KOOKS Creamery specializes in Molten Lava Cookies - each baked fresh to a golden brown perfection upon each order. While the lava cookie is soft and chewy on the inside, its surface remains buttery and crumbly with every bite. To top it all off, every cookie is accompanied by lovingly handcrafted ice cream that comes in an assortment of 18 flavours. Popular flavours include Lemon Curd, Nougat, Raspberry Lychee and Speculoos, just to name a few.

211 Serangoon Avenue 4
Singapore 550211

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm


12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm



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Matcha + Earl Grey Ice Cream Power Duo

An interesting combination. The matcha isn't as sweet as I thought it to be. Really tasty. Will definitely come back! My only wish is for the cookie to be bigger and for more matcha lava ❤️ the ice cream feels more than the cookie..

Signature Lava Set

Absolutely loved the fact that they served the ice cream in a cup separately ☺️ The cookie was soft and easy to eat, and the chocolate lava was flavorful. However, I wish that there was more chocolate lava given as I finished it rather quickly.
A small creamery located below a HDB Block, I really liked the interior and environment of the place as well!

Worth It.

Nice soft cookie dough with oozing choco lava. Got the dark choco ice cream which was really rich and nice. My favourite was the arabic coffee as it is really fragrant and balances the sweetness of the choco lava. Would visit here again! But even for a Wed night, it is still quite packed.

Kooks signature lava set ($9.10).

Something different but the strawberry chesecake ice cream came across as diluted and bland.

Matcha lava cookie with brown butter ice cream

The lava cookie was really good and it goes really well with the ice cream too! The Brown Butter ice cream tasted like a less sweet Werther's Original and it was rather unique and good 😋

Chocolate lava cookie with earl grey ice cream

The lava cookie was really good and it goes really well with the ice cream too! The earl grey ice cream was strong and flavourful which complemented the chocolate cookie really well!

kooks creamery

kooks signature lava set ($8.50)
warm and chewy chocolate molten cookie; bittersweet dark chocolate ice cream

matcha lava set ($8.50)
warm and chewy matcha molten cookie; rich thai milk tea ice cream

Lava Cookie

absolutely love this place, super quiet and cozy!
been here so many times.
the hot lava that oozes out of the cookie is so satisfying and my favourite flavour of ice cream is thai milk tea definitely! do come during the weekdays and weekends are crowded

Happy Tummies

Lava cookies? With ice-cream? A god-send, period.

The cookies above: Red velvet, chocolate and matcha. I forgot what ice-creams but fret not they were all bae-licious hehe! My favourite cookie would be the matcha one.

Matcha Lava Cookie ($8.50)

(Aug '16) Throwing it back to last year when I had this! This fist-sized lava cookie came with a scoop of ice-cream on the side to be plopped onto it. The molten inside immediately oozed out, serving immensely captivating visuals. Hence, it will come in clutch if you ever need game-changing content on your page.

Personally, I feel the presentation resembles the glorious view of floating fragments of ice sheets encompassing an iceberg. And I find it rather soothing.

Anyway, as far as I can recall, it was pretty alright. The portion left more to be desired, for sure. The thick cookie itself was moistful, and and the lava possessed a subdued intensity of the matcha flavour. The Thai Tea ice-cream was well ordinary and rather forgettable though. The scoop was slightly too big, making it disproportionate to the compact cookie.

I remain neutral about this, overall. It's something that will have you gravitating towards trying once, but it's not compelling enough to warrant repeated visits from you in the near future. 🍪🍦

Looks Signature Lava

Ordered the kooks signature ($8.50) which includes a chocolate molten cookie and a single scoop ice cream. The yummy cookie is rich in buttery taste and incredibly tasty when served warm. Chose the pistachio icecream which tasted pretty average. Will definitely come back again for more cookies~~~ xoxo, wet tissue no have

Jingle bells, jingle bells 🔔 In just ~ a weeks time, Christmas is coming!

🎄 Which means time to feast and eat to ur hearts content! 💖 In the meantime, do check out the newly launched EARL GREY molten lava cookie at @kookscreamery thats only available for the month of December! Get that festive spirit in u with their reindeer theme! ❣️

Kooks Signature Lava Cookie, $8.50.

Their Ferrero Rocher flavoured icecream really tastes damn good! Nice combi with the lava cookie but a bit pricey for such a small portion :-(

Nougat Ice Cream With Matcha Lava Cookie

The ice cream is da best👍🏻 loved the milky combination of two 😍 Just need to add $0.50 for the nougat favour because it's a premium flavour. Totally worth it! You can ask the staff there to let you try before you place your order. 😉

I choose The Wrong Ice cream

I like the match lave cookie 👍
But the ice cream is too sweat


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