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From the Burpple community

The rice dumplings from Kim Choo is a go to whenever I’m in the area. Got the Memory Trove Gift Set this time round and it’s the first time my family tried the kueh salat. It is so delicious! One of the best that I’ve tried!

really enjoyed their dumplings, favs are the emperor dumpling, hokkien and nonya dumplings!
meat was tender and rice was flavourful! will definitely purchase again :))

Had five different dumplings for lunch this afternoon: Emperor’s rice dumpling, Hakka pork belly with preserved vegetables, Hokkien rice dumplings with salted egg yolk, Pulut Hitam Nonya rice dumpling, and Nonya rice dumpling.

The dumplings are amazing and good for value. Each dumpling had a unique flavour; my favourite was the Pulut hitam dumpling. It has a refreshing aftertaste that struck my taste buds. Also, the Nonya dumpling was a delicious blend of nicely garnished glutinous rice and perfectly seasoned meat.

Would highly recommend this place and will come back again for more!

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Memory Trove gift set:
1. Hokkien dumplings with salted egg: a very well wrapped, tight dumpling. Filling is nice and flavourful with alot of meat!
2. Nonya Dumpling: also as tasty!
3. Kueh salat: sinful but one of the best i've ever tasted in my life! ;)

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i had the pleasure of enjoying a memory trove gift set which included a variety of delightful treats. the hokkien rice dumpling with salted egg yolk was a remarkable experience, with perfectly cooked glutinous rice cradling savory marinated pork, all wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves.

the set also featured nyonya rice dumplings, where the meat filling achieved a delicate sweetness that beautifully harmonized with savory notes, creating a well-balanced taste.

to top it off, the kueh salat was a visual and culinary masterpiece. its vibrant pandan custard layer provided subtle sweetness and a gentle fragrance, while the coconut-infused glutinous rice layer added comforting richness. the textural interplay between the two layers was delightful, with the dense, chewy rice offering a satisfying contrast to the velvety custard.

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What I have here, is the Memory Trove set which included 4 of their Nyonya Rice Dumpling and Hokkien Rice Dumpling with Salted Egg Yolk.

On top of the lavishly designed packaging, the Dumplings and Kueh Salat were exquisitely packed and displayed within. By combining a traditional dish with the modern packaging, this provides a new outlook for Joo Chiat Kim Choo’s dumpling sets!

Taste wise, the Nyonya Dumpling offers a relatively sweeter taste, as I tend to be in favour of sweet foods, I would want the portion of meat within the Dumpling be a little more. I’m giving this an overall 7/10.

Similarly for the Hokkien Rice Dumpling, there’s a good balance between the saltiness from the yolk and sweetness from the meat. Combining it with the rice on the outside, perfect. However some pointers for you healthy people out there, the meat within the dumpling could be replaced with more lean meat rather than fatty meat. Overall, well balanced taste, 7/10

I am a super big fan of Kuehs in general, the Kueh Salat? 9/10. Could use a bigger portion for myself. 🤤

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