3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-310/311 Suntec City Eat At Seven
Singapore 038983

11:30am - 04:00pm
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11:30am - 04:00pm
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11:30am - 04:00pm
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11:30am - 04:00pm
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11:30am - 04:00pm
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What you should order at Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City)

You should order these at Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City)

Reviews at Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City)

Reviews of good food at Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City)

Another hit from Kohaku, their seasonal seafood tendon might not be as cheap, but it’s definitely still very worth your buck! Packed with a variety of different seafood (2 prawns, squid, oyster, snow crab, king crab stick and scallop) all fried in a special seaweed batter which lent a unique scent to the whole bowl. Even better was the generous dollop of ikura that made each mouthful a delight. It’ll only be available till Feb, so if seafood’s your jam, then pop over pronto!

Last time I wanted to try it there was such a long queue my brother was all grumpy he didn’t wanna wait so we ended up eating something else. This time we went around 5.45 and there wasn’t a queue at all!!!!! YAY. So I got the seasonal tendon and Ian got the spicy tendon set. Mine was all seafood and there was a strong seaweed taste which I quite like, but the tempura was a little bit soggy (and I ate it almost immediately?!? Only took a while to take pix Bc I was so hungry lol). The batter didn’t rly stick to the meat as well, my scallops just ploped out of the tempura batter and my rice could do with more sauce. I thought I ordered some 16 multi grain rice but all I saw was just brown rice??? Was kinda disappointed abt that lol. I’d say for the price it’s worth it la Bc they’re q generous with the serving but I’ve definitely had better tempura🍤 #burpple

Ocean gems. There’s scallop, oyster, snow crab, squid, and more. You may also pair it with multigrain or white rice. Thumbs up! #tingzieeats #burpple

Today we walked in comfortably soon after it opened at 5pm. And what was our verdict on it?
Tasty yes but we won’t queue especially just for it. Having tasted this, it led us to compare with a similar place at Tj Pagar, which we preferred the latter for their crispier tempura.
Nonetheless, we were quite delighted with the seasonal seafood Don available now which came with prawns, squid, snow crab and giant crab sticks, oyster and Ikura. A good alternative to the standard bowl which had the chicken breast which was a little dry.

Comprises of fresh ocean catch such as prawns, snow crab, king crab meat, scallop, oyster and squid before topped with glistening ikura. The crispy tempura is enlivened by aonori (dried seaweed) powder giving it a subtle savoury and earthy note. Plus choose between Nanatsuboshi White Rice or the 16-grain rice at no additional charges, WOW!

Only 50 bowls available daily, you can get it at Suntec outlet now. Boat Quay outlet will launch this from mid January so be sure to catch them before February 2018!

Kohaku Tendon
Address: Eat At Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit 03-311 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983

I’m not a fan of tempura, but after eating this.. I’m definitely going back again! The best tempura I can ever find!

A bowl of Japanese white rice with salmon(x1), Japanese green pepper(x1), prawns(x2) and 6 different varieties of mushrooms! They are really generous with their serving, I could barely finish one bowl by myself. Their tempura are not too flaky and not fried with thick layers of battered, unlike those usual tempura sold outside.

There are no queue as I went around 5.30pm, long queue started forming at around 6.30pm. Do try to go earlier to avoid long queues.

Located at Suntec City Tower 1, Eat at Seven, #03-310/311!
Q for 40mins to get a table and given a choice I would do it all over again! Ordered their Signature KOHAKU Tendon (Vegetables, Chicken, Prawn & Other Seafood) for only SGD $15++. Very big portion bowl and it’s so super awesome! Everything was so good, even the corn, long beans, etc! They were freshly deep fried too! We sat at the bar counter which we could see the entire process.. the Chef treat each bowl with pride and an art, he would patiently stack these ingredients on the rice! This is why I love Japanese restaurant and their attitude! @kohakutendon #hungryunicornsg #kohaku #letsmoreenjoytendon #tendonkohaku #kohakutendon #tendonkohakusg

FINALLY TRIED THIS AFTER HEARING SO MUCH ABOUT IT!! Loved the rice and tempura and yes mushrooms of course hahaha! Pretty worth it for such a generous serving as well! Definitely gonna come back often to satisfy my cravings hehehe! 8.5/10😍👍🏻

Very filling, I couldn't even finish my rice. Tried my luck with the spicy version and it was surprisingly milder than I remembered.

