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Reviews at Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre

Reviews of good food at Kaki Bukit 511 Market & Food Centre

Stumbled across this while searching for comfort food during the #wintersingapore week where hubby & I wanted something warm & soupy for dinner. Loved it because shorter queues, more ingredients (wantons & bar chor bits at the bottom!), more soup + noodles & chilli padi added that much needed kick. Sorry Bedok 85, but I think I'll stick to this now.


Mohamed Irshad

The noodles here had a less intense taste, but still remained savoury while carrying wok hei to it and fried alongside with peas, bits of mutton, egg and vegetable.

Rich, sweet and tasty broth, fresh clams and prawns. I prefer sembawang white beehoon's starchier beehoon where all the stock is soaked up but this is quite a comforting plate that I wouldn't mind having for supper every once in awhile!

Seafood White Beehoon from 旺盛海鲜白米粉 (#01-06) is available at $6, $10 or $15. We had the $10 portion to share between two of us and there were 4 prawns, clams, white cabbages and pork lard. Loved the abundance of sweet seafood broth and that attracted passerbys constantly asking us which stall we bought this from!
This was served with chilli padi but I wished there's the tangy sambal style chilli instead — that would be perfect!

Opened for only about a week when I was there, the stall at unit #01-06 specialises in one dish only: the seafood white bee hoon. If I remember correctly, they offer 5 variations of it. Besides the one I had, which is the standard with prawns and clams, there's a version with crayfish, another with flower crab, yet another with fried fish and a last version combining 3 types of seafood. As basic as it may be, I thought mine was already very good and was pleased that for $6, the portion was generous. It came with plenty of gravy that's redolent with fragrant pork lard and rich in seafood stock. All but one of the prawns tasted fresh (oh well) but the clams were uniformly satisfying. The generous amount of Chinese cabbage gave the dish a lovely sweetness while the "kng chye", a leafy green herb, imparted quite a strong flavour.

Throwback to yesterday's Hokkien Mee! I simply love hokkien mee that is more on the 'wet' side. The pork is in slightly bigger slices too. Comes with pork lard as well and the chilli is the sambar chilli type. 4 dollars per packet. Like how they package it in a zi char style box. The shop name is simply called "Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle"

I simply love hokkien mee that is more on the 'wet' side. The pork is in slightly bigger slices too. Comes with pork lard as well. 4 dollars per packet. Like how they package it in a zi char style box. The shop name is simply called "Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle"

Located at Block 511 Bedok North Street 3 is a bustling hawker centre with only about 2 rows of stalls, but so much to eat! You definitely need to order the liver/kidney/lean meat mee sua ($4/$5/$6) from Seng Keng Black Chicken Herbal Soup (#01-31/32). A rich and bold soup base that is nourishing, with the liver and lean meat cooked just right! And you can't miss out on the Hokkien Mee ($4/$6/$8) from Yi Ji Fried Hokkien Mee (#01-02) with a 超辣 (super spicy) indicated on their signboard. Each strand of noodles was flavorful as it absorbs the juices from the roast pork, prawns and sotong. The chilli here is full of kick — very spicy, very sour. It leaves a lingering spice on your tastebuds so be careful with that! The Sambal Stingray ($12/$14/$16) from Mei Mei BBQ Fish (#01-36) has a well cooked fish meat and a more-peanut-than-sambal sauce which you may or may not prefer. Lastly, I can hardly resist BBQ wings ($1.40/wing) from Chong Pang (#01-05) as I saw the golden glazed skin. Love dinner tables like this!

Tastes better than the overrated stalls at Fengshan Blk 85 with less queue! Open evenings till 1am for your supper fix!

Pretty good and well fried, but can't really go wrong with fried food right? Accompanying sauce was good too. My belly is happy.

I was fooled by its limpy look with more mee to kuay tiao ratio(cause i like kuay tiao more) but it was surprisingly good with wok hei and has this fragrant black soy sauce taste to it! Hum was fresh too despite the small size of it.

Thank goodness "petai" (also known as "chow tao") is supposed to be good for you because I could eat bucketloads of it. This "zi char" stall named 上海烧烤 inside the Kaki Bukit hawker centre (#01-06) does a very appetising one. They stir-fry their "petai" with brinjal and ladyfingers in loads of "hae bee hiam". I can happily have this alone with a bowl of plain rice.

claypot rice - cooked with rice meat and a delighhtable assortment of veges. claypot infuse these flavors tgt, every mouthful is worth the wait.

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