[CLOSED] La Strada Ristorante (Shaw House)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Be swept away by this charming ristorante along the corner street Shaw Centre, which serves reimagined classic Italian dishes in a comfortable yet modern setting.

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From the Burpple community

With vanilla ice cream. Delicious.

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Tasted so weird, maybe too refined for my tastebuds sad I was looking so forward to them.

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I love pine nuts and the flavour in this was incredible, particularly when you pair it with a solid vanilla ice cream.

However the portion is rlly abit small, as expensive as pine nuts are

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Pretty competent, I only had the mascarpone and that was pretty good. She was happy w everything

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Obsiblue is a very rare prawn that's seasonal as well, so I made a reservation as soon as I saw it.

The prawn is extremely snappy and sweet, and it was grilled well with a nice smokiness and evident caramelisation. However the pasta didn't taste like anything

Nonetheless, the prawn head is insane and when you squeeze the head juice out onto the pasta, it's an awesome bite.

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It's passable but definitely nowhere near competent for Chilean seabass. I haven't had too many so I am unaware if there's a great difference between individual specimens but this seems overcooked to me, not cos the fish is hard in the first place.

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