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From the Burpple community

There was many famous food stall in Pasir Ris, but definitely have many good foods around this neighbourhood.

This place already crowded early morning on Sunday with people getting their breakfast here.

Meng Li Cooked Food is one of the stall here that served fried bee hoon, porridge or chee cheong fun.

Their fried bee hoon paired well with the ingredients such as the vegetable and fried egg.

$7 each for Grilled Fish & Chicken Chop. Like how they serve with a bun and baked beans, the old fashioned way. Fries were very crsipy and both chicken and fish were seasoned well!

⭐️ 3.5/5

This is some legit old school western food right here. The chicken chop ($7) is really well seasoned and grilled, with a crispy crust that adds a nice texture. The meat is surprising really tender, and I would say this is really one of the better ones out there.

Lots of creamy peanut stuffed in the pancake. Made on the spot, soft inside and crispy on the outside. 3 slices for just $2.80. Worth it.

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Just a random buy for a snack from Han Han Peanut Pancake at the above mentioned coffeeshop but was really impressed with the pancake here. I got myself a slice that was made fresh — the pancake itself getting off the pan as soon as I made my order. The Pancake here is on the thinner side, but with edges that are absolutely crisp if one gets a piece that is made fresh; the red bean filling isn't a lot but overall not overly sweet and a bit more on the earthy side.


(1 pc for $1, 3 for $2.80) Chinese pancakes are life- in singaporean breakfast fashion; and these are the ones to go for in this area. Hot off the pan batter that is not overly sweetened to complement the sweet spreads/ filling.
It's so satisfying my friends and I who live around the area buy sealed packets of the crispy version for the subsequent week's breakfast on Sundays.