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Hong Kong style instant noodles that consist of Luncheon Meat, Egg and Veg. Comfort food 😋

Location: Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant 香港傳奇餐廳, 63 Jurong West Central 3, #03-80 Jurong Point, Singapore 648331

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Theirs is more crusty than normal, as you can tell from the colour. It's got a bit of crisp, and overall heartier than your average wife biscuit

Nothing too impressive tho

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A classic of Hong Kong char chaan teng, nothing shouts more Hong Kong than a bolo pau.. and some char siew roast. At the point of ordering (dinner peak), we were informed that this required a 20mins waiting time, like all baked dim sum items on the list. However, this was served sooner than expected! Here’s a breakdown of the sandwich from top to bottom -
Bolo bun
Freshly baked till a nice golden yellow with crusty brown squares patterned over the bun and butter on the undersides. It’s nicely toasted to deliver some crisp (& mess) with each bite. I like how the bun felt ‘airy’ - y’know how disappointing it is to find a bolo with dense, doughy insides that makes you fill so stuffed that you don’t need a second bite.
Co-star of the bolo sandwich and would be key in determining the success of this sandwich. This was sliced to the perfect thickness, just right for a sandwich (neither too thicc nor miserly thin). It was nicely roasted with dark crimson sides that shone with some glaze. A good balance of lean meat-to-fat ratio, very tender and juicy, definitely up to mark!

Sunny side up
Perfectly executed with runny yolk! Nothing like a disappointing, cakey yolk centre.

Fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce in pieces (not sliced like the ones from McDonald’s). All part of a balanced diet I guess?

All the above were stacked nicely with some mayo to gel it all up. The presentation along whets up the appetite! My mother-in-law was sufficiently enticed and decided to add the same to the order.

For those who prefer to gobble this in their hands, do be mindful of the runny yolk tho! My MIL didn’t eat it too glamly as the yolk dripped down her bolo sandwich… and down onto the table! Of course, cutleries are available should you prefer to stay glam!

❤️ these crunchy, golden-brown toast topped with prawn paste and sesame seeds, served piping hot. 😮

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Visited this place at Jurong Point on a Monday evening and didn’t have to queue for a table for two. Really enjoyed the thin noodles with prawn dumplings (4 dumplings were given); each dumpling had a substantial filling of meat covering a fresh prawn, which offered varying textures in one bite. The dumpling skin also had a nice bite to it, unlike some places that leave their dumplings boiling in broth for too long and the dumpling skin becomes overly soft. The dry version ($9.5++) of the noodles also came with some kai lan, as well as some sweet and savory sauce on the side that you can mix the noodles with. We really liked how chewy the noodles were and you could also mix in the chili oil from the jar placed on every table. A bowl of savory soup was also given if you opt for the dry noodles.

As for dim sum, we had a plate of chee cheong fun and prawns ($6.8++) and snowy char siu pau ($6.5++ for 3). The chee cheong fun was delightfully tender, with each piece (total of 6 pieces) containing a prawn each. For added umami, you could once again add some chili oil to these silky rice rolls. As for the char siu pau, while we wished that the outside had more crisp, the filling was decent. The “snowy” version of the pau had a layer of flaky sugar above each bun like what you would get from a polo bun but this is way less crusty as you can tell from the color. If you prefer a less sweet version of this bun, you may want to choose the regular char siu pau instead, since the filling itself already carries a decent amount of sweetness.

We both really enjoyed the HK milk tea ($3++ each), which came without sugar (but sugar packets are given on the side). The tea was really fragrant and smooth, with the ratio of milk to tea being just right. We strongly recommend you to get this together with your mains!

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