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From the Burpple community

My first liquid nitrogen ice cream experience! The vegan flavour available during my visit was Purple Rice with Osmanthus Grass Jelly. The ice cream was purple rice flavored, the grass jelly the topping, and the osmanthus was a honey-like syrup poured over. I liked it, I like everything purple rice! It was pricey tho, HKD$46 for a really small cup.

Lab Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory (Tai Hang)
G/F, 6 Brown Street, Tai Hang

Slightly sour and sweet, yet refreshing dessert. What a nice ending to a day of eating. Thanks to @ivanypng @minnie2mac and @cbyyy for bring @hungrybaker and me around!


Oh so crispy peanut butter and condensed milk toast chunks in liquid nitrogen ice cream. The only downside is that they keep changing the flavors every 2 weeks. I know, #firstworldproblems

#burpple #tingzietravels #projecthappinessforever @kwongmh @leenzsim


Exams gayau my babiessss @ngohaimolly @karenklc :3