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High Tea

Came with a great assortment and everything taste perfect. High tea done right 💯

Eclair High Tea Set

Shop Name: L'clair by Sarah Michelle
Location: Singapore Shopping Centre Level 1
Food Ordered: High Tea set that comes with 2 drinks (time limit of 2hours)
Price: $60 nett
Verdict: Under impressed high tea dessert given the price and the much raved reviews. Each of the food unit lacks of its own strong flavours-you kinda forget what you ate before that. Prob the worth mentioned are the truffle egg sandwich and the ham pie(? In the middle of the last rack). Though the eclairs are abundantly filled with, still thought it lacks of some texture. The beverages need improvement too.
Return?: Unlikely. Though they justify for their increase in price due to increase in savoury items, dont think the set should command $60.

High Tea Set

High tea set $60 for 2, comes with 2 drinks! 2 levels of savory & 1 level of their mini eclair creation! Love their lemon curd eclair best & the bacon pie! Delicious! Service was awesome, interior was beautiful! Sarah Michelle is 2 girls who create the first full fledged eclair shop in SG! Do support local talent!

#Throwback to @leclairpatisserie High Tea Degustation Set for two that I had last month.

So glad that they heard the feedbacks and has decided to change from 1 tier of savoury canapés to 2 tiers, while remaining the 1 tier of mini assorted eclairs. With that, there's also an increase in price to $60. Can't wait to be back to try the other savouries, which were equally good as compared to the eclairs imo.

Sweet treat as we gotten boxes of mini eclairs yesterday.

On top of their classic collections, we also got to sample a couple of their seasonal collections. My personal favourites includes Ispahan, Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans, Banana & Walnut and Hazelnut Praline.

'Eat first and worry later'.

Why CARE about calories or waistline when there's ECLAIRS?! ✨ Ft: violet cassis and lemon meringue 💜💛 eclairs from @leclairpatisserie 👍🏻

Lemon Meringue Eclair

Anyone who love lemon, will definitely love this. 🍋

This was part of the high tea set ( 2 pax for $50 nett). Delicious high tea set with both sweet and savoury for you and love one. 😄

Have a good day everyone! Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meal with us! Stay positive and happy everyone! Let's eat good today! 💖

#eclair #lemon #dessert

L'ECLAIR by Sarah Michelle

I would definitely say this was the most unique elcair I have had. Tasted so refreshing, tasted like a flower in an eclair. 🌷

This was all part of the high tea, ($50 nett) for 2 pax. We had an amazing experience over that, and is definitely a place for good occasional. 😍

#dessert #hightea #rose

The "Safe" Flavours

This was a pretty interesting experience. Being Muslim, I do not consume any alcohol, pork or items that contain the by-products of pig like gelatin, lard etc. When I was told that most of the flavours contained gelatin, man my heart sank. But thankfully, I was told that there were two flavours that were devoid of all those things - the Earl Grey Chocolate (left) and the Salted Caramel (right).

And they were fantastic. I absolutely adored the generous amount of filling that is piped into one of these capsule-shaped pastries! While I really loved the Earl Grey Chocolate for its light, earthy flavours, the Salted Caramel took some getting used to — but credit where it's due, its heavy salty-smoky flavour was beguiling given its unsuspecting light brown cream. It's as if they synthesised a cream directly from Werther's Original. It was rather magnetic, if I may conjecture.

Maybe I can only dream that they'll release more of such safe flavours, but for now, I'll take what I can get. These two flavours stood tall, and with their heads held high. (8.5/10)

So happy that I managed to get my hands on these #eclairs before they're taken off the shelves when #CNY is over.

Our favourites were definitely the Black Sesame with its pronounced, deep flavour, and the Pineapple Tart which was an authentic interpretation of the ubiquitous CNY snack. The Bak Kwa & Pork Floss was an interesting savory item incorporated into a dessert too! Try them before they go on a hiatus for another year after 12 Feb! #burpple

Andddddd it's the last day of 2016 😱 It's crazy how the year just flew past, but I'm excited looking forward to what's to come in the year ahead!

In the meantime, admiring what's in front of us, like this box of beauties from @leclairpatisserie that taste as good as they look 😍😋 #sorandom. So glad that I managed to get my hands on some of the flavours fresh outta oven (esp those limited edition #Christmas flavours)! #burpple #dessert #dessertporn #eclair

What better way to celebrate Christmas than treating your loved ones to this L'Eclair High Tea Degustation set!

Featuring savouries, sweets and choice of coffee or tea for 2! Naughty or nice, get your high tea fix here at $50 nett! Reservations must be made in advance on their website.

Having high tea (lunch) set w @turtelswq24 to celebrate her birthday!

Several canapés and their eclairs in one set that includes 2 coffee/tea! I must say it's pretty worth it for $50 per set, judging from the quality of the items! Their eclairs are as good as they usually are. Each eclair is a perfect balance of taste. None of them are too sweet, because there will always be another element to balance it out. Especially for the salted caramel one! It tasted like dulce de leche w a hint of salt 😋😋. Even the savouries were perfectly executed (other than the bruschetta where the bread was too hard), the pies were beautifully done! We definitely walked away w happy bellies. 😆
#burpple #hightea #eclair #leclair

New Flavour Hazelnut~

Saw the new flavour and grab fast! Although the shape look like caterpillar 😂😂

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