Comes with yuzu-flavoured salmon, 2 prawns, and a whole load of mushrooms (yay)! Enjoyed the salmon, tho I wished the yuzu flavour was stronger. It remained moist and flaky and the batter was just right. Can't say the same for the mushrooms though. I love mushrooms, and I like how the different mushrooms give a different mouthfeel but sadly the batter of assorted tempura mushrooms was rather inconsistent - some had a slightly thicker batter, and my bowl of tempura seemed to be greasier and less crisp (some were actually soggy and nope I didn't leave it untouched for too long) than I recall from my last visit here.
Hoping it's just an off day!

Yuzu salmon and mushrooms tendon at $17.50++ 😍 Besides the salmon flavoured with yuzu, there’s also 2 prawns, a Japanese green pepper and SIX different kinds of mushrooms, like oyster, shiitake, enoki and a special flowery one that’s my favourite! Too bad the spicy version had toned down considerably, but you can still help yourself to the chilli powder (and tendon sauce!) at the side 😁
In general, we could only detect one mouthful with yuzu flavour, so more yuzu please! If only the big juicy prawns also came with yuzu flavour 😋The enoki mushrooms was the greasiest, so I didn’t really enjoy that, but the portion is so generous we find it really hard to finish one bowl by ourselves 😅
Here’s some tips to avoid the perpetual queue:
1) Mondays are better than Fridays
2) 1:30pm or after 6pm is the best on weekdays
We queued for 40min outside the restaurant and waited another 20min for the food to be served. Nonetheless, this remains my favourite tempura place in Singapore! If only they can do a poached egg 🤤

Albeit a long queue, totally worth it. Bumped into an old friend too, while waiting. #burpple #tingzieeats

"Salmon with Yuzu Flavour, Prawns x2, 6 kinds of Mushrooms, Japanese Green Pepper" Of course, Kohaku Tendon manages to fit all of that into one bowl. 😋

Available until December, this autumn inspired bowl is definitely one for mushroom lovers! I particularly loved the thick cuts of Erinji mushroom that had a lovely sweet flavour to it. The salmon was also well done and still moist while having a good hit of yuzu to keep the proceedings from being overwhelmed by tempura batter. Another reason to revisit Kohaku, make sure you head down early to avoid the queue! 🏃

This is something worth queuing for. The kohaku original tendon bowl ($14) contains so many pieces of fried pieces of vegetable, chicken breast meat and seafood that I left half of the amount after finishing up the rice. The rice used is of a premium kind, and hence good enough to eat on its own. The chicken breast meat is extremely tender and succulent. The seafood, as usual, did not disappoint as they were fresh and perfectly cooked without being too tough. A wonderful dining experience indeed!

Sometimes it just amazes me how food bring same-same-but-different people together. Even when there's only a limited menu like this at Tendon Kohaku where you have the signature Kohaku Tendon and vegetable Tendon, both in original and spicy versions, the 3 of us ordered different combinations. From left to right: Spicy Kohaku Tendon with 16 multi grains + nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice, Original Kohaku Tendon with 16 multi grains + nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice and Original Kohaku Tendon with nanatsuboshi Hokkaido rice.

I have always been curious about the long queue but ever since trying this after a 40-min wait, I was pretty impressed by this tendon. For $15++, you get 10 pieces of tempura that include prawns, squid, chicken, baby corn, portobello mushroom, pumpkin, long beans. Seated at the bar counter, I witnessed how each bowl of Tendon was carefully prepared, how the ingredients were meticulously dipped into the batter before frying and how professionally the tempura were placed before drizzling the sauce.

The tempura batter felt greaseless yet retained the crispiness. What surprised us the most was the chicken breast that we thought would be hard and dry, turned out to be moist and tender. As a seafood lover, I enjoyed the succulent prawns and squid the most. But I would have preferred if they added more of the sweet savory brown sauce to the rice as it was quite dry at the bottom. I am glad I chose the original version as the spicy one was really spicy for me!

Before leaving, we had a closer look at the 16 multi grains placed at the counter, attempting to identify those we ate in our bowls. But the staff explained that they were all mixed thoroughly, especially with the white rice, and it wasn't possible for us to find all 16 types.

Delicious tendon bowl! Limited choices for the menu, but it is worth a try

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