435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877

11:30am - 10:30pm

11:30am - 10:30pm

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Shiok Maki Shiok Shiok

Went on a Fri night. Long queue. Found out that they accept reservations! Perhaps one can call to reserve before going down :) got the shiok maki gen1 with avocado unagi and seared salmon. The unagi was quite a small pathetic portion though. Felt like portions have decreased since 3 years ago. $16.80++ for 8 pieces.

Yaki Udon

This plate of stir-fry udon contains generous amount of eggs, every mouth of udon is filled with the eggy bits. It also comes with carrots, spring onions, chicken and top with bonito flakes (S$10).

Pork Sukiyaki

One of the best sukiyaki I had so far, with clear sweet savory broth and thin slices of pork plus sweet cabbage all in a bowl of goodness (S$14). Add on Ramen (S$2) or Udon (S$2.50).

Shiok Maki (1st Generation)

Tender slices of unagi together with fresh avocado within the rice rolls. Aburi salmon pieces were place on top of the rice rolls, along with generous scoop of tobiko (S$16.80).

Fried Udon

The fried udon tasted slightly different from what I had previously. Still good nonetheless, albeit being a tad salty.

Shiok Maki

You can never really get tired of eating this, or can you?

Seared sole sushi, Koh Grill and Sushi Bar.

No gimmick, nor space for gimmicks. Just The fish's fat rendered, then made smoky and sweet and perfect.

A Taste Of Heaven

I had a taste of sashimi heaven here in Singapore! The fresh sashimi had a light sweetness and slight crisp in each bite! Having a plate of this goodness after a long day at work really makes everything better! Must try! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Pitan maki, Koh Grill and Sushi Bar.

Normally I'd get the signature shiok, but that creamy century egg sauce just had me this time. Its mild mustiness pairs well with the crazily popping tobiko and firm sashimi.

Quality And Affordability

Aburi Chirashi ($17.90)

Much cheaper than its counterpart served in The Sushi Bar, Koh offers a similar bowl that's smaller in size but bigger in flavour. The gently torched sashimi slices were melt in the mouth, and its sauce was nothing short of spectacular.

Shiok maki gen.1 $18 nett

Wisma: One of my fav maki sushi's around! Everything i love in a roll 😍 My afternoon snack & always 1 plate for me! It's super jelat though, so if you wanna order other stuff, recommend to share instead. Have eaten this for years & for the 1st time today, it was "off" πŸ˜” Something was amiss with the sauce, no smokiness. Unagi was fridge-cold & with bones. These were new for me, hopefully just one-off issues.
Rating: 7/10
Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes
Pros: It's really shiok when done right! Love the pitan tofu too! Aburi & foie gras sushi's quite good.
Cons: Long q during peak hrs. Oily, cramped, squeezy place. Most food πŸ‘Ž especially cooked dishes like fried rice/udon etc... Foie gras maki roll is a joke. Mediocre sashimi. Won't patronize here for Jap food - only the shiok maki.
Price: S$18 - shiok maki gen.1

Shiok Sushi [$6]

If you've tried the popular Shiok Maki, this is essentially the Shiok Maki ($16.80) in one mouth! It's packed with that familiar smoky and savoury sweet cheesy flavour along with a piece of melt in your mouth torched salmon and crunchy ebiko on the top. So shiok it will leave you hanging for more, and for this price, just go straight for the Shiok Maki!

Crappy Maki [$18]

Decided to go with the Crappy Maki instead of the usual Shiok Maki to try and it came with soft shell crab maki wrapped with seared swordfish belly and a drizzle of a slightly spicy sweet sauce. Really liked the textures in here - crunch from the crab and tobiko along with the smooth tender belly, but I was really missing the thick layer of smoky sauce that comes with the shiok maki. I’ve got to say though, the absence of the sauce also means that you can really get a good taste of the different elements. Not crappy at all although it was pricey. Also, this place still has never ending queues, go during the non peak hours to beat the crowd!

Pitan Tofu [$4]

Have been craving for Pitan (century egg) Tofu since FOREVER and finally got down to Koh Grill for it. Served chilled, the smooth tofu paired with their home made pitan paste, chopped up century eggs, crunchy ebiko and spring onions makes it the perfect appetizer! The thick creamy pitan sauce wasn't too intense, but strong enough to satisfy my cravings. Loved the play of textures all in one bite!

You Won't Understand "Shiok" Till You've Tasted This

The "shiok" maki is an apt name indeed; each maki slice is perfectly saturated with mentaiko sauce and topped generously with just the right amount of roe. Somehow, despite the deliciously sloppy and wet coating, the insides remain crisp and provide a satisfying crunch that contributes greatly to the shiok factor!

Given the reputation of this place, brusque service and long queues are to be expected, especially during peak hours. The maki however is definitely worth the wait!

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