L'Atelier Tiramisu translates into "The Tiramisu Workshop". At this workshop, we only specialize in one cake: Tiramisu. It is our business concept and belief that by focusing on one cake, we would channel our attention and resources into perfecting the optimal mix and attract a large audience. At L'Atelier Tiramisu, we have brought in different exquisite flavors and infused them with the classic taste of a Tiramisu cake. Selecting the best mix of ingredients, we have mastered the creation of the classic cake and found the perfect blend of exquisite and traditional. We have created fusions of its flavor, bringing in tastes of tropical fruits and tea. Here at L'Atelier Tiramisu, it is our goal and mission to bring you a cake that uplift spirits while satisfying cravings for a range of taste buds.

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#B1-08/09 Clarke Quay Central
Singapore 059817

12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm

12:00pm - 09:00pm

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Randomly chanced upon this stall and I went in without much expectations. Boy was I proved wrong as this tiramisu cake (original version) was so intricately balanced- the sweetness and creaminess of the mascarpone cheese coupled with the rich coffee infused ladyfingers and chocolate bits. The atmosphere was pretty chill and cosy, definitely suitable for small gatherings with family and friends. Will definitely be back to try the other flavours!

L'Atelier Tiramisu never fails to deliver, and despite the weird sounding combination of the two, this actually works really well. It is worth noting that there isn't much of a coffee element in here (probably not even at all), but this works really well for those who are in for something light on the tastebuds. The entire construction of the Lychee Tiramisu is similar to the usual — soaked sponge, mascarpone cheese and probably even a bit of alcohol; that already brilliant combination that works so well on their original version. Taking away that coffee element and replacing it with Lychee, it's familiar but refreshingly different with a light hint of Lychee that still goes very well with everything else in the Tiramisu. A sheer pleasure to have!

This tiramisu is not bad, with cereal and chocolate on top of it. Wish there was more mascarpone cheese though and i prefer my version of tiramisu because i put alot of mascarpone cheese muhahhaa

It costs $7.50 and there is no service charge!


This almost felt like a lychee martini packed in a cake. Tucked away in a corner at the basement of The central, this is literally a hidden find. This flavour is refreshing in a zesty way with bits of lychee can be found embedded in it.

Visited this place tahe fourth time today and ordered the Classico, Pistachio, Matcha and Earl Grey Lavender.

My favourite is Classico (slice $6.80/pc) which is a gorgeous creamy goodness. This is an authentic Italian tiramisu with mascarpone that's smooth and light, adorned with sprinklings of cocoa powder and chocolate flakes was a delight. The moist sponge fingers soaked with coffee and pleasant Khalua makes this dessert a delight.

In comparison, the rest of the tiramisu flavors are disappointing. The Pistachio Tiramisu has does not have fragrant nutty aroma and have weird metallic taste. Matcha Tiramisu looks elegant but did not did not have the distinct Matcha taste.

The Earl Grey infused with Lavender cake is moist, fragrant, refreshing and full of flavors! This newly added flavor is definitely the best after the Classico.

Their coffee isn't on the strong side so if you like strong coffee scent and taste it might be a little mild for you! But still pretty good coffee and comes with a lotus biscoff. The tiramisu is 10/10 and I like hitting the caramelised sugar on top with the spoon. Light, smooth, soft and not too sweet. So far the earl grey lavender is still my favourite! Can't wait to try the other flavours!

It was $13 in total! A little pricey but it's damn good 😍

They have been opened for eons but finally only here after so many years; not really much of a Tiramisu person — I am the sort of person who would usually prefer a Cheesecake/Carrot Cake any day.

That being said, I actually found myself appreciating the Tiramisu here and it was a really good one. Despite not being the most classic flavour available, I enjoyed the light and smooth cream cheese, fluffy, coffee-soaked sponge and the thick, crackling torched sugar layer that is executed even way better than some Creme Brûlée attempts out there. The cake was suprisingly balanced in booziness — one could taste a tinge of it and it seems to be stronger around the ends, but it is never overbearing that it completely covers all the other flavours of the cake. A place that Tiramisu lovers should check out especially with their rather ideal execution of their Tiramisu and their small range of rather unconventional flavours available

Been wanting to try this place for ages and finally did! We liked both for their strong flavours and even distribution between layers. One of the more decent tiramisu, but by no means life-changing.

Tried the classic, lychee and matcha tiramisu which were about $7.20/ea (can't remember the exact price). The classic was okay at best but the lychee was way too soggy for my liking and the matcha could hardly be tasted. However, 2/4 friends like the lychee so to each his own!

Trying their Earl Grey Lavender Tiramisu and it's equally good as the Classico! 🍰😋

Walked past, get in and ordered a tiramisu, and has since be a happy follower. A nice cozy place for a cuppa and nice (alcoholic) tiramisu.

Have Classico, Lychee, Matcha, Dark Cherry, Brûlée and Pistachio flavor. Matcha tiramisu • $7.20

Tucked away in the basement of sleepy mall The Central, this nondescript shop specialises in just one item — tiramisu — and it also happens to be one of the Burpple community's favourite renditions of the Italian cake! They offer several flavours like dark cherry and pistachio but for special celebrations, go straight for the Classico (from $30 for 500g / $7.20 a slice) — this timeless classic will not fail you. Light, fluffy, aromatic with bittersweet coffee and generous on the Kahlúa, we also appreciate how they've nailed the ratio between ladyfingers and mascarpone, resulting in a moist (yet not overly so) piece of perfection.
*Whole cakes have to be ordered two days in advance
Photo by Burppler Emily S

After a very satisfying dinner at 8 Korean BBQ on level 2 of Central at Clarke Quay, we strolled down to this place located in the basement of the same building. I was keen to check it out because my sis-in-law had said they have good tiramisu.
From the selection on display, we got the Classico and Dark Cherry to share. Our preference was firmly for the former as we found the latter too wet from the juices of the fruit. The level of alcohol in the Classico was decent for the price, plus it had the kind of texture I find appealing with its even proportion of coffee-soaked sponge fingers to mascarpone.

Really love their moist tiramsu cake base! The green tea one was slightly on the sweeter side for me but it was fantastic nonetheless!
Free flow water from a fancy tap too!
Price is about $7.50 per rectangular slice.

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