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From the Burpple community

One of the best rice dumplings my family has tasted! My favourite was the Emperor Rice Dumpling. Nonya Rice Dumpling was very good too. The generous fillings for all the dumplings make it worth it.

Got the memory trove gift set which consists of 4 pieces of Hokkien Rice Dumpling, 4 pieces of Nyonya Rice Dumpling and 1 Kueh Salat Cake. The gift box was huge yet presentable, extremely suitable for gifting. The rice dumplings were very tasty and filled with high quality ingredients, and the kueh salat was a good dessert to pair with the rice dumplings. Overall great flavours and presentation, definitely would recommend!

I had the Memory Trove, and it was amazing from start to finish! I was surprised when it arrived as the presentation was 10/10. The dumplings were so full of flavours, every bite was delicious and delightful!

Got the traditional and nonya rice dumplings to try and it was really good! The traditional rice dumpling were the right amount of saltiness and oiliness which reminded me like the ones my grandma makes! Im not usually a fan of nonya dumplings but this one i really liked ! Not too sweet. Not to mention the kueh salat which was the perfect texture:-).

I had the Memory Trove Gift Set which consisted of: 4 Nonya, 4 Hokkien (with salted egg) rice dumplings, and 1 kueh salat cake. The delivery came in an impressive box, plus, this set was a huge hit with my entire family!

🥰 Nonya bazhang: I thought the ratio of rice to meat was perfect, and the meat was seasoned such that its not too sweet. I'm usually a fan of savoury, so I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this so much.

⭐️Hokkien bazhang (with salted egg): These were savoury and were packed with ingredients, and has been my family's go-to for years now.

👍 As for the kueh salat cake, I found that it was just the right size. Not too big and enough to share for a family of 5-6. The top custard layer is just the right level of sweetness and of a nice consistency.

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Had the Memory Trove set. Parents really enjoyed the presentation, the taste was great! Meat was tender and the glutinous rice was very well complemented by the sweetness in the Nyonya Zhang.

Parents also mentioned that it would be an impressive gift for relatives and friends :)